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how to apply lipstick perfectly

Using the tutorials in this section, you can achieve beautiful and voluminous lips. Lips that are large and prominent do not require surgery or high costs.

Training in lipstick for the beauty of all lips:

When choosing a lipstick, be careful. However, light shadows can completely alter your appearance and make fewer mistakes. Otherwise, you can ruin your appearance by applying lipstick. It is natural to assume that using this cosmetic doesn’t require any special skills. Nevertheless, flawless lipstick needs to learn a few things to make your lips look fuller.

how to apply lipstick perfectly

Exfoliate the lips first:

It is important to have a smooth lip; use a lip mask to moisturize it; you can even use an excellent lip balm and make sure the end of your makeup is not removed from your lips, then wipe and dry the lip balm on your lips.

Use a matte powder cream first:

Keeping this makeup device clean is made easier with this powder cream. Apply the lip color that matches your skin tone to the arched area of your lips, then to the lower and outer corners of your lips, and finally to the rest of your lips.

With a small brush (or your ring finger), apply the fixing powder to the lips.

After applying lipstick, use concealer on the areas that need cleaning; an ear cleaner can also be used.

Steps for applying lipstick:

Use two different shades of this cosmetic to make your lips look plump.

The first step is to apply your usual lipstick and then apply a relatively light shade in the center of your lower lip and upper lip. The lips are first made colorless with a brush, then lipstick is applied, and finally the final color is applied.

how to apply lipstick perfectly

Lips that are voluminous:

In addition to defining the shape and form of the lips, lip liner makes your lipstick cleaner than water as well. Lip liner should be used to draw an outline of approximately six tenths of a centimeter around your lips, followed by lipstick and lip gloss.

Fullness of the lips:

Apply the blush regularly on your finger and apply it to your lips using the same color as this cosmetic. Blush does not work with all lipstick colors and is not practical to use directly on the lips.

Lipstick should be applied in the following ways:

Lip liners can be used to create shadows:

Make sure your lipstick is a darker shade than your cosmetic. Specify your lips’ initial design. Light shades add to the beauty and charm of a color.

Volume of the lips:

Using a bright red lipstick, fill in the design in the middle of your lips.

For inverted shadows, use a light lip liner:

Make a general outline with the lip liner, then use a darker lip liner to create a reverse color.

Lip makeup should be done as follows:

Use dark colors like navy blue, black or bronze, find a suitable color and use lipstick to fill in your lips.

Choosing the right color:

You already know how to apply lipstick, but choosing the right color is equally important. If you choose the right shade of red, you can always use red. Cherry red will look great on a girl with pink skin. Use red if you have olive skin. Dark-skinned girls look great in bold red colors.

Choosing the right color for your skin tone:
You can choose a darker shade of this cosmetic if you are unsure of your lips’ natural color.
You should avoid brown colors if you have very light skin. Use peach, light coral, and pink colors instead.
Use light purple, red, and strawberry lipstick if you have medium skin tone, and avoid bright red lipstick.
It is best to use chocolate and red shades of this cosmetic on dark or black skin.

Pay attention to your eye makeup as you choose the color of your lipstick. Dark colors should never be used if you have heavy eye makeup.

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