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Rapid and home treatment of children’s cough

Cough is one of the most common respiratory diseases that usually affects children five years and younger, especially in winter.

According to experts, severe cough in young children can have other causes in addition to colds, including asthma, preterm labor, and allergies.


Cough with wheezing

Infection of the vocal cords affects the trachea and airways and causes a severe cough. Symptoms of infectious cough are wheezing and voice changes.

Symptoms of infectious cough:

runny nose

Severe cough

Nasal congestion

Inflammation of the larynx

Respiratory problems

Fatigue and confusion

Redness of the lip skin


Water vapor is the first recommendation for treating a dry cough

Breathing in areas where there is steam relieves cough, so go to the bathroom, close the door, open the hot water, stand near the shower and breathe for 10 minutes.

One of the causes of these coughs, like many other diseases, can be dryness, so it is an essential factor in its treatment. Young children with breast milk and adults with lukewarm water, soup, coconut water can easily open their airways. To moisturize. Consumption of liquid and watery foods such as chicken soup, soups, and simple soups is always prescribed by doctors during colds, chest pains, and coughs.

Cool air clears the sputum and improves breathing. For home treatment, get in the car for 10 to 20 minutes and lower the windows to allow cool, fresh air to enter the vehicle. This moving air should be relaxed, not cold. Can cure dry cough; Another way to feel this coolness is to eat out.



Rest is an essential part of treatment, but it is best to sleep in a comfortable position to breathe more easily, in which case you should raise the children’s heads and reduce costs. Make a slope to make it easier for babies. Be careful and note that the baby and infant will breathe well in the position you have envisioned when sleeping.

Quiet atmosphere

If your child has the disease, reduce their stress by calming them down and distracting them from games and books, as stress can make a cough worse. This simple solution is one of the constant recommendations of pediatricians.

Honey is a powerful prescription for treating cough in children and adults

One of the foods that have a very high nutritional value is honey. This substance is helpful in children one year and older is an excellent way to relieve cough. You can dissolve a tablespoon of honey in half a glass of milk and consume it twice daily. Another way to consume honey is to dissolve it in tea and sour lemon.


Vegetable oils to relieve baby cough.

Vegetable oils help open the airways and reduce coughing. Of course, make sure that children are old enough to consume these oils and test their skin first to see if they are allergic. The best way to treat a child’s cough is to use vegetable oils in the following order:

Combine coconut and lavender oil with thyme tea, rub on her chest, and massage well.


Do not forget the turnip.

Turnip is a plant with high nutritional value, effective in treating asthma and pertussis, and a potent antimicrobial and antibacterial. Turnip has a beneficial and practical effect in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

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