Sexual questions you should ask before marriage

Sex is one of the most private issues in people’s lives, which many men and women strongly refuse to talk about, and talking about it is considered shameless and ugly. Many of us have a calmer approach to marriage. This section lists a series of sexual questions that should be asked in courtship sessions and private conversations between girls and boys.

Sexual questions you should ask before marriage

When is it time to ask a sexual question to a suitor?

When a young girl and boy get to know each other well enough and express their consent to marry, we should ask ourselves and our future spouse about sexual issues, and in fact, ask these questions at the last meeting. We have to ask. For many of us, talking about sex with one’s spouse before marriage and in courtship is very difficult and is one of the socially forbidden words.

Although our intention to get married is definite, you should not ask sexual questions explicitly. With a brief gesture to the other party, you are willing to talk about it because you are still being tested by the other party and maybe planning to Be small.

Sexual questions you should ask before marriage

When asking these questions, you should pay attention to issues such as accepting or rejecting, how to deal with questions, how to answer questions, tools, non-verbal cues visible when answering (embarrassment, nodding, blushing, etc.) Remember that the other person’s reaction is critical and will tell you many things you did not know.

Important points about asking premarital sex questions:

We all think that the time to ask sexual questions should be after marriage, but the science of counseling says that the best time to ask sexual questions to your future spouse is the last courtship session. The custom of our society indeed forbids talking about sexual issues in courtship. But is it not too late to talk about these issues after marriage, and what should they do if the parties do not agree on sexual issues after marriage?

Failure to talk about sex due to social norms and embarrassment in courtship can cause great harm to the family, especially to young couples. In the last courtship session, talk about issues and ask questions from the other side to avoid problems after marriage by observing moral and social points.

What sexual questions should we ask the suitor?

Here are some tips to help you ask a sexual question. These tips include:

  • Ask your genitals with respect and provocative words.
  • Ask about general tools that determine a person’s attitudes and orientations.
  • Ask your sexual questions respectfully.
  • Pay attention to the other party’s behavior when answering these questions.
  • If another person recounts the details of sexual behavior, suspect that they are sexually obsessed or have undesirable moral characteristics.

Sexual questions you should ask before marriage

Sample sexual questions in courtship session:

  1. Are you familiar with sexual problems and sexual perversions?
  2. What are your sexual tastes and expectations?
  3. What did you do with your physical, sexual, mental, and emotional needs when you were single?
  4. 4- What is your opinion about sex?
  5. How do you know about sex?
  6. From what source did you get the sexual information?
  7. What is the main role of a woman/man in sex?
  8. Do men and women have different expectations of sex? Why?
  9. What do you think about the physical and sexual attractiveness of your future spouse?
  10. Do you know the ways to love?
  11. Are you sexually healthy?
  12. What is the place of sexual issues in married life?
  13. How much do you value sex in life?
  14. Do you need a child in life?
  15. 15- When is the time to have a baby?
  16. Do you want to have children immediately after marriage? Why?
  17. Are you willing to see a specialist for contraception?

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