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A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

Dryness around the eyes and white spots around the eyelids destroy the beauty of the eyes. The redness and horror caused by these changes around the eyes can be easily eliminated.

The first thing people pay most attention to is the eye and its surroundings, and if the skin around the eyes is dry, you lose confidence, and this problem affects not only the elderly but also the young.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

What is the leading cause of dryness around the eyes?

Environmental conditions cause dryness and damage to the skin, severe colds, and dirty cosmetic pads and sunburn can be causes of dryness around the eyes.

Home and natural methods of treating dryness around the eyes:

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil helps treat dryness around the eyes, rejuvenate the skin, and protect the skin from any stress and damage. Combine lavender oil with two drops of coconut oil and massage around the eyes.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

tea bag :

The tea bag prevents dryness and wrinkles of the skin due to antioxidants.


Vaseline also prevents dryness around the eyes and has the property of hydrating the skin. Just be careful not to get into your eyes when using Vaseline. If you use it, do not worry and wash with cold water.

Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera gel is a comfortable home remedy that helps rejuvenate and treat dryness. Aloe vera contains many vitamins and minerals and keeps the skin hydrated, and not only that, but it also makes the skin radiant and healthy. Massage aloe vera gel around the eyes for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.


Rosewater gives moisture and elasticity to the skin and prevents dryness and wrinkles. Dip one foot into warm paraffin three times, pausing between layers to allow them to dry.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

milk powder :

Combine some powdered milk with honey and lemon juice, gently massage in a circular motion under the eyes for a few minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

coconut oil :

Due to the presence of fatty acids in coconut, this substance has hydrating and moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help rejuvenate the skin.

almond oil:

Almond oil works wonders for dry skin and is also useful for curing diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, and it is enough to apply a few drops of it around your eyes at night and wash it off the next morning.

Green tea bag:

This substance has many benefits for the skin and causes rejuvenation. Pour a few bags of green tea in warm water for a few minutes, and after cooling, look around the eyes and wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse around the eyes.

Vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants that increases collagen production and has anti-aging effects, and eliminates dark spots around the eyes. Carefully open the two vitamin E capsules, apply the oil around your eyes, and wash off the next morning.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes


Avocado oil contains antioxidants that can enhance dry skin. Apply a few drops of this oil gently around the eyes and wash off after ten to fifteen minutes.


Honey is used to treat skin problems and is very useful in moisturizing the skin and preventing it from drying out. Apply a thin layer of organic honey around the eyes and wash off with lukewarm water after 10 to 15 minutes.


Cucumber can cool your skin and also reduce the dullness of the skin and increase its moisture. Take 4 to 5 teaspoons of cucumber juice, rub it on the skin around the eyes with a cotton ball, wait for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash around the eyes.


Milk can keep your skin cool and strengthen it, and the lactic acid in milk improves the texture of your skin. Spread raw and boiled milk around the eyes and rinse after 20 minutes.

olive oil :

Olive oil has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and can reduce its damage. Just apply a few drops of olive oil on the skin around your eyes at night and wash it off with cold water the next morning.

yogurt :

Yogurt can be used for the skin around the eyes because it moisturizes the skin. Gently rub a teaspoon of yogurt around the eyes and after 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Other ways to keep the dryness around the eyes moist

Keep your body hydrated and moisturized:

Drinking water can help balance moisture in the body and prevent dry skin.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

Wash your face a lot:

Please do not overdo it when washing your face and not use body soaps for the face.

Keep your eye area moist:

Always use a unique moisturizer around your eyes after each wash or feeling dry. Avoid scratching the eyes because the skin around the eyes is susceptible and should never be touched severely because it causes swelling and bruising.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

Do not expose to the sun

Dangerous UV rays from the sun can cause wrinkles around the eyes.

Wipe off your makeup every day

If you use cosmetics around the eyes, be sure to clean them every night. Use cosmetics that you are not allergic to.

Foods that prevent dryness around the eyes:

Consumption of probiotics

Probiotics can ensure the skin’s overall health, and these substances can be found in substances such as yogurt.

Having a balanced diet

A balanced diet can help keep the body healthy; for example, you should include fish, eggs, meat and vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your diet, containing antioxidants and can help cells. It improves the skin and increases the quality of the skin.

Fatty acid

Fatty acids protect the skin’s oily layer and prevent it from drying out, so it is best to include them in your diet. Consumption of canola oil and olive oil is also beneficial.

A simple home remedy for dryness around the eyes

Eat foods rich in fiber

Fiber can help your body eliminate toxins from the body as well as body impurities. Fiber can be found in foods such as corn, bread, beans, apples, and more.

You should also avoid processed, fried, and spicy foods, and when your body is healthy, it shows up on your skin.

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