How to quit smoking?

Cigarettes are highly addictive and can have long-term harmful effects on human health. The chemicals in it cause them to slowly and insidiously become addictive.

Because smoking is more likely to return, Breaker tells his patients to take it as an experience and learn from it every time they quit.

Fighting addiction is not easy, but it can be overcome. Here are 50 steps you can take to help yourself or your loved one quit smoking and enjoy a healthier life:

How to quit smoking?

Focus on ways that can keep you from quitting

“The goal should not be to quit smoking, but to focus on ways to quit smoking,” said Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos, director of the Tobacco Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

He says he has had patients who have quit smoking many times but have never quit completely. He advises people to divide the big goals of quitting smoking into smaller goals. For example, identify different stimuli that can make you feel like a smoker, so you can be alert and find a solution to these stimuli.

Make smoking cessation an instructive experience every time

Jonathan Breaker, a professor of public health at the Cancer Research Center at the University of Washington in Seattle, says most people quit between eight and 12 times before quitting because of high levels of smoking. Because the chances of returning to smoking are so high, Breaker tells his patients to consider smoking an experience and learn from it every time they quit.

People may say things like I have learned how powerful this craving is, found that my friends’ smoking is a great stimulus for me, or realized that my stress in life is a much greater stimulus. Let me smoke ten cigarettes.

He says patients should pay attention to quitting smoking because every time they try to learn something new, they learn new things, they are more likely to quit permanently.

Get help from programs and instructions

Some educators can offer smoking cessation programs and advice to retirees. Some applications in this field encourage users to accept their feelings and thoughts instead of rejecting them.

Get help from a doctor

“Sometimes people can get help from a doctor and use a variety of smoking cessation strategies,” says Galiatatos. Doctors can prescribe drugs that reduce a person’s appetite for smoking and help manage to smoke. “These drugs are short-term solutions that can teach the brain to smoke,” says Breaker.

“What doctors prescribe depends on your specific condition,” says Breaker. These medications can be minor at first and then increase depending on the severity of your addiction.

Support smokers

Galiatatos says he has never met patients who do not know how harmful smoking is to them. Therefore, it is recommended that you refrain from presenting these arguments to loved ones and friends of smokers.

“If you want to help your friend quit smoking, you have to be a supporter of smoking and anti-smoking,” he says.

Tell him that the other party knows you do not judge or label you when trying to quit smoking.

After gaining the trust of the other party, you can find resources to quit smoking.

The relationship between doctor and patient should also be based on trust. If patients have the slightest feeling that their doctor is judging them to smoke, they may be lying about their smoking, and this is not in anyone’s best interest.

How to quit smoking?

Why is smoking so addictive?

Galiatsatos says cigarettes are rich in chemicals such as nicotine, which are addictive. Boosted nicotine is very similar to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps control muscle movement and other brain functions.

When nicotine enters acetylcholine receptors, the body releases dopamine, a chemical that “feels good” in the brain. When dopamine is gone, people feel like they want another cigarette.

“I always tell people that this molecule is the most addictive museum molecule that humans know because it not only consumes a lot, but also affects the brain transplant over the years, and usually when people get rid of it.

Despite all the hardships and ups and downs of quitting smoking, we must not forget that quitting smoking and enjoying health is possible at any time.

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