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How does an eyelash lift work?

There are few cosmetics that look as beautiful as the eyelash lift in today’s beauty market. In recent years, eyelash curling has become one of the easiest ways to change someone’s appearance.

This method must be repeated after a few months in order to maintain its results. No matter how popular eyelash lift may be, it is still not without risks and complications; therefore, you should consult with an expert before undergoing this procedure.

eyelash lift

How does an eyelash lift work?

An eyelash lift improves the appearance of eyelashes. People who are tired of curling their daily eyelashes and using mascara or artificial eyelashes may prefer this method. Eyelash lifts make your eyelashes curl upwards, look longer, and enhance the beauty of your eyes. Additionally, eyelash lifts last from six to eight weeks on average, and they are ideal for people with long eyelashes.

Is eyelash lift really safer than other available options for enhancing eyelashes? There are significant side effects to the delicate eye surface associated with many cosmetic products and procedures. If you want to avoid any eye damage, you need to see a very careful and trained esthetician during the eyelash transplant process.

Is there a risk of side effects associated with eyelash lifts?

In light of the fact that the eyelash lift is a relatively new procedure, little information is available about its side effects; however, you must remove your lenses before proceeding, and if you have previously had eye surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) or LASIK, you will need to wait at least 6 to 12 months. We will discuss some of the side effects of eyelash curling below.

Eye allergy
eye redness
dry eyes

There is a risk of skin irritation associated with this procedure. In order to prevent keratin glue from sticking to your skin, protective pads are placed along your lash line. The chemicals in the solution may cause irritation if you have dry eyes, allergies, and eye or skin sensitivities.

You may experience significant irritation or even burns if the solution gets into your eyes. You can also cause corneal abrasion by rubbing your irritated eye or accidentally scratching it.

Aside from the fact that the solution itself causes irritation, working with an inexperienced professional can also pose other risks.

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How do the eyelashes look before and after the lift?

Your eyelashes’ natural shape, direction, and thickness determine how impressive your eyelash lift results will be. You will notice a big difference after lifting your eyelashes if they are almost straight or even downward. The eyelashes themselves will be longer, fuller, and more defined, and most women notice that their eyes look more open and beautiful.

How does eyelash lifting work?

The stylist begins by cleaning your eyelashes. To protect your upper eyelid from chemicals, he places a silicone protector over it. The glue may cause severe irritation and allergic reactions when it comes into contact with the eye surface. The stylist then lifts and combs your eyelashes on the silicone protector. In the next step, an eye-safe chemical bonding solution is applied that changes the shape of the eyelash’s bonds. Your eyelashes will be curled after a few minutes.

After an eyelash lift, how should it be cared for?

After a lift, avoid water, steam, eye makeup, and makeup removers for 24 hours. After an eyelash lift, exposure to moisture can ruin the results. There is no need to change your makeup routine or stop cleansing your face after 24 hours.

The final point

Make sure you choose a lash stylist who specializes in lashes. Before booking an appointment, it is recommended that you review the photos and comments of previous customers.

Avoid waterproof mascara if you want to keep your curls for six to eight weeks. In addition, this method is not suitable for everyone. Lifting your eyelashes will not benefit those with naturally curly lashes.

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