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How is bridal makeup different

It is important for brides to pay attention to these points before going to the hairdresser on the wedding day.

Bridal Makeup Do’s and Don’ts:

The talk about makeup and beauty has long been the talk of tasteful women in the family about brides-to-be on their wedding night. Each of them is obsessively searching for clothes, makeup, and hair to create a unique and stunning image of themselves in front of their guests.

How is bridal makeup different

Before the wedding, test your makeup:

Go Ask your hairdresser to try the makeup you have chosen on your face 3 to 5 weeks before the wedding. Make sure your hairdresser knows everything you like about your wedding makeup. Identify your skin’s best powder cream color by trying different colors on your face if you like tanning.

On makeup day, wear white:

When you go to test your makeup model, wear white clothes so that you can see the color of your makeup with white clothes and determine if your makeup model will work with white clothes or not. Take a few photos of yourself without flash to help you choose a beautiful model.

Remember to color your eyebrows:

Fill in the empty parts of your eyebrows and match the color of your hair. You should never shave your eyebrows or make them too wide or narrow. It is important to shape your eyebrows to match your eyes and face, the more natural the eyebrows, the more beautiful the bride will be.

Artificial hair should not be left behind:

Never let your hairdresser add artificial hair to your hair for convenience. Under the flash of the camera, this hair color will completely contrast with your natural hair color.

You should not share your hairdresser with anyone else:

If The work style of hairdressers is clear, and they apply the central theme of their work to different people even if they don’t want to. If you want to be single at a wedding, you shouldn’t share your hairdresser or let your family go to your hairdresser.

The hairdresser should see photos of your makeup models:

Each girl has a makeup model for her wedding night, and sometimes she has taken pictures of those models. Our recommendation is that you take these pictures to your hairdresser so that he or she can try them on your face. Take your time and decide if these models are right for you.

Makeup that is matte or colorless should be avoided:

Since your dress is white, you should choose the makeup that contrasts with this color, and your face makeup should not be colorless or dull, and it should be applied in such a way that reduces the colorlessness of the face, and, in general, your makeup should be the same as the wedding dress. Be different from other days.

How to choose the best false eyelashes:

False eyelashes are used by hairdressers to enhance the appearance of their eyes. Make sure your hairdresser uses lashes of different lengths and sticks them on the side of your lashes to make your eyes appear natural. For your wedding celebration, never choose artificial eyelashes that are tasteful and arranged in a row.

Makeup model choice:

Perhaps new makeup models will make you more attractive and different from the old ones.

Make sure you use your best cosmetics:

For long-lasting makeup, ask your hairdresser to use the best cosmetics, which will last all day.

Makeup should be tried in different lights:

Makeup for your wedding should be suitable for a wide range of situations and lighting conditions. Ask the hairdresser to test your makeup in sunlight and in room light so you can look your best in different situations on the wedding day.

Let your hairdresser know what makeup you like:

It’s not a good feeling to be unhappy with your makeup style when you open your eyes on your wedding day, so tell your hairdresser what you like and dislike about makeup, as she does not know you, about your interests and personality. Don’t rely solely on your hairdresser for your work, and don’t tell him what makeup you like before.

Makeup should not be excessive:

Keep your makeup natural and avoid excessive makeup if you want it to look good in photos and under a flashlight.

Makeup should be classic:

Keep your wedding photos in mind for the rest of your life, so wear makeup that never goes out of style. Be sure to choose your wedding dress in a way that will not go out of style. You like the newly fashioned makeup. On your wedding day, however, it is recommended that you put aside fashion and focus only on what makes you beautiful, as classic makeup always has its charm.

Make your lips pop with colorful lipsticks:

If You have always used matte and colorless lipsticks such as brown or lipstick, but for your wedding day, choose colorful lipsticks like pink or red. The color of your lipstick adds charm to your face and enhances the beauty of your photos.

Get rid of the color difference between your face and body skin:

In order to have a natural and uniform appearance, you should apply the powder cream you used for your face to your neck and shoulders after makeup so that they do not differ in color from your face. You will find an unnatural appearance otherwise.

Shadows should not be dark:

Never use very bold eye shadows on your eyes to make them look more beautiful and natural. By darkening your eyes too much, you will not only reduce the attractiveness of your face, but also destroy their natural beauty.

Moisturizer-containing cosmetics:

Too dull and shiny makeup will cause dryness and cracking of your skin, and too shiny makeup will not last long on your skin and will be removed quickly. Use cosmetics that contain a little moisturizer.


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