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What is the secret to the durability of nail polish?

All women like their nail polish to last a long time, but parts of their nail polish are removed when washing dishes or bathing. If you want your nail polish to last longer, follow these tips for more durability.

Cleaning and cleaning nail polish is one of the most important problems for women because it forces them to repaint. There are tricks to prevent, remove nail polish early and increase its durability that few people are aware of.

What is the secret to the durability of nail polish?

The secret of nail polish durability:

By following the tips below, you no longer need to clean and re-polish your nails every day because the polish stays on your nails for about a week.

  1. First, clean the nails with white vinegar
  2. Shape your nails with a nail file
  3. Build infrastructure
  4. Do not shake the lacquer
  5. Apply a thin layer of varnish on your nails
  6. Dry the varnish with cool air
  7. Top Coat
  8. Apply nail strengthener
  9. Use gloves to wash dishes

6 Useful tips on how to varnish your nails to make them last longer:

What is the secret to the durability of nail polish?

Let the nail polish dry

Any contact while drying will reduce the durability of your manicure and nail polish. One of the best ways to ensure that lactam is dry is to place the surface of both nails on the little finger. Touch them gently; if you do not feel sticky, your nails are dry, but otherwise, they will probably take longer to dry.

Dry your fingers

There is no principle that wet fingers are better for using nail polish; hairdressers do this to hydrate the nails, which in turn can have a negative effect; wet nails absorb water, and then when the water evaporates, It can return to their original shape, this expansion and contraction leads to cracking.

Use gloves

When washing dishes or cleaning the house, use gloves to protect the manicure (or minimize damage); dishwashing liquid and water can dry the nail polish and reduce its shine. To prevent this from happening, use a rubber glove, and it may be scratched.

Control the heat

Salons use UV lamps, which dry the nail polish faster but crack and scratch faster. It takes about 12 hours for the nail polish to dry completely and harden.

Cosmetic products

Hand sanitizers are not a good solution to your microbial problems because hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which thins the outer layer and fades the varnish color. Non-alcoholic lotions are used to prevent flaking or drying.

Healthy nails

If the nails are not healthy, the varnish will not last long. If you have problems with breakage, scaling, groove, and other nail problems, fix them first and then use more durable nail polish, including a nail strengthener.

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