Complete guide to washing linen clothes

It is tough to wash linen clothes and remove stains from them, and stains cannot be removed from linen clothes with empty water and washing it has steps.

The critical trick of washing linen:

Linen is a natural fiber and has long been used in the textile industry to make various garments. Linen clothes are trendy due to the thickness and strength of the fabric and its high durability, and many men and women use linen pants, coats, etc. Linen clothes seem challenging to wash due to their thickness and type of material. Some wrong washing linen methods damage the fabric and color of the clothes, and after washing, the clothes lose their original shape and color.

Steps to wash linen clothes

Read the label on the clothes:

Many clothes have a label that tells you how to wash clothes. It tells you the abbreviations on the water temperature label and the washing time.

Stain before washing:

If you see stains on clothes, wipe them with a damp cloth before washing them. Stains on linen clothes are not cleaned with regular washing, so you should use ready-made stain removers to remove stains on linen clothes. Spray some stain solution on the stained part of the clothes, but be sure to read the stain’s instructions before use. If your clothes are light and the use of bleach does not harm it, remove the stains with a cloth soaked in bleach.

Washing linen

Do not wash linen clothes with other clothes:

Linen clothes are thick and should not be washed with other clothes. If you use a washing machine for washing, be careful not to wash linen clothes with other clothes.

Pay attention to the water level: If you use a washing machine for washing, adjust the water level. Too hot water damages the fabric of these clothes and causes the clothes to become watery and blond. Thirty-degree water temperature is the right choice. You can make the water a little warmer to clean white and light clothes.

How to wash linen clothes

Use suitable detergent powders:

Use ordinary detergent powders to wash linen clothes. You can use bleach for white fabrics, but check the markings on the clothing tag before use to make sure the bleach does not damage the fabric. We recommend using fabric softener and detergent to wash these clothes in the washing machine. If the durability of the clothes is essential to you, use natural detergents.

Natural detergents for washing linen clothes:

baking soda: 

As we said in the wet housekeeping section, you can use water, washing powder, and baking soda to stain linen clothes and wash them and soak your clothes in this solution to remove stains from clothes.

How to wash linen clothes

  • White vinegar: The shorter the washing time, the less damage is done to the fabric. Wash your clothes in a short time with hand washing powder and vinegar to not damage the fabric of your clothes.
  • Salt and lemon juice: To remove the most challenging stains from your linen clothes, pour some salt on a slice of lemon and clean the stains with it.
  • Lion: To remove stains from linen clothes, pour milk directly on the stains, and let it stay for ten minutes, then wash your clothes.

How to wash linen clothes properly

Do not use hot water to rinse linen clothes:

If you wash linen clothes by hand, still pay attention to the degree of water for rinsing. Hot water spreads the clothes’ color, damages the clothes’ fabric, and makes the clothes watery and tight. When washing your hands, turn your clothes upside down and wash them.

Do not dry clothes in direct sunlight:

To dry linen clothes in the washing machine, read the instructions on the clothing brand’s back. High speed is not suitable for drying clothes; use a slow dryer so that your clothes do not get wet and shrink. Do not dry clothes in direct sunlight because direct sunlight will make black clothes blush, reduce the fabric fibers’ strength, and make your clothes look old. Use plastic ropes to dry your clothes because metal and iron rods, if rusted, can stain clothes while they are drying. If your clothes dry in the shade, it will increase their durability.

Pay attention to this point when ironing clothes:

Direct ironing is not an excellent way to smooth linen clothes. To smooth out the wrinkles on your clothes, hang your clothes and use the steam iron to remove the wrinkles or put your clothes under a heavy mattress to press and smooth without the high temperature of ironing. To be followed. If you do not have enough time to do these things, apply for white damp medicine evenly on your clothes and iron at a low temperature.

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