Say goodbye to house insects with simple tricks

Despite being good and fun in the summer, there are other side effects of this season, such as high humidity, hot weather, sunburn, and insect infestation. In the following, we will introduce you to the methods of destroying several types of insects.

I can say with confidence that most of us love the coming of summer because long days, hot weather, outdoor walks, fresh garden products, ice cream parlors, and spending days on the beach make people feel good.

Spiders, ants, and mosquitoes emerge from their former wooden nests for food and warm weather, and some of them choose our homes as their habitat. But they are not well received in homes, which means that not only must we take the time to get rid of these annoying pests, but we must also find a way to prevent them from entering early homes in the future.

Tiny white insects:

Whiteflies can cause other damage in addition to entering the mouth and eyes. The presence of these whiteflies in the home can harm plants. Because these insects are so small, they can enter the human respiratory tract and lungs through the airways and cause infections and respiratory diseases in the lungs. This can be a serious problem; flies can carry pathogenic viruses and spread diseases throughout the city.

We have solutions to get rid of tiny white insects:

One of the best ways to kill these banana insects is to use ladybugs

If you can not use ladybugs at home, you can kill them by spraying.

If whiteflies have entered the house, one of the best ways to control them is to use anti-fly soaps.

You can make a natural spray yourself using whole garlic, and onion, and a teaspoon of red pepper. Just pour all the ingredients into the blender to mix well, then strain the water and mix with the dishwashing liquid. With this spray, you can clean all surfaces or spray-on houseplants.

Say goodbye to house insects with simple tricks

Exterminating household insects: Cinnamon oil for ants

For many of us, ants are the giant annoying animal that, as soon as the weather warms up, these tiny insects come out of their hiding places and appear in our living space if you see one or two of these ants in your house and kill them while you know that when you see an ant somewhere, there are more.

A horticulturist suggests using cinnamon essential oil extract as a simple, safe and non-toxic solution to get rid of them. He recommends mixing a mixture of four or five drops of cinnamon oil with 240 ml of water in a bowl and sprinkling on areas of your home where ants have been seen.

The primary extract of cinnamon oil interferes with the nervous system of ants, and they can not communicate with each other using Pheromone. Pheromones are the only major means of communication between ants, transmitting and informing each other about food, danger, and location. He explained that whenever this happens to an ant, the ant rushes away and finds a new place to find food.

Farewell to small house insects: making ants venom

Another way you can get rid of ants in your home is to make your simple mixture found in every home.

To prepare this solution, you can mix some water with sugar and boric acid and heat it in the microwave, and then shake it well to dissolve it completely. Then dip a few cotton balls in them and place them on the paper where you saw the ants. It takes several days for all the ants to be poisoned. Any ant that is poisoned will no longer be seen in your home. The role of sugar in this solution is to attract ants to eat the poison.

Say goodbye to house insects with simple tricks

Exterminating small household insects: White vinegar

Less popular fragrances include vinegar, but the importance of having it at home can not be denied because white vinegar is an excellent cleanser for tea teapots, oil stains, microwaves and dishwashers, baths, and showers. It cleans, but it has a strong and undeniable smell, and according to research, ants do not like the smell of this substance.

Spray the solution in equal proportions of water and white vinegar on the areas where you have seen ants and other insects, and you can even use it to clean the floor, bottom, and top of kitchen counters. With this cleaning, you have both given your tools more shine, cleaned them, and got rid of house insects.

Farewell to Household Insects: Coffee Pulp

I use the coffee pulp to make a simple fertilizer for plant growth, but when it comes to repelling house insects, another reason is to keep them after brewing coffee in the morning.

Research has shown that coffee can eliminate the bad smell of ants on the ground and eventually lead them to places other than the coffee solution. You can do this once a year and put them in the ant trap to finally close all the intrusion into the house.

Kill small black insects in the house

These insects are more common in humid environments such as around flowers and plants and in the bathroom.

