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Everything about hair protein therapy and its benefits

We all want healthy and beautiful hair, and to have such hair, we must regularly provide the necessary ingredients, one of which is protein. Protein therapy is a very effective way to increase the health and delivery of nutrients to the hair. All nutrients play an important role in hair health, and protein therapy is great for people who want to dye or dechlorinate their hair. If you apply enough protein to your hair before any chemical treatment, it strengthens the hair and prevents brittle hair. And its color becomes longer.

Everything about hair protein therapy and its benefits

What is Hair Protein Therapy?

Protein therapy increases the flexibility and strength of the hair by adding hydrolyzed proteins directly to the hair follicles and tightening the hair cuticle layer. In this treatment, the gaps or pores in the hair cuticle are filled and around the hair shaft. As a result, they are kept healthy and reduce the risk of future injuries.

How do we know if our hair needs protein therapy?

Human hair is made up of a protein called creatine, which makes up about 95% of the hair’s contents, giving it a better shape and stronger hair. However, when hair is exposed to natural factors such as sunlight, wind, heat, and certain chemicals, all of these factors cause the proteins inside it to become brittle, resulting in flexibility and loss of strength and brittleness. The only way to repair hair is to treat the hair with protein.

Knowing that our hair needs protein therapy is hard work, but there are certain signs you can check to see if your hair needs protein therapy:

  1. See any brittle hair
  2. Low back hair
  3. Coarse hair too
  4. Hair porosity
  5. Excessive dryness of the hair, even with the use of moisturizing and conditioning products
  6. Reduce hair flexibility

You can also do a simple test if you see that your hair breaks easily; it means that they have no protein, and it does not matter if you do this test on dry or wet hair.

Everything about hair protein therapy and its benefits

Benefits of hair protein therapy:

What protein therapy does is return the lost protein to your hair.

Other benefits include:

  • Using the right method in hair protein therapy opens the hair cuticles to absorb the moisturizing product easily.
  • Protein therapy reduces hair fragility, helps strengthen hair, and restores flexibility.
  • Protein therapy increases hair growth, making hair thicker, longer, and more voluminous.
  • Protein therapy for damaged hair strengthens the hair and is a deep conditioner.
  • Protein therapy also traps moisture inside the hair shaft and makes the hair look more beautiful. In addition, after protein treatment, hair loss is reduced, and you can easily apply different models to it.

How to do protein therapy at home:

Fortunately, you can buy ready-made protein therapies and follow the steps in the section below to make them at home:

  • Yogurt is one of the easiest and cheapest conditioners that you can use for your hair. Regular yogurt is good for moisturizing hair, and Greek yogurt can also be a good protein treatment.

Because it has a lot of protein and it is easy and simple to use. Only add yogurt to it after washing your hair. Wait 20 minutes, and then wash your hair with lukewarm water.

  • As much as emollient like yogurt, egg protein hair treatment has a simple solution, and you should do it at least once or twice a month.

Everything about hair protein therapy and its benefits

To use eggs, follow these tips:

  • First, combine 2 to 3 eggs thoroughly.
  • Then add two to three drops of lemon juice to eliminate the smell of eggs.
  • Stir this mixture thoroughly.
  • Then apply it to the hair by hand.
  • Cover your hair with a bathing cap and wait for 20 minutes.
  • Then rinse with cold water and use shampoo and conditioner as usual.

For natural, colorless hair, you can combine three-quarters of a cup of mayonnaise, two eggs, and a tablespoon of warm coconut oil, then apply to freshly washed hair.

How many times should protein therapy be done?

As a general rule, you should do protein therapy in the first month of each week to keep your hair healthy.

After the first month, you should only use this method once or twice a month. Then, gradually, as your hair grows, you should use this treatment every 4 to 6 months.

If you want to use a ready-made product, you need to know your hair needs and consult a specialist.

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