The best and worst time for a marital relationship

Having sex and having a successful marriage are prescribed to treat and prevent many physical and mental illnesses. Still, it is also useful if done at the wrong time and with some physical condition.

Having sex and intimacy at the right time and in the right conditions is essential for a healthy relationship, so it is important to pay attention to the timing of the relationship.

The right time for sex in terms of traditional medicine:

  • 2 to 3 hours after eating
  • After adequate rest
  • Moderation of the body
  • Mastering the true desire for the essence of the body
  • Healthy physical strength
  • Traditional healers recommend having sex early at night because the body needs rest after intercourse.

The best and worst time for a marital relationship

The right time to have sex scientifically:

Having sex in the morning

Scientifically, the best time for sex is in the morning because:

Having sex at the beginning of the day is a great way to have a successful day with your partner.

In the morning, when you have sex, you reach orgasm early in the day, and by releasing the hormone c, you improve blood circulation and make your skin and hair glow.

Testosterone levels are highest in men in the morning, and this increase in testosterone can lead to hot and pleasurable sex.

Morning sex boosts the immune system due to increased levels of immunoglobulin A.

Having sex in the cold season

Sex during the cold season strengthens the immune system and prevents colds, so sex during the disease strengthens the body’s defense mechanism.

Having sex before stressful situations

Having sex before stressful situations calms the nerves, lowers blood pressure and anxiety.

Sex after a psychological crisis

Establish a relationship one working day to avoid anxiety and discomfort. Hot and passionate sex boosts your mood, relieves your stress and discomfort, and drains your energy.

Sex on the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle

One of the best times to have sex and get pregnant is the fourteenth day of menstruation. About two weeks after a woman’s menstrual cycle, the vaginal opening opens, and couples are more likely to have sex and orgasm.

Sex after exercise

Traditional medicine considers post-exercise sex to be wrong for people. Still, it is scientifically one of the best times to have sex after exercise when testosterone increases your desire for sex.

Sex after the excitement

Have sex after exciting activities that increase sexual desire by releasing the hormone adrenaline.

The best time of day to have sex

The best time to have sex is 3 pm because women are more alert in the afternoon due to increased cortisol levels and are at their highest energy level. Still, men usually have the best time to have sex in the morning when they have testosterone.

The worst time and conditions of sexual intercourse in terms of traditional medicine:

  • When hungry
  • After eating and drinking
  • Sex after exercise
  • After bathing
  • After a strenuous activity
  • Sex after a lot of happiness or a lot of sadness

Suitable time for sex for couples:

Couples usually know that 3 to 7 minutes is enough time for sex, but the best time for sex is 7 to 13 minutes, and 1 to 2 minutes is a short and unacceptable time.

Of course, the ideal time for sex is not the same for everyone. Couples’ age and level of physical activity affect the duration of the relationship, and some people even have shorter sex.

How many times a week is it better to have a relationship?

Having sex is a vital need for the health of both men and women. The most appropriate number of times to have sex is 2-3 times a week. Of course, these times are related to normal conditions, and the frequency of sexual intercourse and marriage in early marriage and during pregnancy and after childbirth is different.

The best and worst time for a marital relationship

Do not do these things before having sex:

Do not eat spicy foods because eating spicy foods changes the smell and taste of the vagina.

I was taking antihistamines before sex causes vaginal dryness and makes intercourse more difficult and even painful.

Do not shave as it irritates the skin and hair follicles, causing pimples and itching and even minor cuts on the skin surface and infections such as genital herpes.

Urine to prevent transmission of the infection to the sexual partner and prevent infection before and after sexual intercourse

Smoking has negative effects on sexual function, lowers testosterone levels and sperm count, and causes genetic damage.

Sex can give a lot of energy to a person, so it is better not to use energy drinks.

Do not masturbate before sex because you will gradually lose the desire to have sex with your partner.

Tips from traditional medicine for after sex:

  • Emptying urine and bladder
  • Wash the place
  • Do not drink cold water or cold syrup
  • Do not bathe in cold water
  • Avoid cold weather
  • Consumption of honey

Complications of abstinence from sex:

  • Decreased happiness and vitality
  • Anxiety
  • Obsession
  • Boredom and slowness of mind
  • Head and body heaviness
  • Dark eyes
  • A little appetite
  • heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath

Special complications for women:

  • Cold body
  • Uterine suffocation
  • Special effects for men:
  • Pain in groin and testicles
  • Condensation and toxicity
  • Damage to the heart and brain

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