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Answers to questions related to toenail loss

Nail care, especially toenails, is very important; for example, you may still have problems in this area even with regular cleaning and regular care. Falling toenails is one of those problems that can make you feel embarrassed.

In medicine, this problem is called onycholysis, which is a painful phenomenon. When your toenails fall out, you have to wait for them to start growing again in the same place, and if a piece of the nail remains, you have to be very careful and control it.

Answers to questions related to toenail loss

Symptoms of toenail loss include fungal infections, including:

  •  Thickening
  • The unusual shape of nails
  •  Yellow or brown nails
  • Plaster structure under the nail
  • Malodor
  •  Redness or swelling of the tissue around the nail
  •  Sharpen the edges of the nails
  •  Loosening of nails

 Unusual causes of toenail loss:

Although these causes are not common, factors such as anemia, thyroid problems, or medications can cause toenail damage.

Common causes of toenails:

Toenail care is one of the most important care in a person’s life, although, after toenail care, we have to treat it with excessive care so that the condition does not worsen, which is a bit painful. When your toenails fall out, you have to wait for them to start growing.

There are several reasons for toenail loss, the exact cause of which must be investigated.


Simple foot injuries can cause problems such as falling nails. Damaged toenails make it feel heavy and stiff. Sometimes the wrong pedicure methods also cause these problems, which is one of the main reasons for toenail loss. There are also cases where athletes’ nails die very quickly due to jumping or running. Some studies also show that blood blisters cause the nails to blacken and eventually come off, and when blood follows the nails, As they go, the toes begin to separate, and it takes several weeks for the toenails to completely separate.

Fungal and bacterial infections

As we have said, this disease is very similar to a fungal infection, but this infection can also be the cause. These infections carry bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses under your nails, and as a result, they penetrate the tissue and damage the nails. Bacterial infections usually cause the nails to turn green, and older people will lose their nails if they get them.


Another condition that causes a person to lose one or two toenails or develop eczema is a disease caused by allergic reactions. Some people suffer from dermatitis, which causes toenail loss and even brittle nails. Few studies have shown that prolonged exposure to soap and harsh chemicals or excessive exposure of the nail to water can be one of the causes of nail damage, which sometimes causes eczema symptoms before they appear—the skin forms on the nails.


When nails are exposed to excessive moisture, they become weak and loose and eventually fall out. For example, if a person puts their toe in the water for a long time, they are more likely to lose their toenails, and a combination of moisture, pressure, and damage to the inside of the shoe can increase the risk of psoriasis.

Answers to questions related to toenail loss


The underlying cause of onychomycosis is not yet fully understood and has symptoms similar to those of the immune system or any side effects of the drug. In this disease, the toe area in the area attached to the nail is damaged as well as the tissue changes the shape of the nail, so the nail does not stay on your toes for a long time.


Psoriasis is also an autoimmune disease in which skin cells continue to accumulate; although this is more common for the skin, it can also affect toenails. Psoriasis or toenail failure is a condition that occurs naturally and does not cause many problems. However, sometimes the formation of skin cells in the nails causes them to fall out this year.

What should we do after losing a nail?

Here are some quick tips to prevent your nails from falling out:

If the connection between your nails and your skin is still very low, use a nail clipper and carefully remove this part so that it does not get stuck anywhere, then your doctor can do it for you.

 Clean your toenails and then apply an antibiotic ointment.

Perform this treatment quickly to get rid of any bleeding quickly.

Answers to questions related to toenail loss

Prevent nail loss:

  •  Increase your nail care when exercising.
  •  Keep your feet and shoes clean and follow good hygiene habits.
  •  Use clean shoes and socks.
  •  Wear perforated shoes and socks that allow the skin of the foot to breathe.
  •  Wear shoes that increase your balance so you don’t fall into them.
  •  Dry the foot thoroughly after soaking in water.
  •  Do not place your shoes in a way that puts pressure on your nails.
  •  Trim your nails regularly.

Treatment and management of toenails:

It is very difficult to notice the disappearance of toenails suddenly. Talking to your doctor can be the best possible solution, but you can also take steps to solve the problem at home.

If your toenails are damaged and signs of damage such as bruising or discoloration, you can not easily repair them. However, putting ice on it soon can be a little more effective and reduce the chances of nails peeling.

It would help if you always kept the affected area clean, whether or not your nails are damaged, as this will help reduce the chance of transmitting the infection and speed up the healing process.

If your nail is severely damaged, a specialist can make a small hole in your nail to collect a small amount of blood under the nail, which helps prevent nail loss.

Tea tree oil is also an antifungal agent that can have similar results for a person.

Some other drops of oil can be applied to the nails with a cotton swab without causing a problem for the affected area, do this two or three times a day to see its progress.

The use of vinegar in this place is also sometimes recommended.

However, diagnosing the causes of this problem can lead to better and more specialized treatment for the person.

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