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Shoes that are comfortable for people with low back pain

There are many causes of back pain, and some shoes can relieve it, while others can aggravate it.

The best and worst shoes for low back pain

Back pain can be caused by working hard or sitting for long periods of time without moving.

A low back pain has been bothering you for more than a month, and you are experiencing neurological symptoms like numbness and weakness. Before visiting a specialist, you should consider these things carefully. What should you look for when choosing shoes, and what should you avoid?

Shoes that are comfortable for people with low back pain

What is the best way to choose shoes?

Whether you wear slippers or sneakers, they should feel comfortable. You should not feel bothered by them. If you are wearing new shoes, try walking a little and pay attention to how they feel. We will describe the features of the shoe so that your foot feels comfortable in it, regardless of how the shoe looks.

A pair of ordinary heels

By doctors and experts in this field, it is recommended that you wear normal heels. This means neither too flat nor too tall. Raise your ankle a little.

The calf and pelvis, as well as the back, can be injured if the heel of a shoe is equal to or less than the shoe’s heel.

It is necessary to repel the blow

The heel should not be too hard or too soft. Legs and backs are injured by people who put their feet on the ground more than others. Therefore, the heel should be the right height.

Shoes that are comfortable for people with low back pain

Thick bottom

The sole of the shoe should be thick and curved to reduce pressure on the ankle and back.

 Sandals that are arch-friendly

If you want to choose sandals, pay attention to their arch if they are flat and don’t follow the arch of your foot.

Should we avoid wearing certain shoes?

 Shoes that cause low back pain should be avoided, so:

Avoid negative heels

It is not recommended to wear shoes with heels under the toes because the heel negatively affects your back and feet.

Shoes that are too soft or too tight

You will never be protected from injury by either of these shoes. They will hit your legs and back hard.

Minimalist shoes

Minimalist shoes are thin and look like socks, especially if you have back pain.

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