Natural ways to keep ants away from home

how to get rid of ants naturally outside

Ants are tiny creatures that can enter houses and buildings through crevices and crevices and parade in front of you, destroying your comfort.

It is unnecessary to use toxins and chemicals to kill ants and keep them away, but it is best to try natural methods to kill these microorganisms. In this section, we have brought you many practical ways to get rid of tiny ants.


First, find the ant habitat.

When you see ants in the corners of your house, follow them so you can find their habitat. Then use the following methods to keep the ants away.


Use apple cider vinegar.

To prevent ants from accumulating in your habitat, mix a glass of water with a glass of apple cider vinegar or a little white vinegar and sprinkle it on the ants’ passages.

Ants hate the smell of vinegar. To keep ants away from your child’s playground while traveling or in the park, sprinkle some vinegar and water on the ant gathering area to disperse.


Use cucumber peel

Ants hate cucumbers and do not tolerate the taste of cucumbers. To get rid of ants, put the skin in the places where the ants are active and change the skin of the cucumber every day so that you do not find any traces of ants.


Use dried mint leaves.

To kill ants, use peppermint, which is a natural repellent and has a powerful odor, and place it in the path of the ants. Peppermint makes it difficult for ants to find food sources by disturbing their sense of smell.


Lemon helps repel ants.

Lemon has acidic properties and repels the smell of ants. Sprinkling lemon juice or soaking the cloth in lemon oil and placing it at the ants’ passage effectively keeps them away.


Do not neglect garlic.

Place garlic in the cracks in the wall to prevent ants from being seen around the house.


Dishwashing liquid also kills ants.

A mixture of dishwashing liquid and a tablespoon of baking soda and pouring this solution in places where there are ants will keep the ants away. You can also use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water in a ratio of 2 to 1.

Natural ways to keep ants away from home

Use pepper

Ants rely on chemical signals to find food. By eliminating these signals, cayenne pepper prevents food from being seen and away from your home. Then pour the pepper powder in the places where the ants are or mix it with turmeric powder.


Use the glue trick

To prevent ants from passing, stick a high-density tape around the sweets, such as sugar or a pastry dish.


Draw a plaster line at the entrance to the house

Draw a plaster line at the entrance to the house. The presence of calcium carbonate in gypsum causes ants to escape.


Flour can also help

Place a strip of flour where the ants enter the house as the ants cannot pass through the flour.


The baby powder keeps ants away.

Use baby powder to keep ants away because the baby powder has a chalk-like effect, so pour some baby powder at the entrances to block the ants’ path.


Get help from the coffee solution.

Coffee is an effective repellent for ants because ants do not like the smell of coffee. After the coffee grounds, use them around the walls of the house and at each entrance.


Use salt to repel ants.

Use common salt to get rid of ants. Salt repels ants but does not kill ants. Sprinkle salt on the edges of the house because the ants do not pass where you sprinkle salt.


Use silicone to seal windows and doors and any holes and cracks.


Surround the ants with copper

If you want to protect an area from ants, surround it with copper because the ants do not pass over the copper.


Use aromatic oils

Make a natural ant repellent spray with aromatic oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, or cedar. Pour 225 grams of water with half a teaspoon of natural soap and 12 drops of the above oils in a spray bottle and spray on the ant gathering place.

Natural ways to keep ants away from home


You can also use perfumes to get rid of ants.


Ant traps will also help.

To get rid of ants, place the ant traps under a container and trash can.


Have these plants at home

You can plant the following plants in your yard to prevent ants from entering the house. These plants are:


  • Lavender
  • tomato
  • Rosemary


Keep your home clean.

Keep your home clean and always keep your pores, cabinets, and floors clean because ants are attracted to dirty places.

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