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The best way to clean oil stains on shoes

Oil stains are one of the most common stains on clothes and shoes; one of the main reasons for this is cooking, and they are challenging to clean.

Follow these steps to clean and remove oil stains:

If you work in the kitchen or repair your car, you may not even notice that oil has spilled on your shoes, and you should act quickly after seeing the oil stain; the first thing you should do is Apply an absorbent such as talcum powder, salt, corn oil or powdered wheat to the stain.

The best of these is talcum powder: Cover shoe oil stains with talcum powder and leave it for a few hours to stay on your shoes. If you do not have talcum powder, you can use salt or corn; this trick is ideal for all types of shoes.

The best way to clean oil stains on shoes

After about 5 to 10 minutes, carefully clean your shoes with a soft toothbrush and then wipe the dust off the boots with a clean, dry cloth; and if stains are still present, depending on the type of shoe, you can follow the previous steps. Repeat with one of the following steps.

If the oil has already dried, you can still clean it. Mix the corn with a little (just a few drops) of oil to get a thick paste and then place it on the shoe stains; it quickly absorbs the oil.

Removing oil stains from leather shoes

If you used talcum powder or cornstarch to remove stains and did not get results, you might still have options for removing oil stains from your leather shoes.

If your shoes are made of natural leather, dilute two tablespoons of shampoo in one liter of warm water. It does not matter what shampoo you use, and you recommend using something like Mane ‘n Tail which is a shampoo for horses and is also marketed for humans.

Dip a clean cloth into the liquid and clean the area. Pumpkin soap is also very effective and can be found in every supermarket.

If your shoes are made of synthetic leather, you can use the above products or detergents commonly used for washing dishes because the detergent is strong and removes oil stains.

The best way to clean oil stains on shoes

An inexpensive product may not be able to remove stains from your shoes and also cause more damage. Dawn brand washing mayonnaise is a powerful cleanser to remove oil stains, and this trick is great for leather shoes.

If the leather of your shoes is black, it is a very effective trick to remove oil or oil stains with the inside of a banana peel. It can also be helpful for oily skin spots.

In all cases, you should use a dryer such as a fan, hairdryer, because if the stain is wet, it can damage the shoes.

Remove oil stains from suede shoes.

Suede shoes are much more stylish than leather, so we must be cautious; the best option to remove oil stains from this type of shoe is talcum powder. Follow steps 1 and 2 from the top, and the oil should come out.

Otherwise, you can make a solution of hot water, soap, and ammonia. Stir the solution until it foams and use the foam to clean the stains, wipe off any dirt with a clean cloth, and blow-dry the shoes.

The best way to clean oil stains on shoes

Removing oil stains from Nubuck shoes:

Nubuck is a substance that is very similar to gin and is often confused with this substance. How to remove oil stains in this type of shoes is like leather. It is recommended not to use liquid products to remove oil stains in these shoes.

It may enter and remain in the shoe fabric. After using talcum powder, use warm water and suitable soap. After the soap dissolves, moisten a soft brush and clean all shoes, especially oil stains. Remember that this type of material must always be cleaned in the direction of the leather. Otherwise, it may be damaged.

The best way to clean oil stains on shoes

Remove oil stains from cloth shoes:

Cloth shoes are easier to clean. After using Talcum, prepare a mixture with warm water, soap, and baking soda. Once the ingredients are well combined, soak a soft brush in the solution and clean the stain.

Then dry them in the shade. Most shoes are made of washable plastic, so you can put them in the washing machine, depending on the strength of the shoes.

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