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What you don’t know about keeping leather shoes for a long time

We have always heard that leather shoes have more credibility and appeal than other types of leather, as well as having a longer lifespan; However, in practice, most of us regret doing this after buying a pair of leather shoes, as it seems that this type of shoe does not last as long as it should! If you have such experiences, we must say that you are not familiar with the principles of leather shoes, which you should understand before buying leather shoes as they will look stylish and attractive like the first day and will last longer.

What can be done to increase the life of leather shoes?

Leather shoes are more expensive than other types of shoes, so it is natural to want to use them for a longer period of time. A pair of leather shoes will typically last less than a year without proper maintenance. The problem is that people are not familiar with how to properly care for leather shoes. You can extend the life of your shoes by cleaning them with the right materials, using the right tools, performing standard maintenance and learning some tricks.

What you don't know about keeping leather shoes for a long time

Here are some techniques for cleaning leather shoes.

The first step in cleaning leather shoes is to wipe them with a soft cloth or brush. If stains persist, wipe them with a soft cloth. When you buy leather shoes, you will also need a variety of tools and equipment to clean and maintain them. Make sure you get them as well. Wax them and use leather softeners. Rub it on the shoe to spread the leather and absorb moisture. Wax the shoe again the following morning. Polish the shoe also if you prefer.

Bags to store leather products

You should have a special bag if you’re a fan of leather products. With these bags, you can take care of your shoes or leather goods. Wax brushes, polishing brushes, leather softeners, polishes, etc., which are both interesting and attractive to keep in a special bag to prevent them from becoming cluttered and lost. If you are waxing or polishing your car, it does not matter what type of brush you use. The wax brush spreads it well on the leather surface, while the polished brush gives it a glossy, smooth appearance.

Maintaining leather shoes

As with leather shoes, there are some things you shouldn’t do that shorten their lifespan. One thing you may not know is that leather needs oxygen to stay healthy. As a result, keeping them in plastic bags reduces the life of shoes or leather products.

Keep in mind that leather shoes are not suitable for frequent and everyday wear. As long as you wear them constantly, they will lose their appearance and unfortunately nothing will make them look their best. For this reason, if you are looking to buy a pair of women’s or men’s everyday shoes, you should opt for a different type of shoe or use several pairs to extend their lifespan.

Although some shoes can be used for more comfort and convenience, leather shoes should not be placed near heat sources or direct sunlight. Leather may lose its original shape and color as a result.

What is the purpose of wearing leather shoes?

Although leather shoes have a short life for many people, if the leather material and the type of sewing are suitable, and if you maintain them properly, you can keep your shoes in a new and healthy wardrobe for several years. Nevertheless, quality and beauty are not the only factors that motivate us to spend more on this type of shoe.

The feature of leather shoes is that they allow the foot to breathe and thus prevent unpleasant odors from forming. These shoes look better and are more comfortable. Also, they are lightweight and prevent water from penetrating into the shoes. Although natural leather decomposes in nature, it is a better choice for the environment. However, animal lovers oppose the use of natural leather.

What is natural leather?

Using reputable brands is the easiest way. If you still want to be able to identify genuine leather for yourself, there are a few simple tips that you just need to pay attention to. The first step is to identify the type of leather. There are three types of leather, namely light, semi-heavy, and heavy, and heavy leathers are primarily used for shoes. How do you identify natural leather?

The smell of leather can tell you!

The strangest way is to smell the shoes or the leather product in general! The smell of leather is one of the most important signs of authenticity. Natural leather never smells like synthetic leather or other types of leather, so if you are familiar with the smell, you can easily identify genuine leather shoes.

Examine the texture of the leather.

The texture of natural leather can be coarse or fine, depending on its type and quality. A pair of flat shoes made of synthetic leather may also have a slightly rougher texture than natural leather. In addition, the type of texture is crucial, and if the leather is perfectly uniform, it is probably not natural. The design of real leather is irregular and uncoordinated. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, has a pattern that is repeated throughout.

Press the leather to feel it.

If you gently press it on the leather with your finger, you can tell if it is natural leather or synthetic leather. Fingerprints stay on natural leather for a long time, while synthetic leather quickly returns to its original shape. Learn more about natural leather detection methods in another Digistyle article.

Keep shoes and leather products in good condition
Never leave leather shoes on a concrete floor for an extended period. Even if the cement is covered with carpet, it still absorbs moisture from the leather, causing it to dry.

You should never bend the leather, because the lines that form on it are usually not detachable.

It is better to keep stained leather shoes or clothes in a separate cover. In the long run, it may spread a little leather color.

You should ensure that the shoes or leather products you make do not come into contact with metals, especially ferrous metals. Even though these stains are temporary, they eventually damage the leather texture.

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