Familiarity with the types, benefits, and side effects of lubricating gel

Everything about lubricating gel

The leading cause of pain that women feel during sex is vaginal dryness. If you have a problem with vaginal dryness, one of the easiest ways is to use lubricating gel.

Vaginal wall cells secrete a natural lubricating fluid during sexual arousal, which causes the vaginal wall to slide and move without friction.

Vaginal discharge is the essential principle in pleasurable and painless sex during sexual intercourse. Still, in some cases, such as aging or menopause, insufficient sexual arousal, stress, use of certain chemicals or smoking, and chemical methods of contraception, Vaginal discharge suffers from vaginal dryness.

lubricating gel

Vaginal dryness makes penetration painful and irritating for women, thus reducing women’s libido.

If you have this problem, you should know that you are not alone; experts recommend using lubricating gel to couples to solve vaginal dryness and burning. The lubricating gel can artificially mimic vaginal discharge and reduce good friction during penetration, allowing you to have good and enjoyable sex even during menopause.

Types of lubricating gels

Lubricating gels are generally divided into three categories: water-soluble, oily, and silicone, which are sometimes combined with a series of other materials that have different properties in addition to lubrication.

Water-based lubricating gel: Water-based lubricating gel is a good option for people who want to have sex with a condom and will not cause the condom to rupture. The water-soluble lubricating gel has antiseptic and anti-allergic properties and is not recommended for women who use lubricants. Of course, since this gel is less durable than oily types and easy to clean, it may be necessary to extend it during intercourse. Doctors also use water-soluble lubricating gels for ultrasound or rectal examination.

Oil-based lubricating gel: Oil-based lubricating gel contains vitamin E, coconut oil, and Vaseline and has a much longer shelf life than water-based lubricating gel. Many women are allergic to Vaseline and vitamin E oil, and coconut oil can upset the pH of the vagina and increase the risk of bacterial vaginal infections. Therefore, it is recommended not to use these lubricants for vaginal intercourse. On the other hand, oil-soluble fats cause condoms to rupture. For anal intercourse, you can use oil-soluble lubricants, or you can use natural vegetable oils instead of these lubricants.

Silicone-based lubricating gel: Silicone-based lubricant has a higher concentration, lubrication, and durability than water-based gels and is not easily cleaned and creates a thin layer on the desired surface to be a suitable environment for growth Bacteria. Which increases the risk of infection. Using this gel with other silicone products is not recommended and can cause a chemical reaction, but you can use it simultaneously as a latex condom.

Natural Lubricant: You can use various vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, as a natural lubricant, but be aware that condoms may rupture with these lubricants.

Delayed Lubricating Gel: Men who have premature ejaculation can use delayed lubricating gel. In addition to their lubricating properties, these combination gels combine with benzocaine, which helps solve premature ejaculation in men and allows them to have sex longer.

For the woman’s vagina not to suffer from numbness and lack of orgasm, you should massage the right amount of this gel on the penis 10-15 minutes before intercourse, and after the penis works, wash the penis with cold water. If you use a condom, you do not need to wash your penis.

Warming lubricating gel: Warming lubricating gel is recommended for couples who have a cold temper. Before having sex, apply plenty of gel inside and outside the vagina and penis.

Female stimulant lubricating gel: The use of female stimulant lubricating gel is recommended for cold-tempered women or do not enjoy enough intercourse or have difficulty in orgasm. The use of this gel significantly increases sexual pleasure for women. Apply this gel to the vagina 5-10 minutes before penetration.

lubricating gel

Firming Lubricating Gel: Firming lubricating gel contains pomegranate extract, which, in addition to lubricating properties, causes the vagina to contract and tighten and should be rubbed into the vagina 10 minutes before penetration. You should use this gel for at least six months to have a firming effect.

Volume Lubricating Gel: Volume lubricating gel combines with substances that increase blood circulation in the penile tissue, and as a result, the penis becomes larger during an erection. For the continuous and lasting effect of this gel, you should use it for at least six months. Apply a sufficient amount of this gel 5 minutes before penetrating the penis.

Booster Lubricating Gel: The ingredients added to the booster lubricating gel increase the static duration of the erection. Use this gel 5 minutes before intercourse.

Bleaching Lubricating Gel: You can use the bleaching lubricating gel to lighten the color of the penis and apply it on both. Six months of using this gel can lead to the lightening of the penis.

Disinfectant lubricating gel: If the vagina has a fungal infection, you can apply this disinfectant lubricating gel to the vagina during intercourse.


Does using lubricating gel prevent pregnancy?

Lubricating gel is likely to prevent pregnancy. The acidity of most lubricants is not compatible with sperm and can lead to sperm killing. Concentrations of fats make it difficult for sperm to move, and the content of lubricating water can be absorbed by the sperm and damage the sperm.

If you are planning to get pregnant, flirting is the best lubricant for you. Women need 15 to 20 minutes to hug, kiss and touch to release natural vaginal oil.


If you still have vaginal dryness, use a variety of fertility lubricants.

Benefits of using a lubricating gel

Eliminate vaginal dryness: The most important reason for using lubricating gel is vaginal dryness, which leads to pain during intercourse. Lubricating gel with vaginal moisturizing and lubrication eliminates the pain caused by vaginal dryness during penetration.


Increased intercourse time: The use of lubricating gel allows women to tolerate more penetration time without feeling pain and discomfort and increases the likelihood of achieving vaginal orgasm.


Improving the quality of sex: Vaginal dryness and the resulting pain can not try different situations, but lubrication of these gels allows you to enhance the quality of sex and try different positions.


Relaxation: Using these gels will help you not have the stress caused by pain and discomfort, and you will achieve the desired mental peace.


Side effects of using a lubricating gel

One of the most common side effects of allergy lubricating gel is that it can cause shortness of breath, itching, hives, swelling of the throat, tongue, and face. If you notice these symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Infection: The use of silicone oil gels can upset the balance of the vaginal environment and increase the risk of disease.

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