Assess your personality in 10 minutes

How do you know what your personality is?

We all like to know more about our personalities because sometimes we may not know ourselves well. For example, if others do not think so about us, we consider ourselves a social person, meaning we do not know ourselves and others.

This disagreement hinders realism, and because the issue is not clear, many problems are not easily resolved.

Assess your personality in 10 minutes

Personality recognition test

In this series of self-awareness tests, write your first mental image by reading the questions below and depicting the given situations in mind. The tool of this test is the events that you face every day.

Note that the first mental image is important in answering these years, and many questions are not allowed. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen so you can write your answers and collect your points together.

What time of day do you feel relaxed?

  • A: Morning
  • B: Evening and sunset
  • D: Night

How do you walk?

  • A: Relatively fast, with long steps
  • B: Relatively fast, with short but fast steps in a row
  • C: Slowly, with a series straight forward
  • D: Slowly and head down, very slowly

How do you talk to others?

  • A: You stand and talk with your hands on your chest
  • B: You hook your hands together
  • C: Put one or both hands to the side
  • D: You touch the person you are talking to
  • E: You play with your ears, touch your chin or straighten your hair

How do you sit while resting?

  • A: The knees are bent, and the legs are almost together
  • B: Four knees
  • D: The legs are straight and long forward
  • E: One leg is down, the other leg is bent

How do you react to interesting events?

  • A: A loud laugh that shows how interesting the subject was
  • B: A quiet laugh
  • C: With a small grin
  • D: Big smile
  • E: Small smile

When entering a party or community, how do you first behave?

  1. You enter with a long greeting, and everyone notices you.
  2. You greet in a calmer voice and quickly look for someone you know.
  3. You enter as slowly as possible and try not to look like others.

When you have trouble doing something but someone interrupts it:

  • A: You are satisfied with the break, and you welcome it.
  • B: You are very upset.
  • C: A state is created between these two states.

Which color set do you like below?

  • A: Red or orange
  • B: Black
  • C: Yellow or light blue
  • D: Green
  • E: Dark blue or purple And white
  • F: Brown, gray, purple

How do you lie down in the last moments before going to bed and when you are in bed?

  • A: To return
  • B: on the abdomen
  • C: to the side and slightly bent and circular
  • D: Head from one hand
  • E: Put your head under a blanket or bedding

What dreams do you see the most?

  • A: You fall from somewhere.
  • B: You are involved in war and battle.
  • C: You are looking for someone or something.
  • D: You fly or immerse yourself in water.
  • E: You do not dream at all.
  • F: You usually have good dreams.

Assess your personality in 10 minutes

Personality test scores

  • First question: A (2 points), B (4 points), C (6 points)
  • Second question: a (6 points), b (4 points), c (7 points), d (2 points), e (one point)
  • Third question: a (4 points), b (2 points), c (5 points), d (7 points), e (6 points)
  • Fourth question: a (4 points), b (6 points), c (2 points), d (one point)
  • Question 5: A (6 points), B (4 points), C (3 points), D (5 points), E (2 points).
  • Question 6: A (6 points), B (4 points), C (2 points).
  • Question 7: A (6 points), B (2 points), C (4 points).
  • Question 8: A (6 points), B (7 points), C (5 points), D (4 points), E (3 points), and (2 points), Z (one point).
  • Question 9: a (7 points), b (6 points), c (4 points), d (2 points), e (one point).
  • Q10 10: A (4 points), B (2 points), C (3 points), D (5 points), e (6 points), and (1 point).

Conclusion of personality test

Answer the questions. Write your tools based on the scores on a piece of paper and add the scores together. Your total score shows what kind of personality you have, and with this test, you can get to know your personality better.

Your score is above 60:

Others see you as arrogant, self-centered, and extremely overbearing, and they are very cautious in dealing with you. They admire your appearance and wish they were you, but they do not trust you and do not want to have a deep and friendly relationship with you.

Your score is 51 to 60:

Others see you as a bold, dangerous, and provocative person who any unpleasant subject can harass. You are rash and thoughtless in most of your work, making quick and often wrong decisions.

You are interested in collective leadership. You experience and try everything and enjoy the adventure, so being with others is exciting and enjoyable.

Your score is 41 to 50:

You are a kind person, considerate, and understanding that others enjoy communicating with you because they consider you a happy, lively, fun, and interesting person.

Your score is 21 to 30:

Others see you as a hard worker who bears the burden of others calmly and by spending time in public. You are cautious and considerate, you never comment without thought and based on immediate provocation, and you always decide by weighing all aspects of things, but sometimes you can disagree.

Your score is less than 21 points:

You are shy, nervous, pessimistic, and hesitant about other people. These are others who think and decide for you and always impose their opinion on you. You have no desire to do group work and communicate with other people.

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