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Which cosmetics are not allowed for pregnant women?

All women love makeup, but did you know that using some cosmetics during pregnancy is bad for your health and that of your baby? Therefore, it is essential to ensure the type of products you use in this course.

What is the reason for the importance of the type of cosmetics used during pregnancy?

There are many different cosmetics types, but choosing the safe type during pregnancy can be challenging.

Exposure to toxins in cosmetics may cause skin cancer.

Toxic chemicals in skin creams, lipsticks, and nail polishes are hazardous for pregnant women.

Lack of proper production of cosmetics can harm the health of the mother.

Many commercial cosmetics lack essential nutrients.

Therefore, before choosing any cosmetic product, consider these points.

What features should you look for in the product when buying cosmetics during pregnancy?

As mentioned, harmful chemicals in some cosmetics can endanger the health of both mother and fetus. For this reason, when buying a product, look for terms like “BPA free” and “DEA free.”

How to choose healthy cosmetics during pregnancy:

Which cosmetics are not allowed for pregnant women?


In general, all women are interested in using lipstick, but keep in mind that eating it while eating and drinking can overshadow the fetus’s health.

During this period, as much as possible, look for lipsticks that do not contain toxic substances such as lead. Using lipsticks made from natural materials does not pose any risk to your health and your baby. Lipsticks used by pregnant women should contain natural ingredients and have a minimum amount of lead.


Shampoos with chemicals such as sodium chloride, sulfate, and silicone can damage the hair as well as the fetus.

Shampoos suitable for pregnant women are shampoos made from sunflower seed oil, mint, and essential oils.

Shampoos containing natural and organic ingredients do not endanger hair and fetus’s health and maintain hair health and shine.

Which cosmetics are not allowed for pregnant women?

 Face cream

Pregnant women usually need a good moisturizer for the health of their facial skin.

Avoid products containing harmful substances such as retinoids and salicylic acid, as these substances reduce the amount of blood flowing under your skin.

 Avoid taking over-the-counter medications such as tetracycline and creams to treat acne. The use of non-chemical sunscreens during pregnancy is essential.

The use of products with natural substances and without chemical products such as paraben is recommended in this course.

 Wash your face

Hormonal changes are widespread during pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential to use the right face washing products.

Detergents containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are not recommended during pregnancy.

Washing your face with tea tree oil, lemon peel, and cucumber oil during pregnancy is very healthy and effective, and it is enough to massage your look with these substances twice a day, and finally wash it with warm water.

Face Primer

Primer is commonly used to cover skin imperfections such as skin blemishes. If you want to use these products, look for products that contain natural and organic substances and do not contain harmful substances such as retinoids, beta hydroxide acids, and preservatives.


This product is used as a primer to cover skin imperfections. Avoid using concealers with harmful and carcinogenic substances such as paraben and polyethylene, and look for products with moisturizing and natural ingredients for your skin.

Which cosmetics are not allowed for pregnant women?

Nail polish alcohol

Toluene is a compound used in the manufacture of nail polish. Inhalation of these substances by pregnant women causes growth defects in the fetus. If you want to use varnish during this time, look for importance with the least amount of chemicals and toxins. Of course, doing a manicure once is not a problem for pregnant women.


Blushing with parabens and sodium sulfate harms the fetus. If you want to use these cosmetics, look for products without perfume and parabens.


Avoid using pancakes with retinoids, tetracyclines, and hydroquinone, and look for natural products that fit your facial skin.

eye linear

These products are used to beautify and enhance the appearance of the eyes. The chemicals in these products harm the eyes as well as the fetus. If you want to use these products, look for the least amount of chemicals in the body and be free of lead, parabens, and mercury.

Hair coloring

Avoid hair coloring in the first three months of pregnancy, as hair color can be absorbed through the scalp. Instead of hair dye, you can use natural dyes such as henna that do not contain chemicals.

Which cosmetics are not allowed for pregnant women?


Some perfumes contain chemicals that are harmful to pregnancy and the fetus. Perfume labels indicate the presence of these chemicals. Instead of using perfumes made with chemicals, you can use natural extracts or oils of flowers and aromatic plants.

Also, some pregnant women’s skin can be more sensitive, and their favorite perfume may seem very strong or disgusting at this time. It is better to try a little before using the desired scent.

Ointments and lotions

Some pregnant women are concerned about the symptoms of stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen and other parts of the body and are usually looking for an effective way to prevent and treat skin cracks.

Pregnant women often use different ointments and lotions. Still, doctors believe that women’s genes are very effective in preventing stretch marks in pregnant women, and these ointments and creams are useful for relieving dry and itchy skin. have more.

Get rid of excess hair.

During pregnancy, razors and wax can be used to remove excess hair. Not enough research has been done on laser hair removal during pregnancy, so it is not recommended to do it during this period. Do not use chemicals to remove excess hair.

Avoid reflexology when doing pedicures, as some sensitive areas of the feet’ soles are irritated during this period. Use soothing lotions to soothe tired feet and bruises.

Massage during pregnancy

All methods of massage can be used during pregnancy. After the first trimester of pregnancy, you should inform your pregnancy massager because you should not sleep on your back for more than a few minutes. Also, some massage methods and oils should not be used.

Using a pillow to support the body is better than a massage bed. To massage a pregnant woman, the right people should use harmless oils and the best-trained methods.

Tips to help you look more beautiful without any makeup

Eat healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and drink fresh juices that help keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Use supplements containing vitamins E, C, biotin, and collagen to help maintain skin moisture and beauty.

Drinking plenty of water helps keep skin moisturized and remove toxins.

Use a natural moisturizer to minimize skin pores.

Use the tips provided to prepare natural products and take care of yourself and your baby.

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