What causes your baby to scream all the time?

Screaming and crying are some of the ways children encourage their parents to achieve their goals. Many parents are tired of their young children screaming. Sometimes the screams of children are so loud that it is difficult for the family to control them. Parents must first discover the cause of their child’s screaming and use the best behavior to deal with their screaming because how they react can greatly control the child’s behavior.

Screaming baby

A baby screaming can have many factors, the most important of which are:


Hunger, fatigue or boredom, and illness

Sometimes your child may not feel good about something, and it may even be the worst thing for him.



Your baby may start screaming when you talk on the phone because he feels you are no longer paying attention to him.



Your baby may not be exactly sure what he or she wants, which can make him or her angry and scream.


Feeling helpless

When your child feels helpless to say certain words, prepare their prone mind to tell them. The child may become angry when he cannot find the words to express what he wants.


Get the love of your parents

Children between the ages of 2 and 3, who are the age of independence and think that they are the center of the whole world and that everyone should pay attention to them, may shout to get their parents’ attention.


What should we do against yelling at a child?

Your correct behavior of your parents against the screaming of the child is one of the important steps to solve this problem and quit this habit in children. The proposed solutions are as follows:

To be indifferent to the child’s screaming, it is better to predict his behavior. If the child intends to respond to the yelling, he should do so before calling. Parents with a 2-year-old child should have good nerves. Otherwise, they should see a child psychiatrist.

Of course, parents can increase their tolerance with the help of some precautions. Even eliminating the factors that reduce patience can be helpful. Let’s not forget that the parents of a 2-year-old child must be very patient. In this case, this period is going well, and the situation will be better in the future. Do not forget that showing negative reactions such as frowning, blaming, and even beating stimulates the child to reinforce this behavior, so replace negligence with any response.


Do not punish him

Many parents get nervous about the child screaming and beating him not to scream anymore, but corporal punishment does not help us and is not the right thing. Beating only exacerbates this behavior in him.


Do not shout at your baby

Do not shout at your child when you are stressed. Many children learn to cry by observing their parents’ behavior. The calmer you are with your family, the better role model you will have for your children, so never scream at your child.

Screaming baby

Talk to her about the cause of her upset

Stand next to the child and look directly at his face. In a calm and controlled voice, tell him not to shout anymore. Tell him you are willing to talk to him about the cause of his upset, but you will only do this if he stops screaming. If your child is young and talking to them is useless, put your finger in front of your mouth and show him that you want him to be quiet.


Guess for yourself what he wants

One of the most effective ways to calm your baby is to say things like, “I do not understand what you mean when you scream.” Shakes. He may want stuff you can not or will not give him; you do not have to give up, but try to offer him something else, such as: “You can eat sweets after dinner.


Entertain him

Try to entertain him with different titles. Choose a book he has not read before, or play with him if you have extra time to get his attention elsewhere. Children soon forget the previous situation. By doing this, you have prevented him from screaming that there is no conflict.


Be a little serious

Ask your child to sit in a special place for a few minutes to relax. Tell him to come to you when he wants to talk to you politely. If he does, gently guide him to a chair and sit him down. Stay calm with him to calm down.


Do not give in to the screams of the child in public places

If your child starts screaming in a public place like a store, take him or her to a secluded area. If the child is the right age, tell him that you do not like his method, and if he does not speak politely, you will not listen to him. And then move away from that area. Never give in to the baby’s cries for fear of what the audience will think.


Tell him how he should behave

It is best to explain the behavior you expect from your child. Do this when he is well behaved and receptive to what you say. Tell him I expect more from you. Treat and empathize with him so that he always knows that older children do not scream.


Pay attention to the reasonable wishes of the child

If you do not always pay attention to your child’s wishes and say “no” to all his wishes, his stubbornness will naturally increase. Informed parents can determine which of their child’s requests to respond to and in which cases they should respond in the negative.


Follow these tips before taking your child

Before taking the baby out, the baby should get enough rest, get enough sleep, and not be hungry or thirsty. Tired, hungry, and thirsty children cry out for peace. It is best to bring some food and water with you so that if your child becomes hungry and thirsty while shopping or anywhere else, you can immediately meet his needs and prevent him from being upset.


Improve your communication skills with your child

The more communication the parents have with the child, and the more the child can express his or her wishes, the fewer behaviors such as screaming occur. Teach your child to express his or her wishes in simple words.


Well, ask him if he is no longer attracted to this relationship

If your child cries out for joy and excitement, calmly and politely ask him to speak in a calm, homely voice, and speak yourself calmly and tell him that he should be calmer to hear your voice. Also, say that his loud voice annoys the neighbors.


Do not give the child a negative identity

Do not say negative words or phrases to your child, such as screaming, unless you swallow the speaker; I’m tired of these words because your negative behavior turns your child into a personality trait.


Reward your child

If your child behaves positively and expresses his requests without shouting, give him a small reward like the foods he likes and tell him that the prize has been your good behavior.

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