how to clean fabric sofa naturally

Home decor is greatly influenced by sofas, but if the sofas are dirty and full of stains, they will ruin the beauty of your home. It is one of the most challenging parts of cleaning the house to clean the sofa at home because many people don’t know how to do it.

In order to wash the sofa properly, you must follow certain principles. If you do not follow these principles, the sofa’s fabric will be damaged. You can learn how to clean your sofa at home using this method in this section of the site’s housekeeping tips. 

how to clean fabric sofa naturally

Dust should be cleaned:

The sofa must first be dust and vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, then its cushions must be removed, shaken, and repositioned.

Soft brush:

Wipe off any dust that has adhered to the sofa’s surface with a soft brush.

Don’t use fluff:

Vacuum cleaners do not comb all pet hair, so if you have a pet, use a hair clipper to comb it.

Surfaces made of nonwoven materials should be cleaned as follows:

Be careful not to spill detergent on your upholstery when cleaning a non-woven surface of your furniture, such as wood or metal surfaces.

Take a look at the labels:

All sofas have a label that describes how to care for and wash them with authorized detergents. Make sure you study it carefully and act accordingly. The instructions are written in abbreviated letters. These signs will help you avoid making mistakes when washing and cleaning:

  • W: In English, water stands for empty water or steam that is used for cleaning.
  • WS: Water-based solutions and chemicals should be used to clean sofas.
  • S: This mark indicates that the sofa should be cleaned and dried.
  • O: Organic materials are used in the product, and it is washed only with cold water.
  • X: The sofa should be brushed or vacuumed and then cleaned with a special shampoo.

Stain as follows:

It is important to clean the stains on your sofa before washing it. It depends on the stain, but you can usually spray a diluted vinegar and water solution on the spots and wipe them with a soft cloth.

For washing the sofa, prepare a water-based solution as follows:

In a relatively large container, mix 3 liters of water with 3 cups of non-chemical shampoo or water base. For testing, soak the solution in a cloth and drag it to a corner of the sofa for ten minutes.

Place the paper towel in the desired location. In case the towel does not absorb the fabric’s color, dilute the solution and try again.

Cleaning a sofa at home is best done with a steamer. Cleaning the sofa with steam removes dirt and oil contaminants. Water can be used to make a cleansing solution. The vaporizer tank should be filled with this solution.

After that, gently steam the sofa to remove all the detergent. Turn on the steam cleaner and remove all excess foam from the sofa. To reach the bottom of the fabric, gently clean it with the machine from top to bottom. Turn off the steamer to avoid damaging the fabric.

In the absence of a steamer:

A soft towel and lukewarm water can be used to clean the sofa. It is important not to apply pressure to the towel when cleaning, as it may cause the fabric to lose its color.


Wet the sponge and pour shampoo on it after steaming. After squeezing the sponge a few times, clean the sofa with a sponge. You can vacuum the floors from the sofa if they evaporate, but if you do not have a steamer, use a damp towel to wipe them off.

You can wash the same parts of your furniture fabric if stains remain. Don’t do this on the entire sofa surface since it will change the color of the fabric.


Color and fabric stabilizers should be used:

Use a color and fabric stabilizer after shampooing and washing the sofa. As a result, the furniture fabric retains its color and durability. Stabilizers can be found at pharmacies, reputable stores, or online.

Dry your sofa as follows:

If you want to dry your sofa after washing, please put it in a place where there is no air exchange. Do not leave your sofa in the open air because it absorbs dust quickly.


Fabric furniture staining:

Using a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water, you can remove stains from fabric sofas. To prevent fabric damage, dip a damp cloth into the solution and apply it to the stain. Over time, wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth. Stains that are difficult to remove can be removed with baking soda and vinegar.

 Staining leather furniture:

Clean the leather sofa with a damp cloth if it has a stain. Wash the sofa’s leather gently with soap, but do not use a lot of water if there is a hard stain.

Stains caused by soda can be removed by:

To remove stains from the sofa, sprinkle salt on the stain and wipe it off with a damp sponge.

Getting rid of the effects of cigarette jaundice:

To eliminate the burn or jaundice effect of smoking, use a sugar cube. Continue to clean the stain with sugar. Lemon juice can be used to remove stains on synthetic fibers.

Wet the stain with a little milk, wipe it with a cotton cloth, and then remove it with soap and water if your sofa is made of fluffy fabric.

Ink stains can be cleaned in the following ways:

Wet the sofa, pour a little salt on the stain, and clean with a cotton swab to remove ink stains. After applying glycerin and ammonia to the stain, wash the sofa surface with shampoo.

Grease stains can be cleaned by:

Apply a salt and alcohol solution to the sofa to remove grease stains. Cover the stained area of the sofa with a sheet of paper towel and use a hot iron to remove it.

Chemicals for cleaning stains:

Stores sell ready-to-use chemicals. Most stains can be removed with their help. Study the method of consumption before using it. Wear gloves while doing this.

Stains of blood:

Blood stains can be removed by mixing starch with water and stirring until a relatively thick paste is formed. Cover the bloodstain with this paste and let it dry. Clean the stain with a brush after scraping off the dry starch.


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