Cause of drowsiness while studying and its solution

Surely you are familiar with the feeling of tiredness while studying. We all get tired very quickly when we start reading, which causes us to lose focus on words and phrases.

Causes of fatigue while studying:

Continuous study

Do you know that continuous and uninterrupted reading tires your mind, and eventually, you lose your focus? When this happens, you feel that words are floating in your brain and you do not understand anything, and everything is not important in your mind. This is because the human brain makes up only two percent of the bodyweight but consumes 20 percent of the energy. The more you use the brain, the more energy is consumed, and as a result, less blood sugar reaches other parts of the body. And the feeling of extreme tiredness will overcome you after a few hours of thinking and studying. The right solution is to eat healthy and nutritious foods so that you can be more durable.

Cause of drowsiness while studying and its solution

Lack of nutrients in the body

Many people do not pay attention to meals during the exam and only pay attention to reading. Your three daily meals should not be devoid of energy. Therefore, it is better not to use processed ingredients such as pasta or fast food during this period, which will waste your energy.

Eat foods that are good for your mind and increase your ability to concentrate and memory. For example, fruits such as raspberries or pumpkin seeds are good choices. Salmon, soybeans, and chia also give your body enough energy, and whole-grain bread is excellent.

Problems in the study environment

Do you know the atmosphere in which you study is remarkable? For example, you should not study in bed because you will sleep full time and not be 100% focused. So you have to take care of your study environment. Some people are accustomed to listening to music while studying, so note that the music you choose should not slow you down. So if you feel the problem is from the study environment, try to create a newer atmosphere. For example, this time you can study in a cafe or a tranquil environment or library.

Chronic fatigue

If you feel that your behavior has changed with fatigue while studying, you should look for newer reasons. You may have recently become tired of other activities in addition to studying. You may be experiencing chronic stress or fatigue that drains your mental and physical energy, and as a result, you are not motivated enough to study.

Cause of drowsiness while studying and its solution

Focus on the negative

Do you have difficult situations, and there are always negative scenarios in your mind? When you are always thinking about the future and creating negative thoughts, unnecessary stress enters your body and gets involved. Overthinking about negative and stressful things will make you no longer have the energy for other things like reading.

Not being physically fit.

There may be something in your body that is causing you mental fatigue, illness, or the need for energy-boosting supplements. Do not ignore these and strengthen your body as much as you can to posture better while studying.

Tips for coping with fatigue while studying:

Have a healthy diet

High-fat foods cause drowsiness and heaviness. So to avoid this feeling of tiredness while studying; Have a healthy and nutritious diet. Especially foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and healthy proteins can help boost your energy while studying.

Proper sleep

The main reason for falling asleep while studying is that you do not get enough sleep at night. You should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, so you do not feel drowsy during the day.

Daily nap

Even if you can not get enough sleep at night, you can regain your energy and be healthier with a short daily nap.

Drink enough water

One of the reasons for falling asleep while studying is dehydration because dehydration causes a loss of energy. So drink 2 liters of water daily to get rid of this feeling of drowsiness.

Being active

One thing that makes you feel refreshed while reading is getting up and exercising a little because it increases blood flow again. Ten minutes of regular walking refreshes you.

Do not study in a row.

Many people think you should study for 5 to 6 hours in a row, but this will cause you to lose focus during this period, so get up once in a while and do a breathing exercise every two hours. Rest for 20 minutes until you feel better.

Cause of drowsiness while studying and its solution

Read and write aloud.

Reading aloud will increase your motivation to continue reading and help prevent drowsiness, have a piece of paper with you, and write down the essential points while reading.

Change the subject under study.

If you want to read only one topic or lesson for a long time, sometimes it makes you tired, so be sure to choose various topics and focus on them so that your mind is not monotonous.

Excessive comfort when studying

One of the main reasons for falling asleep while studying is being too comfortable. The main thing is not to study in bed. Make the study environment specific to the study environment and not turn it into a comfortable sleeping space. It is better to sit behind a table and chair and keep yourself smooth and fresh. You can even change the study space every day to have more variety, but the place where you study should not be too comfortable.

Cause of drowsiness while studying and its solution

Wash your face

One of the most important parts of feeling well is washing your face once to get rid of drowsiness, and this is one of the best ways to reduce drowsiness. You can also brush your teeth to see if your condition has improved.

Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself may seem like a silly idea, but you can talk to yourself during study sessions to stay awake. For example, say to yourself: Well, now I have to study, and I did a small amount of it. Now I can turn to another lesson: “These emphatic sentences and phrases increase your confidence and make you more focused and motivated.


Sometimes you do not have time and want to study, but digital devices distract you and cause tears in your eyes. So to avoid eye strain, it is better to keep these devices away from you, but if you have to read your lesson on the phone or laptop, take a break every 20 minutes, close your eyes and try to look at another space.

Cause of drowsiness while studying and its solution

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is not good for dental health, but you can use it when you are tired and exhausted while reading because when your mouth is active, the feeling of drowsiness disappears.

Consumption of caffeinated beverages

Consuming caffeinated beverages increases your energy. Of course, high caffeine intake is harmful to health, and you should not consume more than 500 to 600 mg of caffeine per day, but to prevent drowsiness, you can consider it one of the suggested solutions.

Study with others

If you study alone, you will surely get bored later. Studying in a group with friends can sometimes be distracting, but if you overcome this distraction, you will not get bored because it creates a sense of competition and motivation. You can also take small exams together.

Use music

You can play soft music to increase the balance of mental waves in yourself and focus more. Be careful that the rhythm of the music is relaxing and can keep you awake.


When you feel tired, rest a little and press the five central areas on the body. These areas include the top of the head, the back of the hand, below the knee, the back of the neck, and the foot’s sole.

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