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The best brand to buy Nail polish

The sheer variety of colors, brands, and types of nail polish is always appealing to any woman of any age, but it may confuse you a little. (Which Nail Model Is Suitable For Your Fingers?)

Perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of buying cosmetics is the sale of nail polish in stores. The immense variety of colors, brands, and types of varnishes is always attractive for every woman and at any age, and attractiveness that is sometimes difficult to choose due to the tremendous variety.

When buying nail polish, there are always questions such as the suitability of the color with the clothes, the appropriateness of the nail polish’s color with the skin, the chosen brand of nail polish, and the type of shine and opacity, etc. We think not!

In this article, we try to prepare your mind before buying nail polish so that concerns such as the mentioned questions can be solved for you to some extent.

The first consideration when buying nail polish is choosing and matching its color to your skin:

If you have fair skin, colors like red and pink are the best option for you to buy. It is worth mentioning that in this case, luck is with you because most of the lacquer colors come to your skin.

If you have dark skin, go for dark colors. Colors like black or brown are right for you because it does not make your skin too dark.

And if your skin is light and pale or colorless, use soft colors and not go for bright colors.

We will now describe the types of varnish. By knowing the types of nail polish, you can make a smarter choice to fit your clothes as well as where you are going to be:

Matte varnishes: As the name implies, this type of varnish is not glossy! Matte varnishes can be used in any season, and you will encounter a great variety of colors. Also, these varnishes dry on nails faster than other types.

Chrome or Metallic Varnishes: Unlike matte varnishes, chrome varnishes are glossy. It would help if you were more obsessed with using these nail polishes because they may be applied to your nails in the form of flakes, resulting in a streak on the nail polish.

Glossy and crown varnishes: These varnishes are the best choice for summer! There is a crown inside them, and they are more durable than other varnishes. But the same thing makes it a little harder than other types when it comes to removing nail polish.

Holographic varnishes: This option is also more suitable for summer because of its great glamor. These varnishes are very glossy, and rainbow streaks can be seen inside. Holographic varnishes are usually of high quality.

Neon Varnishes: These varnishes have different and neon colors and have been very popular in recent years. Its different and broad color spectrum is the most crucial reason for its attractiveness for women.

Shell Varnishes: If the gloss varnishes mentioned above were not to your liking, oyster varnishes are a good suggestion for you. Malih colors and very soft shine of this type of varnish is its main feature.

Mirror varnishes: These varnishes are very glossy and, as their name suggests, have a reflective and mirror-like appearance. Its colors are similar to metals such as aluminum and the mirror itself.

Magnetic varnishes: These varnishes are the most popular in recent years among women. When you apply this nail polish on your nails, with a small magnet on the lid, you can create a wavy shape with its color on your nails. Do not forget that this is not a simple task, and it is better to do it with a professional nail.

With the mentioned explanations, before buying lacquer, you gained the necessary knowledge of its types. But another important point is to choose the right brand.

These days, due to the high volume of purchases and the variety of cosmetics, we are faced with counterfeit goods and many fake brands that we must be careful to choose the right and original brand to buy lacquer and buy it from reputable stores.

In this regard, many reputable brands can be bought safely; Here are some examples:

Ink Lee is a durable product that creates a smooth and even coverage on the nails and has a good color variation. These varnishes dry very quickly with a coating and high durability; in addition to not renewing the varnish, they protect the nails. This nail polish’s appropriate brush makes the product very easy to use and prevents the varnish from spreading around the nails.

Black Diamond Mai Varnishes:

Black Diamond Mai Varnishes, with the right concentration and the ability to dry quickly, easily paint the surface on the nails. This varnish dries quickly after use and leaves a shiny effect.

Caprice nail polish is a product that gives the nails a uniform color and extraordinary shine with the same first layer. This brand’s varnishes are durable, do not wrinkle, and all kinds of polyesters and copolymer resins guarantee its long durability and luster. It also makes it resistant to mechanical factors and the impact of solvents. The esters in it make the varnish slippery and sticky.

Lacquer Art Deco has a texture that contains UV absorbers that protect nails from paleness and yellowing. The nail polish dries quickly due to the presence of gel layers, and at the same time, the elements used in the nail polish, such as amino peptides, vitamins A, C, and E, and panthenol, strengthen the nails. This product does not cause any damage to the nails. Advanced and high-quality lacquer brush makes it possible to use it quickly and too accurately. Also, the unique sealing system protects the lacquer inside the glass against drying and ensures its durability.

Ruby Sun nail polish contains rich pigments that cover the nail surface once used. This varnish has a glossy effect with very high durability that dries immediately after use. This varnish applicator is suitable for all types of nails and covers the nail’s surface very well. This varnish also has two separate doors to make it easier to use the brush.

Calista nail polish collects attractive and dazzling colors that give beauty to your nails and dries quickly. Calista crown nail polishes are also a good option for all women who want to have attractive and shiny nails.

In a wide range of colors, Deborah lacquer, high coverage, and long-lasting gel effect forms a protective layer on your nails and nourishes the nails.

Citrus lacquer with a unique formula creates a long-lasting effect without any allergies. Also, due to the special brush, it only needs to be used once and dries quickly.

Kinetix nail polish is in two stages, and from the last generation of this product, it uses gel-making elements to achieve superior brightness and the gel-like effect that does not need to be dried against UV or LED lamps. With this product, you will see a unique quality and very long durability compared to traditional nail polish.

Xuanshi nail polish provides nail care due to its pro-vitamin B5 function. High coverage and durability are also features of this varnish.

Cosart nail polish varnish dries in a short time. This shiny, durable varnish, with high coverage and quality and unique formula, does not make nails yellow and flaky and ideal for manicures and pedicures.

Lancome nail polish has a high quality, dazzling electric, beautiful and thick color. Its applicator design is quickly placed on the nails, covers its surface, and has long-term resistance durability.

Finally, it should be noted that the nail polish brush, because of its effect on the nail. The brush should not be too tight, soft, or stiff, nor should it be too long.

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