what are the uses of soda bicarbonate

You never knew there were so many uses for soft drinks

Removes grease stains from clothes:

Fats are resistant stains that are hard to remove. Grease stains may not be removed by washing in some cases. To eliminate grease stains from clothes washed in a washing machine, pour a glass of soda into the tank before adding washing powder, since soda contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid that cause stains.

what are the uses of soda bicarbonate

Car bumper cleaners, soft drinks:

Because soda won’t lighten the bumper of your car, you can use it to lighten it. Mosquitoes and flies can be trapped with soda. If you pour soda into the bottle and place it under the trees, you will see that the insects will move towards it quickly and not approach you within 30 seconds.

Soda is an effective way to get rid of mice:

Because mice transmit diseases, you need to find a way to get rid of them. Soft drinks are a favorite of mice. Because rats cannot expel carbon dioxide from the drink, it makes them sick and obese, which leads to their death, so put the drink in a few places around the house.

Silver and copper sparkling with soda:

You can lighten copper utensils by rubbing them with soda on a cloth, then rinsing and drying them with a clean cloth. Rinse and dry silverware and jewelry after soaking in soda for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water.

Using soda to separate chewing gum from different surfaces:

When gum is stuck to hair, carpets, walls, etc., soda can be an easy solution. Soak the clothes in the soda container to separate the gum from them.

Juicy thigh meat can be cooked in the following ways:

Wrap the meat in aluminum foil and place it in a pan with soda to cook juicy thigh meat. To make a unique brown sauce, open the aluminum foil thirty minutes before cooking, and mix the broth with the soda.

Soda can be used to clean a burnt pot:

Put the drink in the burnt pot and heat it over low heat for 20 minutes to remove pot burns painlessly. Pour some soda into the container and leave it overnight if the burns are still on the feet, so that they can be easily removed.

Using soda to clean the bathroom:

Instead of chemicals and hazardous substances, clean the bathroom, pour a small bottle of soda into it, and leave it for an hour before washing it. The environment is not harmed by this method. Contaminated sediments are affected by phosphoric acid in soft drinks.

Soda can be used to clean blood stains:

Pour some soda on blood stains before washing clothes, wait for 5 minutes, then wash the clothes with washing powder.

Asphalt can also be cleaned with soft drinks. In the event of a car accident, officers carry two gallons of soda in their trunks to clear the road of blood.

Sparkling glass of soda:

It is easy to clean glass surfaces with phosphatic acid soft drinks; just spray some soft drinks on the glass, wipe it with a sponge, and then wash it with soap and water.

Using soda to light rusted ironware:

You should soak rusted ironware in soda for 24 hours, rinse it with water, and then dry it immediately. Soda can thoroughly clean and polish rusted ironware. By rubbing a piece of crumpled aluminum foil impregnated with the drink on the car’s cream-coated water shield, rust stains can be removed.

How to remove car oil stains with soda:

Drop a soda bottle on the floor and let it sit for a while, then wash away the stain.

To clean carpets of ink, use soda:

For carpets and rugs, pour some soda on the stain, let it dry for 10 minutes, vacuum it, and make sure that something like soda does not remove the ink effect!

Cleaner for pools:

The floor of your pool can be cleaned and shined with soda, eliminating the mass; pour soda into the pool and wait for it to work.

To get rid of the bad smell, follow these steps:

The odor can be removed by pouring black soda into the area where the odor originates because beverages absorb odors. Food odors will be absorbed if you put the drink in the open inside your refrigerator.

Animal bites can be relieved by:

Black drinks neutralize the pain of being bitten by chemicals, so when a bee or mermaid bites you, calm down and have a drink.

Cleaning the windows:

Black drinks are excellent for cleaning windows. Drinks containing stearic acid can give you a super clean window.

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