7 Behaviors That Harm Your Mental Health

Sometimes, the big issues in life can be changed with the little things we are unaware of, such as these eight seemingly small things that profoundly affect your mental health.

You may have noticed that we all have many behaviors and habits that affect our mental health, from when we wake up in the morning to when we go to sleep. This effect can be positive or negative, and since we have carried these habits with us for years and we practice them every day, we must consciously examine them. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Of course, this article is only for raising awareness and not for treating or diagnosing the disease.



Do you always feel perfect about what you do? Perfectionism always means that your expectations are higher than what you do. It can plunge you into a vortex of negative emotions such as guilt, anxiety, and even depression. Because perfectionism always frustrates you to achieve what you want, the more you try and pursue a sense of perfectionism, the more and more anxious you become. In the real world, even the best people can not be perfect. The more intense perfectionism is, the more likely people are to have psychological problems. To get your mind out of the atmosphere of perfectionism, try to strengthen the spirit of criticism in yourself and do not compare yourself with others.


Mobile phone addiction:

Checking your cell phone is the first thing you do when you wake up. Yeah! Technology can take us to a world full of entertainment and information in seconds, and we love this dimension of technology. But dependence on smartphones can be problematic. Research shows that excessive cell phone use can make you anxious and depressed. To reduce cell phone dependency, try to specify times when you are not using your phone. Of course, this is a little difficult at first and requires a strong will. But after a while, you will not be tempted to check your phone.

Insomnia or insomnia:

Maybe you are one of those people who always owe your body! Your body gives you hours of wakefulness. But only if you pay the bill and finally pay off your debt. On average, each person’s body needs eight hours of sleep a day. Of course, this amount depends on many factors; For example, mental and physical fatigue and sleep quality. Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep can have negative effects on your body and mind. These include extreme tiredness, a very sensitive and vulnerable mood, and a lack of concentration. However, for some people, waking up is more appealing. But the body needs sleep.


Toxic and unhealthy relationships:

Do you want to change your relationship with your spouse, friend, or family member, and while you have been hoping for this, it does not happen? Staying in unhealthy relationships is a big threat to your mental health. You have sacrificed your physical and mental health for someone else. This is a one-sided sacrifice, and the only thing you get from a toxic relationship is abuse. Usually, aggressors can blame you for everything and make you think the problem is your own. In a toxic relationship, you should look for symptoms, and if you feel you are in such a relationship, be sure to seek professional help and do not forget to give yourself time to heal. You have to believe that there is still a healthy relationship, and you deserve a healthy relationship.


I do not want help:

When a problem arises, do you prefer not to express your feelings and solve the problem alone? Like drowning in a pool that everyone is standing around. When we set foot on the path of life, it is natural that we sometimes get help from each other on this journey and the winding road. Therefore, life includes the experiences we have gained, and in addition, the experiences and footprints of others are part of it.

In other words, to enjoy mental health, it is better to spend part of this trip with others. Of course, when faced with some problems, talking to others may seem impossible or difficult. In such cases, it is best to seek help from a counselor or trusted person.


Compare yourself to others:

Do you search on social media and compare yourself to others? Do you compare yourself and your assets with your co-workers or those around you? Most people will record your best moments and achievements on social media. If you compare your life with what you see on social networks like Instagram, you will probably lose self-confidence. Social media shows only small parts of others. No one’s life is as beautiful as what you see in the pictures. After all, we all need to learn to focus on ourselves in life and not compare ourselves to others.


Unhealthy behaviors:

Unhealthy or destructive behaviors such as sleeping late or procrastinating often put more stress on life. Fear and anxiety can be factors that can isolate you and weaken your motivation to do things. But living with fear and anxiety can hinder your progress and increase your feelings of insecurity. Therefore, to get rid of unhealthy behaviors, you need to find their roots. Destructive behaviors are like patterns that are etched in your mind and are repeated every day. When you find the source of these behaviors, you can see the outline of the ways, and then these patterns collapse. Of course, you do not intend to take long steps to get started. Because small but continuous steps are the key to solving the problem. After a while, you will realize that small steps have slowly turned you into a better version of yourself.


You do not thank:

Fortunately, in the culture and homeland of most countries, there has always been a strong emphasis on gratitude. “University of California, Berkeley,” says Robert Ammons.

Appreciation, or more simply, appreciation for the positive aspects of life, can profoundly affect mental health. Thanksgiving can improve sleep quality, reduce loneliness, and give you a sense of vitality and vitality.

One way to practice appreciation is to make a list of the big and small things you are happy to have. You can even make a notebook for this and write down what you are thankful for every day. By doing this, you are focusing on the positive things that can make you feel good.

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