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The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

If you have dirty and stained suede shoes and it is not easy to clean them, you can clean and renew your shoes like the first day with the following tricks.

Suede shoes are one of the most beautiful shoes that are especially popular among women, but suede shoes are susceptible to dust, dirt, and tears. Unfortunately, after one or two uses, they get dirty and stained very quickly.

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

Dirt or other stains from suede shoes are difficult to remove, and if you use the wrong methods to clean these shoes, you may damage your shoes. If you love these types of shoes that have a beautiful appearance, in the continuation of this section, you will get acquainted with the methods of cleaning velvet shoes.

Before cleaning suede shoes, the point to know is that to maintain the shoe’s original condition and not lose its shape and form when cleaning the shoe, you should crumple the newspapers inside the shoe.

How to clean your suede shoes?

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

With a soft cloth

If your shoes are dirty and stained, do not clean them when they are wet, but let your shoes dry. After the shoe is well dried, gently clean the shoe with a soft cloth or soft brush, or unused toothbrush. Gently pull the fabric towards the velvet shoe sole as fast movement can damage the velvet; it will clean your shoes from dust.

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

Using spray

After cleaning your shoes, if your shoes are still a little dirty, spray the polishing sprays on your shoes. There are sprays on the market that can damage your shoes and damage your shoes’ material, so be careful when buying sprays.

After buying a spray for testing, spray it at a distance of 15 cm from the back of your shoe and the size of a dot, and if the shoe is not damaged, give about an hour to spray all parts of your shoe. The spray can be used daily. Always allow the spray to dry for an hour before wearing the shoes.

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

Sandpaper to remove stains

Use sandpaper to remove fresh paint stains from shoes. To remove paint stains on shoes of this material, gently rub a minimal amount of sandpaper on the paint stain so that the sandpaper does not damage the shoe’s fabric.

Cleaning liquid stains using dishwashing liquid

To remove liquid stains, dry your shoes with a paper towel to prevent further damage to the shoes, then make a foam solution with some water and dishwashing liquid and brush the solution’s surface with a soft brush on the shoe stain. And put the foam on the stain and brush to remove the stain.

If there is a stain, you can do this several more times. Be sure to use a soft toothbrush in this method. After brushing and removing stains, dry the shoes with a towel that absorbs moisture better.

Clean shoes daily before wearing

If you want your shoes never to need a thorough cleaning, clean them every time before wearing them with a special brush.

Alcohol use

Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and apply it to the shoe stain. If the cotton is colored, use another cotton. You can put a clean, alcohol-soaked cloth on the shoes, but change the cloth if the dye is absorbed. After removing the shoe stain, be sure to dry the shoe with a clean cloth.

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

Use the eraser

Gently rub the eraser on the colored stain of the shoe until it is spotless.

Use white vinegar

Dip a clean white cloth in white vinegar and gently dab it with a tissue to altogether remove the stain. Use natural white vinegar to do this. If the stain returns to the tissue, use the other side of the tissue.

Use the dishwasher wire.

Brush dry shoe stains with dishwashing wire, but it may appear a little red in the first part of the shoe after removing the stain.

Remove all kinds of stains from suede shoes.

Cleaning oil stains:

First, clean the stain with a soft, old white cloth and then sprinkle talcum powder or cornflour on the stain and leave it overnight. Then take the cornflour from the vacuum cleaner shoes.

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

Cleaning gum stains from suede shoes:

 Put the shoes in the freezer for a few hours until the gums are completely firm. After removing large pieces of gum, brush your shoes.

Eliminate blood stains from suede shoes:

Gently tap on a piece of cotton soaked in peroxide until the stain is entirely complete.

Flower cleaning:

If your shoes get muddy, remove the excess mud from the shoe without damaging the suede shoes, then allow your shoes to dry completely, brush off the remaining excess mud with a fine brush.

Removing ink stains from suede shoes:

To remove ink stains from shoes, take a paper towel and place it on the ink. If ink penetrates, brush the shoe with paper towels and clean the floor with an alcohol swab.

The correct way to clean suede shoes stains

Essential tips for cleaning suede shoes:

After cleaning the shoes with a soft brush, return the shoe fabric to its original state.

Be sure to dry suede shoes after cleaning. Wait for the shoes to dry completely and allow the excess water to evaporate completely.

If you use a lot of water to clean your shoes, put paper towels inside the shoes to absorb excess water.

Avoid over-washing and overuse of the brush.

When you have just bought your shoes, apply a protective layer of shoe spray on them so that your shoes get dirty later.

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