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Symptoms of hunger and satiety of the child

how do i know if my baby is hungry or wants a pacifier

The hardest part of caring for a child is finding out what they want. Sadly, we do not know why they are crying. It will be much easier for parents to solve what has happened to them.

But children can not communicate verbally with us to understand what to give them. If parents pay good attention, their babies will try to tell them something. They say when they are hungry and when they do not want to eat.

If you think your baby’s crying is just a sign of hunger, you are sorely mistaken. His lovely postures and movements are also part of the signs of hunger or even satiety of the child, which we will explain in the continuation of this part.

Symptoms of hunger and satiety of the child

Crying baby

The most important sign of a child’s hunger is crying. Crying is the only way for a child to communicate with us; they call when they need to meet. Their crying seems different, and over time, the mother begins to recognize what the baby wants by crying.

The cry of hunger is usually loud and slow. The problem is that crying is one of the last signs of need, and if the mother does not notice the symptoms sooner, the baby will start crying.

The mother may need to calm her baby before breastfeeding.


Baby restlessness

The baby may start paddling, but this is another sign that the baby is hungry. If you find that your baby is restless, it may be a sign of hunger.

This condition is usually seen when the baby wakes up. They may move around the cradle and try to make their mother hungry.


Hand sucking

You may also notice that one hand is facing the mouth, and they are trying to suck. When a child is hungry, anything that comes close to his mouth opens his mouth.


The open mouth of the child’s hunger symptoms

When we are hungry, we eat and open our mouths. Children do this hunger. This is a clue to their mother that she has to put something in their mouth to eat.

If the mother sees these symptoms, she should feed the baby as soon as possible. It is better to pay attention to the signs of hunger earlier to be less upset.


Baby smile

It is difficult to tell when a baby is breastfeeding, especially if the baby is breastfeeding. One of the best ways to ensure that your baby is not malnourished and still hungry is to smile when you see your mother. Yes, a smile is like enjoying food. When the baby is four months old, they can smile real.

Symptoms of hunger and satiety of the child

Shaking the signs and symptoms of baby hunger

Whining is one of the best signs of hunger and starts with the baby. This is the reaction they are born with. This is what children do when they are hungry and trying to find a breast.

If something touches their cheeks, they turn their heads and try to eat what they think is the nipple.


Pulling mother’s shirt

Children are much more intelligent than we think; they always try to tell us things. We have to make sure we are there to hear them. Another sign of a child’s hunger is that they start pulling on the mother’s shirt.

If the baby is breastfed, it will not take long to learn where the food is.


Head movement of the child’s hunger symptoms

The basic need of a child is to eat. When a newborn is born, he does not need anything more. They need food, sleep, and love. They instinctively know how to swallow. When the child is hungry, they turn their heads towards the food source.


Facial changes

Some things happen when the body is hungry. The stomach is bloated; we may get a little stiff and upset. This also happens to babies.

All of these emotions can upset a child and, as expressed, can create a strange face in some situations. These feelings are new to them.


Move your arms and legs.

Their limbs get out of control, and they try to tell mom and dad it’s time to eat.

Ten signs that the child is whole and not hungry


Close your lips

The first is to close the lips. If someone tries to put food in their mouth, they close their lips tightly.



Sometimes parents confuse the symptoms of hunger and may try to feed a child who is not hungry. This is when they want to look for these symptoms to ensure their child is not hungry.

Another thing that babies do when they are full is squeezing the mother’s breast.


Stop sucking

It seems very simple that if the child is not hungry, he will stop sucking. It does not matter if the milk is from a bottle or the mother’s breast. If they have to drink milk, they spit it out.


to sleep

This is one of the most significant signs that babies are full and asleep. Breastfeeding women often wonder if their baby is breastfeeding enough because they fall asleep regularly while breastfeeding.

This is quite common early in life, and mothers are encouraged to wake their babies up to eat. As the baby gets older, the mother should not worry too much.


Other things are more interesting.

When a child is hungry, the only thing that matters to him is eating. This is the only thing they are interested in, and no effort is made for entertaining them. If the child is complete, they do interesting things.


Change patterns

When someone has a child, it is essential to study how your child works. Suppose we know when the child can not do what. If the mother notices a change in breastfeeding while breastfeeding with less pressure, the baby is full.

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