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How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment? This method is a type of protein that is naturally present in hair. This protein makes hair smooth and shiny. This protein is not enough in the hair structure of people with curly or wavy hair. The hair keratin action replaces the amount of keratin needed by the hair, causing it to soften and straighten for months. This is a technique that is often costly. Today, it is done in many hairdressers and beauty salons and has been welcomed by many women.

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

The belief that this method makes hair straightening is wrong. During this procedure, a solution is used that combines keratin with the hair and repairs the hair cuticle due to the lack of keratin in the damaged hair. The result of hair cuticle repair is the formation of smooth and shiny hair.

Keep in mind that the quality of our natural hair is the best. And we dye our hair by dyeing, ironing, and using different chemicals. Keratin hair is only suitable for hair that is not very frizzy and combable.

To care for bare keratin hair, you should use sulfate-free shampoos for washing and prevent the hair from getting wet with salt and chlorinated water.

Many women keratin their hair with chemicals to get rid of their frizzy and damaged hair. After performing this method on the hair, you should be careful in its care and maintenance and keep your hair straight so that the keratin material sits on it. (Secrets Of Lasting Hair Color To The Beauty Of The First Day)

keratin hair care secrets:

One of the common mistakes of women is to put chemicals on their hair for a long time and use hair stripping products without following its principles.

Using hair straightening products at home is more comfortable and cheaper, but these substances cause a lot of damage to your hair, and the constant use of hair straighteners will make your hair brittle and cause hair loss.

Do not use chemicals on your keratin hair:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

By stripping your hair, you may think you have wasted all your money, but these costs are worth the time to apply any chemicals. To undress your hair, find a reliable and skilled person to help you undress your hair, the right hairstyle for your face, and the necessary daily care of your hair.

keratin Hairstyles:

To take care of your hair, choose a hairstyle that keeps the ends of your hair high and away from light so that your hair retains its moisture and shine returns to your hair. Choosing this hairstyle will help the overall health of your hair.

Ironing keratin hair:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

Daily use of hair straighteners or Babylons will cause dryness and damage to your hair, so do not use heating devices as much as possible.

Curling and protecting keratin hair at night:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

If you want the thin strands of your keratin and bare hair not to be damaged and protected at night, wrap your hair; curling your hair will make you relax the next morning. You can also use an external protector such as a pillowcase or hair cover to take care of your hair at night.

Apply conditioner to keratin hair regularly:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

The substances used to strip the hair destroy the natural wax oil. To restore moisture to your hair, do not use greasy substances filled with Vaseline, but it is better to use a quality conditioner and moisturizer to keep your hair moisturized at the right level. After shampooing your hair, wash it with conditioner and rinse with water. The amount of conditioner used depends on your hair.

keratin haircut:

The most vulnerable part of the hair is the hair’s end, which dries out without much care. If the ends of your hair were dry and frizzy, cut it short.

keratin hair care while swimming:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

As we said, saltwater and chlorinated keratin water will destroy your hair, so if you ever have to swim, first wash your hair with water or use a conditioner without the need for rinsing. This prevents chlorine and saltwater from penetrating the body of your hair. Rinse your hair immediately after swimming.

Choose your shampoo carefully:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

After using this method for your hair, choose your shampoo carefully. Use sulfate-free shampoos because shampoos containing sodium sulfate will destroy the keratin in your hair. Saltwater and chlorinated water also destroy your hair.

Care for keratin hair after sleep:

How can I protect my hair after keratin treatment?

If your hair bends after waking up, straighten your hair with an iron or hairdryer and do not wet your hair for 72 hours after keratin, and if your hair gets wet, dry it immediately with a hairdryer.

Use satin and silk pillows to take care of your keratin hair and prevent it from becoming brittle because satin and silk reduce the amount of friction between your hair and your pillow during sleep. Satin and silk will also keep your hair moisturized and make your hair stay straight and shiny for longer.