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Tips for lasting perfumes and cologne in summer

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Sweating in hot summer weather is not exhausting at all. While deodorants prevent the smell of sweat, in the end, you can not cope with this problem and constantly use deodorant.

This is the only thing you can do. It has happened to you many times that the smell of perfume disappears quickly, and you no longer feel the good smell of it, but what is the real reason for the disappearance of the smell of perfume in summer?

The main reason for this is sweat. The natural heat and moisture of your body sweat increases and thus eliminates the smell of perfume. Of course, you can not do certain things in this case, but in general, you can follow the tips to make the scent a little more lasting.

Solutions to increase the shelf life of perfumes and colognes in summer:

Tips for lasting perfumes and cologne in summer

The power of moisturizers

We all know that dry skin is one of the factors that eliminate the smell of cologne in the beauty cycle. Therefore, for your perfume to last longer, your body needs to have more moisture.

Sunlight and heat dry out your skin, so all you have to do is use a moisturizer. Products such as sunscreen and body lotions can help make your perfume last longer.

Tips for lasting perfumes and cologne in summer

Use your creativity

When the weather is hot outside, you should use sunscreen because sunscreen is essential for skincare but has no effect on perfumes, so instead of spraying your perfume and cologne in the air, you can apply it on areas such as the neck.

Because these parts of the body are warmer than other parts of the body and increase the longevity of your perfume, you can also spray some of it behind the knee or near the navel, exactly where the body is warmer.

Hold the perfume bottle properly.

All perfume bottles should be clean and in their box, but this idea is not suitable for perfume durability. Wherever your skin is exposed to sunlight, it is the wrong place to store it.

Direct sunlight quickly reduces the smell of perfume and heat causes chemical compounds to disrupt the scent of your bouquet.

Dark-colored perfume bottles can keep your perfume longer, but in any case, regardless of the color, you should keep them in an excellent environment so that their smell is solid and lasting. Sometimes it is recommended to keep your perfume in the refrigerator during scorching seasons.

Use lip balm

You may not know that lip balm is very effective in preserving the perfume. All you have to do is apply some lip balm to your wrists or neck and then spray your perfume and cologne on them. The sticky state of the lip balm makes your perfume last longer.

Pay attention to the smell of perfumes.

Light scents like citrus make it excellent and less durable. For example, the maximum shelf life of these perfumes is between 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not rub the perfume.

When using perfume at any time of the year, could you not rub it on your skin? Rubbing the scent on the skin makes it disappear faster. Because with this rub, a lot of heat is created on your skin, and natural enzymes have produced that change the smell of perfume.

Do not forget your hair.

Hair is the best part that you can spray your perfume. Many people are afraid of this because they believe that alcohol should not touch their hair, but a small amount of perfume does not cause a particular problem.

Tricks of some women to increase the shelf life of perfumes and colognes in summer:

Everyone likes that the perfume and cologne they choose have a long shelf life, and the smell does not disappear quickly, but on hot summer days, when the need to use the perfume increases, the scent disappears after a short time.

To have summer perfumes with high durability, you should choose perfumes with a concentration of 12 to 30%. It is better to know that perfume lasts longer on oily skin than on dry skin, so if you have dry skin, lubricate your skin with Vaseline before perfume.

To prolong the life of bitter and cold summer perfumes, you should apply the perfume on parts of the pulse such as the wrists, under the throat, behind the elbows, and the ears. Perfume and cologne spray on the hair is also an excellent trick to maintain the perfume.

Why is perfume less durable in the hot summer season?

First of all, what is quite clear is that increasing the temperature reduces durability because air has a significant effect on odor resistance.

The heat and humidity of summer have a great effect on the longevity of your perfume, and the sun and sea have more waves and radiation in summer. For this reason, more moisture is lost when a little moisture and sweat are combined with the scent.

Tips for lasting perfumes and cologne in summer

How to choose a suitable perfume?

You should pay attention to the power of perfume and cologne. If the scent of your favorite cologne fades quickly, it is better to change the choice of perfume. Many people use fragrances that only make them feel good; it is better to read the perfume bottle to know the percentage of ingredients and their formulation.

Perfumes are usually a combination of alcohol, water, and aromatic oils. If specific formulas in the perfume that the oil has a higher level, it creates a strong odor, and the perfume stays on the skin. The stronger these oils are, the longer they last.

How to use perfumes?

Most people never use perfume until they have to leave home, but the best time to use perfume is right after showering because the skin absorbs the scent of perfume better than ever. The steam and moisture of the bath are the reason for this; It is better to use a soap with an aroma close to the smell of your perfume so that these scents do not interfere with each other.

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