Ways to get rid of spicy pepper; How to get hot pepper?

One of the secrets of Iranian homemakers to make food delicious is to add more spices and condiments to all kinds of food. But sometimes, many people use hot peppers and spices in cooking due to distraction, lack of experience, etc.

Capsaicin is a substance found in peppers that makes peppers spicy and taste like food and can also cause a burning sensation that lasts for minutes or even hours.

Read this part of lifestyle and housekeeping secrets to know how to get rid of spicy foods and what to do with a burning sensation in the mouth after eating spicy food?

Why does hot pepper burn?

The burning sensation originates from capsaicin, an active substance in pepper, and communicates with sensory receptors in the mouth and skin.

Although there is no heat, the body reacts to capsaicin like overheating. To prevent irritation, remove capsaicin from the joint or dilute it to feel less burning.

Ways to get rid of spicy pepper; How to get hot pepper?

Remove spicy peppers from food

Add peanut butter to food

Peanut butter is high in unsaturated fats and nutrients. These fats reduce the sharpness of food by preventing the capsaicin in pepper from binding to nerve receptors on the tongue. Peanut butter can be eaten with various foods such as fruit, celery, jelly, etc.

Add sweeteners to food

To eliminate the spiciness of food during cooking, add sweeteners such as sugar and honey to the food to eliminate its spicy taste. Note that this effective method can also be used for some foods to preserve the original taste and aroma of the food.

Add lemon juice or vinegar to food

To eliminate the spiciness of food during cooking, add sour spices such as fresh sour lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, grape vinegar, and broth and stir to mix with the food and eliminate the spiciness of the food. Sour seasoning can not be used in all types of food due to changes in the main taste of food.

Increase food volume

One of the most effective ways to reduce the spiciness of food is to add some raw materials to the food being cooked because increasing the volume of the food will eliminate the spiciness, but you can do this when you have enough time to cook the food.

Use tomatoes

Add tomato or tomato juice; the acidity of the tomato reduces the sharpness of the food.

Get help from this food

Use foods such as vegetables, potatoes, bell peppers, meat, legumes, broccoli, etc., to flavor the food.

Try these methods

Adding high-fat dairy to spicy foods, such as adding milk to spicy sauces, dissolves the capsaicin in dairy peppers and reduces the spicy taste of food.

Salting food or eating food with salt and salty foods is also effective in relieving the sharpness of food. But patients with high blood pressure should not try this method.

If the main cause of spicy food is fresh pepper, it is necessary to separate the pieces of pepper from the food before it is fully cooked so that the spicy taste of the food does not increase.

Ways to get rid of spicy pepper; How to get hot pepper?

Eliminate the spice of the pepper in the mouth

When you eat spicy food or hot peppers, your mouth gets sore, so you need to know how to avoid the irritation caused by spicy food. How to prevent hot peppers from burning?

  • Eat dairy because dairy (sour cream, milk, cheese, ice cream) helps dissolve capsaicin and eliminate bad breath.
  • Eat fatty foods or put a little oil in your mouth and rotate to relieve the burning sensation.
  • Eat a spoonful of peanut butter or honey.
  • Use acidic foods such as lemons and tomatoes to counteract the effects of capsaicin.
  • Starchy foods contain excess capsaicin, so eat starchy foods.

Remove the spiciness of the pepper from the hands

If you touch hot pepper, to get rid of the sharpness of your hand:

  • Wash your hands with dishwashing liquid.
  • Eliminate capsaicin by rubbing vegetable oil and butter on your hands.
  • Wash your hands in the dilute bleach solution.

Important note:

If you feel burning in your mouth after eating hot peppers, do not drink ice water as water can secrete capsaicin and worsen your condition. Alcoholic beverages, coffee, and soft drinks do not relieve mouth irritation and make capsaicin more effective.

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