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General winter skincare program

Protecting your body from the cold is not wearing warm clothes; it is also important to change the regular skincare this season. The usage of heating appliances in the cold seasons will be one of the most effective causes of skin problems.

Normally In the winter, the moisture of the air reduces. So the skin is more exposed to dryness. In this article, we provide tips for caring for different skin types in winter.

General winter skin care tips:

General winter skincare program

Moisturize the skin

Everyone needs a moisturizer to relieve dry skin in the winter because it becomes cracked and inflamed without protection.

Use mild cleansers

Using harsh cleansers such as exfoliators and strong cleansers can increase skin dryness.

Do not use detergents containing alcohol and sulfate.

These cleansers cause the skin to become dry and flaky, so they should not wash the skin during these seasons.

Use the proper sunscreen in the winter.

Even if you do not go out much, it is essential to use sunscreen on winter days because the snow on the ground reflects sunlight, and ultraviolet rays will reflect The skin.

If you do not use sunscreen in winter, you will suffer from sunburn and skin damage. Therefore, be careful in choosing sunscreen so that it does not cause excessive dryness of the skin and it does not contain any aromatic substances.

General winter skincare program

Winter skincare with natural solutions:

depending on the skin type, there are several natural remedies that you can do in winter for better care of your skin:

Use a moisturizer this season but not too much; apply some moisturizer on the skin and face.

Use a cream or lotion instead of a face oil because the oils penetrate deep into the skin and create only a protective layer on your skin’s surface. Still, on the contrary, it prevents the hydration of the skin, so try to use both moisturizers and skin oil for better results.

Use a steamer at home and work. The more moisture you can create in your surroundings, the less damage the skin will suffer.

Avoid prolonged showering with hot water as it dries the skin more in winter; For this reason, shorten your shower and bath time and use lukewarm water.

Avoid peeling the skin because peeling weakens the skin’s natural defenses and makes the skin more prone to dryness; So use gentle cleansers and avoid healthy products and detergents.

Increase your intake of fish and omega-3s to keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid sugar, starch, as well as tea and coffee. Although people are more likely to drink tea and coffee in cold weather, it can cause dry skin, eczema, and acne. Instead, drink more water to help hydrate the body in winter.

Using lotions and moisturizers after bathing help increases skin moisture.

Oily skin care in winter

If you avoid using moisturizers in the summer because of oily skin, use non-greasy lotions in the winter to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions. You can also use moisturizers that contain sunscreen.

Dry skin care in winter

If you have dry skin, winter will be the most challenging time for you. To prevent excessive dryness of the skin, you should moisturize using an oil-based cream or cleanser. So keep your skin hydrated by using moisturizers that contain preservatives such as hyaluronic acid or petrolatum.

General winter skincare program

Regular skin care in winter

If you are balancing skin oil with strong cleansers in the summer, it is time to rest your skin and replace it with milder, more hydrating cleansers. Also, use oily creams at night to improve dry skin.

 Take care of acne-prone skin in winter.

People with acne-prone skin usually exfoliate to have clearer skin, but the skin needs a milder treatment in winter. Winter is an excellent time to let your skin rest and use milder products to exfoliate acne.

Prevent skin aging and wrinkles in winter

If you use retinoids and antioxidants to rejuvenate and keep your skin healthy, you can continue to do so in the winter, but you should use them with more moisture to protect your skin. When using these vital substances on the skin, you are exposed to more damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Lip skin care in winter

Lip skin is the most sensitive part of the body and is easily damaged in dry weather. Lips do not have any sebaceous glands to moisturize, so you need to moisturize them. Under normal circumstances, drinking fluids, licking the lips, and applying vitamins to the lips are all ways to keep the lips moist. But in winter, these methods may not be enough to moisturize the lip skin.

Essential tips for lip skincare in cold weather:

  • In cold and windy weather, cover your lips with a scarf for extra protection.
  • Drink more water; Drinking water helps hydrate the lips.
  • Take more B vitamins. Supplements generally help hydrate the lips.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Use natural lip balm prepared with wax, almond oil, butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, or other natural ingredients; these natural ingredients help hydrate the lips more than chemicals.
  • Try not to lick your lips too much. If the skin of the lips is cracked, licking them will make them drier.

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