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Treatment of hair loss with mesotherapy

Mesotherapy treats people’s scalp with hair loss by regulating growth factors, vitamins, and proteins. In today’s world, this method is one of the fastest ways to treat hair loss and create hormonal balance and overcome various hair loss factors.

This method does not require surgery and is a non-invasive method in which drugs are injected directly into the hair follicles.

What is hair mesotherapy?

This method involves injecting certain medications (such as vitamins, enzymes, or hormones) into the affected area. This method is used for various purposes; for example, mesotherapy is used to strengthen hair (whether after hair transplantation or routinely) or rejuvenate, stretch the skin or eliminate fat. This method was first invented and operated by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952 in France.

With hair mesotherapy, a sufficient amount of medicine and hair growth enhancer is provided in the hair follicles. No other treatment can get enough of these nutrients to the hair follicles in place. The results of mesotherapy for hair are speedy, and a specific drug combination can be explicitly injected for each person based on the general condition and the leading cause of hair loss.

How is hair mesotherapy done?

This method is generally done in two ways.

  1. In one procedure, a syringe is injected under the skin with a skinny, short needle.
  2. Mesotherapy is not considered in how the substance is rubbed on the skin’s surface and massaged.

Types of materials used in mesotherapy:

The materials used in this method are prepared in liquid form for injection. This fluid contains plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, and hormones. These materials are combined and prepared according to individual needs. Vitamins biotin, vitamin B5, and vitamin C are essential vitamins for hair growth used in this combination.

Herbal extracts of ginseng, ginkgo Biloba, saw palm, and rosemary is the most common herbs used in this method. These plants’ section increases blood flow to the hair follicles and prevents the hair follicles’ hormonal degradation.

In addition to these substances, the amino acids cysteine, taurine, and methionine are also used in the solution.

Who is hair mesotherapy suitable for?

Anyone who suffers from hair loss or thinning and needs strengthening can benefit from hair mesotherapy services.

People who are allergic to hormonal treatments such as minoxidil or who do not have enough time and patience to use the solutions daily get better and faster results from alternative methods such as hair mesotherapy.

Expectations from the result of hair mesotherapy:

This method is entirely safe and secure and therefore has become very popular around the world. There is no need to use anesthetics, and it is done without pain and discomfort.

This method stimulates hair growth and treats scalp problems such as excess oil and dandruff.

Does mesotherapy affect hair growth in other areas of the body?

In this method, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts are injected into parts of the body. This injection is sometimes done for more hair growth and sometimes for other purposes.

This method services are sometimes provided for scalp hair growth and sometimes for eyebrow hair growth. By strengthening the eyebrow hair with mesotherapy, eyebrow implants can be prevented.

Men who want to strengthen and thicken their beard and mustache can also use this method. It is recommended to try this method once before implanting a beard and mustache.

How long do the results of mesotherapy treatment last?

The compounds selected for this injection method in each center will be different and suitable for each person. You usually have to be patient for two to three months to see the mesotherapy results to thicken and strengthen the hair. Then you can repeat this procedure to maintain the effects of the treatment according to the expert.

Who is not recommended for hair mesotherapy?

Pregnant women, heart patients, people with advanced cancer, people with a history of severe allergies, people are taking anticoagulants.

Benefits of mesotherapy after hair transplant:

This method is a great way to strengthen the roots of the implanted hair, and hair transplant doctors usually recommend a few mesotherapy sessions after hair transplant to increase blood flow and oxygenation and stimulate hair growth.

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