Using yellow glue, install them in different places so that the mosquitoes stick to them.

Using insecticides will kill these insects, and be sure to use insecticides when leaving the house.

Methods of killing tiny potted mosquitoes

Spray the insect mesh on the paper towel, place the napkin on the pot’s soil, and insecticide the napkin every day for two weeks.

Do not water the pots for a few days and move the soil of the pots once or twice a day to let the air out because the lifespan and production of potted mosquitoes are five days.

Say goodbye to house insects with simple tricks

Pour the grated lemon peel on the soil of the pot.

Excessive watering makes the pots full of mosquitoes! Increase irrigation intervals. Soil moisture causes them to reproduce more.

Farewell to House Insects: Checking and Cleaning the Bed

Tap on wood as these insects can be a severe problem for many people. Home experts say these insects can be very different depending on where they live, so there are other ways to kill them, but only if you want to choose a solution for them. You can wash the bed and anything else that is attacked by these insects well and sprinkle warm water on it because hot water kills even the larvae and eggs of these insects.

Lock your sleeping bags that have been attacked by these insects with the bag and keep them closed for at least a year to make sure no insects escape from them.

Farewell to house insects: dehumidification

If you live in the south or in general with high humidity, you have the unpleasant experience of mosquito bites. Cheese flies and their larvae need about 85% moisture to survive. So try turning off your indoor humidifier and reversing its operation to reduce excess moisture in the house.

You can put some baking soda in some parts of the house with oil and after 15 minutes, clean them thoroughly with the flies that have been absorbed and destroyed. Baking soda absorbs moisture and is the first thing that flies absorb, and of course, oils are also effective in intensifying this process.

Say goodbye to house insects with simple tricks

Farewell to house insects: Sealing doors and windows

This is not new information that indicates that the seal and insulation of the house are damaged over time and loses their properties. Therefore, this dysfunction and weakness prevent insects and other things outside the home and prevent them from entering the house.

Home experts say you should go to any room and space with a window and check all the seams and their protectors, and for repairs, you can use sealing paste for the seams, which can generally solve the significant problems in this area. It also slows down heat loss in colder seasons.

Say goodbye to house insects: Clean the kitchen more

We all know that cooking must be done in a clean and tidy kitchen to have healthy food. But when was the last time you cleaned cabinets and places that were out of reach? In my opinion, sometimes these places should be kept clean to create more security in the house.

But housekeeping experts insist that you consider cleaning those areas as a regular pastime at home. Because of the difficulty and weight of many of these items, you may not want to clean under and around these items. But poor hygiene at home means that leftovers and food can feed insects for months or even years.

If you agree that you also live in a rented house, I must add the critical point: you have to do this when moving to your new home because you do not know that the previous tenant has done so before. Did he do that?

Farewell to Household Insects: The Importance of Trash

We all know that the materials in the trash can quickly decompose and contaminate the space, but most of the time, we often wait for the space to fill up and leak.

I wash my trash at regular intervals and outdoors with the right liquids and clean it well with water, which of course, does not seem to be enough. Of course, none of us want to make a dirty trash can to stimulate insects to find food and a place to lay eggs.

Over time, trash cans become poisonous, and the food left in them spoils and irritates the flies. Clean your trash regularly with detergent, and do not leave anything in it for a long time.

Because this waste attracts insects and will be a good place, another point is that each trash can has a valuable life like any other device, and we can clean it with hot water and borax to increase its life a little and, of course, have cleaner trash.

Say goodbye to house insects with simple tricks

Be active

Insects are often considered pests for reasons such as being annoying in our area. But according to the advice of health and insect experts, seeing an insect does not require nervous fear and picking up a large container of poison to clean the house. Of course, sometimes we need the help of experts, but we can do the minor work ourselves.

Another suggestion we made is to be active because you keep everything clean, avoid chaos in the house, repair damaged seams, and efficiently prevent the initial symptoms. Enjoy this warm and pleasant season more and also keep insects away from your place of residence.

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