Five important points in installing air conditioners

Due to the growing popularity of buying air conditioners in the market, it can be introduced as the most popular and best-selling cooling device among buyers. High-power air conditioners are the best choice for the hot season, especially in sultry weather. One of the main concerns of buyers in choosing an air conditioner is the amount of energy consumption and using the maximum power of the air conditioner on hot summer days.

By knowing the important points in installing an air conditioner, you can largely prevent energy loss and use the air conditioner with the most cooling. If you plan to install air conditioners on hot summer days, do not miss reading this article. Here are five important and key points in installing an air conditioner.

Five important points in installing air conditioners

Suitable place for indoor and outdoor units, the most important rules for installing air conditioners:

One of the essential points in installing an air conditioner is choosing the right place to install the indoor and outdoor air conditioner unit. The installation unit of the indoor unit must be at least one meter away from electrical appliances such as audio and video equipment and heating equipment for air conditioning to work with maximum cooling.

The installation location of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit must be at a standard distance from each other. If you plan to install an outdoor unit on the roof, be sure to use awnings to reduce energy and increase the air conditioner’s efficiency. Of course, the canopy must be installed so that it does not obstruct air circulation. If you install the indoor and outdoor units improperly, your air conditioner will have significant problems. You should contact professional technicians to repair the air conditioner.

Choosing the correct length for the air conditioner pipe is a practical point in increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner:

Inside most air conditioners, there is a 5-meter pipe that connects the interior and exterior panels. The standard size of this pipe is usually between 4 and 5 meters, so never order more than one standard pipe.

It is often seen in the repair of old gas coolers that the cooler’s efficiency decreases and causes it to break down by increasing the more excellent pipe’s length. The use of non-standard lines and reducing efficiency causes improper oil circulation and ultimately damages the air conditioner compressor.

Five important points in installing air conditioners

Create space around the condenser and compressor, 100% air conditioning efficiency:

Condensers and compressors are essential components of air conditioning located in two different parts of the external unit of the device. Air conditioner compressors and condensers should be installed in a flat place away from heat and high temperatures. The condenser needs outdoor space for air conditioning and better performance, so when installing, create a distance of about 1 meter from the condenser and other exterior panels.

Failure to follow the standard time intervals usually leads to a lot of breakdowns after a while, which you should solve according to the brand of your air conditioner with the help of a specialized and skilled repairman. Therefore, we suggest that you observe all the items as much as possible when installing the air conditioner and, if possible, seek the help of professional technicians to install it.

When installing the air conditioner, do not forget the slope of the air conditioner:

When installing aluminum fasteners on a wall where the inner panel is located, could you give them a slight tilt angle? In addition to directing water from the plate, the slope creates a direct flow of distilled water from the drainpipe, and the water quickly leaves the container. Creating a gentle slope from the cold waves places the air conditioner in the center of the house and prevents the air conditioner from cooling in the room.

Note that the slope created by the panel towards the water outlet pipe is a gentle and standard size. A high gradient causes water to escape from the bottom of the board into the room and water flow into the house.

Five important points in installing air conditioners

Prevent dust from entering the screen to prevent the cooler from wasting energy:

Dust on the panel is another reason that reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner and prevents a balanced cold in the room. When installing indoor and outdoor units, make sure that no extra dust enters the panel plate and pipes. In addition to reducing the coldness of the air conditioner, dust can also damage the air conditioner compressor.

One of the critical points in installing an air conditioner is to clean the air conditioner pipes before installing them. Closure of these pipes can be considered the main reason for thawing the air conditioner, so be as careful as possible when dust enters the air conditioner pipes.


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