23 amazing uses for soft drinks that you are unaware of

Use of soft drinks, from scaling the bathroom to staining clothes

Alcohol is a popular beverage that is very harmful to teeth and bones and can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Despite all these harms, people still consume it.

Maybe if you know what strange and non-edible uses this drink has, you can realize its harms and stop consuming it.

Drinks have long been sold in various countries and are consumed as a beverage in many restaurants and food. Besides being used with food, soft drinks also have many non-food uses discussed in this section.


Removes grease stains on clothes

Fats are resistant stains that are difficult to remove. In some cases, grease stains are not removed by washing.

Therefore, when washing clothes in the washing machine, it is necessary to pour a glass of soda in the tank before washing powder to eliminate grease stains because carbonic acid and phosphoric acid in this drink cause staining.


Soft drinks, car bumper cleaners

You can use soda to lighten the car bumper because no substance like soda will light the car bumper.

With some soda, you can make a trap for mosquitoes and flies. By pouring a little soda into the bottle and placing it under the trees, you will see that within 30 seconds, the insects will move towards it very quickly and will not come towards you.


Remove rusty bolts with soda.

If rusty bolts are difficult to unscrew, pour some soda into a bowl and leave the bolts to separate for 15 minutes.


Get rid of mice with soda.

Mice are animals that transmit diseases, so you have to think of a way to get rid of mice. You may be interested to know that mice love soft drinks.

And because their bodies cannot expel the carbon dioxide from the drink, it makes them sick and obese and leads to their death, so put the drink in a few places in your house to kill the rats.


Sparkling copper and silver with soda

To lighten copper utensils, pour some soda on the cloth and rub on the copper utensils, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth. Soak silverware and jewelry in soda for a few minutes, wash with soap and water, and then rinse and dry to shine well.


Separating chewing gum from different surfaces with soda

Soda can be an easy solution to removing gum stuck to the hair, carpets, walls, etc. The clothes should be soaked in the soda container to separate the gum.


Remove water vapor from the frozen windshield.

The drink cleans the water vapor from the frozen windshield.

Cleaning car battery poles

Soda can clean up car battery poles. To do this, pour a can of soda on the poles to clean it by boiling.


To cook juicy thigh meat.

To cook juicy thigh meat, wrap the meat in aluminum foil and place it in a pan full of soda to cooking. Thirty minutes before cooking, open the aluminum foil, and mix the broth with the soda in the pan so that you can make a unique brown sauce.


Cleaning a burnt pot with soda

To painlessly remove pot burns, pour the drink into the burnt pot and heat over low heat for 20 minutes. Then wash it, but if the burns are still on the feet, pour some soda in the container and leave it overnight so that the burns can be easily removed.


Cleaning the bathroom with soda

Instead of chemicals and hazardous substances, clean the bathroom, pour a small bottle of soda into the bathroom, and let it stay for an hour and then wash it. This method does not harm the environment. Phosphoric acid in soft drinks affects contaminated sediments.


Cleaning blood stains with soda

Soda can remove blood stains from clothes, pour some soda on bloodstains before washing clothes, wait for 5 minutes and then wash clothes with washing powder.

Soft drinks are also used to remove blood stains from asphalt. Police officers have two gallons of soda in the trunk to clear blood from the road in the event of a car accident.


Sparkling glass with soda

Phosphoric acid soft drinks quickly clean various stains and dirt on glass surfaces; just spray some soft drinks on the glass, clean it with a sponge, and then wash it with soap and water.

Lighting rusted ironware with soda

Soda can thoroughly clean and polish rusted ironware, so you should soak rusty ironware in soda for 24 hours, then rinse it with water and dry it immediately. The drink can remove rust stains from the car’s cream-coated water shield by rubbing the shield with a piece of crumpled aluminum foil impregnated with the drink.


Removing car oil stains with soda

To remove car oil stains from the floor, drop a soda bottle on the floor and let it sit for a while, then wash the stain.


Remove ink from carpets with soda.

To remove the ink effect from carpets and rugs, pour some soda on the stain, dry for 10 minutes, vacuum it, and make sure that something like soda does not remove the carpet’s ink effect!


Pool cleaner:

With a few liters of soda, you can clean and shine the floor of your pool well and eliminate the mass; pour soda into the pool and wait for the soda to take effect.


Remove paint from furniture and other surfaces.

If you inadvertently spray paint on parts of the furniture, you can easily remove the unwanted color using a towel soaked in soda.


Turn curly hair straight.

Wash your curly hair with soda to make your hair straight, but after washing your hair with soda, be sure to wash it with water.


Get rid of the bad smell.

Beverages have an odor-absorbing property, so you can eliminate that odor by pouring black soda into the area where the odor comes out. If you put the drink in the open inside your refrigerator, it will absorb food odors.


Lightning old coins

Lighten the coins by pouring them into a container full of black soda, and no longer worry about your coins becoming old and dull.


Get rid of fleas inside the hair.

Rubbing the hair with soda causes fleas on the hair to escape. Of course, after a few minutes, wash your hair well with water.

Relief from the pain of animal bites

Black drinks neutralize the pain of being bitten by chemicals, so when a bee or mermaid bites you, do not panic and go for a drink.

Bleaching properties

You can use this black drink to color freshly colored hair. When your hair color is not your desired color, you can use soda to remove your hair color, but you dye your hair not long after.

Window cleaner

Black drinks have an excellent power to clean windows. You can have a super clean window with stearic acid in the drinks.


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