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best nail shape for long hands

Women spend a lot of time and energy on the beauty and makeup of their hands and nails. Different nail design models are commonly used in hand makeup, manicures, and French manicures.

Choose the nail model carefully when you manicure your nails and know which is the best model for your fingers. Our goal in this section of the fashion world is to help you choose the right model for your nails and make your hands beautiful and attractive.

best nail shape for long hands

Model of almond nails:

The top of this nail model narrows and has a lot of fans. It is suitable for long, thin fingers, but not for short nails, so if you have long, narrow fingers, be sure to try almond nails. Use neutral or light-colored nail polishes with artistic designs to decorate this nail model.

Fergie and Lady Gaga are fans of this model for their short nails and thin fingers. For this model of nail, scrape the sides of your nail evenly and in parallel, and gradually narrow the tip until you reach the size you want.

Model with round nails:

People who want their nails to look short and natural should choose the round model. The model will make your nails appear thinner and longer, so it is suitable for people with short and wide fingers, but not for those with thin fingers.

Working women who have little time to go to the hairdresser will benefit from this nail model. Due to its short length, this nail model requires little maintenance. Any nail polish color will match this nail design, so you have no restrictions in choosing your nail polish.

best nail shape for long hands

Model with square nails:

It is more durable than other nail models, is difficult to break, and is suitable for short fingers. Nails are often shaped this way by people who feel strong and are interested in valuables.

Scrape the nail’s two sides parallel and straight; the nail’s free edge should be perpendicular to these two sides. With a nail file, create a square and slightly curve the two sharp corners. Make sure your nail polish is bright, shiny, and glossy.

Model of oval-square nails:

By sanding long nails and combining the oval and square models, the oval-square model is one of the most delicate nail shapes. Long and narrow nails are suitable for this nail model.

To begin, make your nails look like this, make them square, and straighten the sides. Do not round your nails so that they fall out of the square pattern, but sand the sharp corners to make them round and curved. For this nail model, every nail polish color is beautiful, from light and soft to screaming and full.

Model for ballerina nails:

The name of this nail model comes from the shoes of ballet dancers, which are obtained by scraping the tip of the sticker type.

An oval nail model with sharp edges:

The top of this model is scraped wider than the almond model, almost like the almond model. Oval models are suitable for both short and wide fingers as well as long and elongated fingers.

Nail model with a rectangular shape:

Similar to the square model, the vase or rectangular model has a flat head and is taller. Considering the nail’s length and low surface area, this model has a high probability of fragility.

Model of sharp nails:

It is suitable for people with small nails and oysters, but it is not recommended for people with long fingers. There is a high risk of breaking these types of nails, so they need to be protected.

Model of duck toenails:

As it looks like a duck paw, this nail shape is derived from a Spanish word meaning tail paw. These types of nails were first used by an American actor.


Give your nails an oval-square pattern if they are wide.

Use the square model if it is narrow.

Choose a round model if your nails are short.

You should choose a square or oval-square model if your nails are flat.

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