The worst food for a person with gastritis

Gastritis is one of the most common gastrointestinal diseases that can be prevented by controlling the diet and using traditional medicine programs. (Stomach Cancer: Everything About The Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Of Gastric Cancer)

Do not eat suitable for people with gastritis

Foods in rare cases may lead to problems such as gastritis. In such cases, this can be easily prevented by taking steps.

Gastritis is a common name for gastritis and sometimes occurs quite suddenly and sometimes gradually. Gastritis is not acute for many people but goes away quickly after treatment.

An infection causes gastritis Inflammation with a bacterium that causes a stomach ulcer. In some cases, gastritis can lead to ulcers and increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Diet is very useful in improving or exacerbating gastritis. Some foods increase the symptoms of gastritis.

Foods you can eat if you have gastritis:

  1. High fiber foods

The worst food for a person with gastritis

High-fiber foods such as nuts, raspberries, and green vegetables are suitable for people with digestive problems and a good diet for gastritis people. Especially broccoli, which is a rich source of fiber and raises sulforaphane levels and also kills H. pylori

  1. Foods that contain healthy fats

The worst food for a person with gastritis

Not all fats are the best option for people with gastritis, but healthy fats are an exception. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, walnuts, and chia seeds help reduce gastritis and prevent the entry of H. pylori bacteria. Avocados, olive oil, and other grains and nuts are also sources of healthy fatty acids.

  1. Vegetable juice

The worst food for a person with gastritis

While natural fruit juices are not recommended for people with gastritis, some vegetables and smoothies are different.

For example, potato juice has antioxidant properties and relieves stomach pain. Pumpkin juice also contains nutrients and reduces stomach acidity, thus improving stomach problems sooner.

  1. Foods containing protein

The worst food for a person with gastritis

Protein helps to repair the problems caused by gastritis. However, not all proteins are the same. Of course, some animal proteins usually make things worse. Suitable sources of protein for gastritis include chicken breast, egg whites, tuna, and beans.

  1. Nutritious and antibacterial foods

The worst food for a person with gastritis

Since H. pylori is also a bacterium type, the only logical way to fight it is to eat antibacterial foods. Flavonoids have antibacterial properties and stop the growth of a variety of bacteria, including H. pylori.

Garlic, onion, celery, and cranberry are good sources of flavonoids. Honey, ginger, and turmeric are also significant sources of antibacterials.

important points :
  • People with gastritis are better to consume rice with cumin, saffron, or barberry to improve its temperament.
  • Bread with grape juice, which is a nutritious food for people with gastritis.
  • People with gastritis should use Flixweed with a spa to cleanse the intestines, liver, and digestive system.
  • If these people suffer from constipation, it is necessary to use soaked figs to relieve constipation to defecate twice a day so that waste products do not accumulate in the body.
  • To relieve gastritis, bloat, and bloating, it is necessary for people with gastritis to drink thyme infusion daily.

Some foods that should be avoided in case of gastritis:

  1. Acidic foods and beverages

The worst food for a person with gastritis

The use of these foods and beverages in this situation is not recommended at all. Everyone knows that soft drinks are very high in sugar and are harmful to the body. In this case, citrus fruits like oranges are no less than soft drinks and aggravate the disease. Coffee, cereals, tomatoes, and acidic foods also exacerbate.

  1. Carbonated drinks

The worst food for a person with gastritis

We recommend that you avoid drinks as much as possible to get rid of stomach pain and bloating. Drinks are one of the worst foods on this list and are high in sugar and acidity and very unhealthy.

  1. Fatty and fried foods

The worst food for a person with gastritis

High cholesterol levels in fatty and fried foods are associated with increased disease and can often contribute. If you are currently suffering from this problem, it is naturally best to avoid these foods.

  1. Spicy and allergenic foods

The worst food for a person with gastritis

This rule is straightforward: do not use spicy foods that use spices such as hot peppers, mustard, mustard root, and wasabi because they cause inflammation.

  1. Alcoholic beverages

The worst food for a person with gastritis

Alcohol consumption is one of the biggest causes of this disease. Therefore, you should avoid consuming it as much as possible. Alcohol irritates different parts of the stomach because it has so much acid that it never cures inflammation.

  1. Processed foods and fast foods

The worst food for a person with gastritis

Fast foods usually contain natural preservatives and flavorings that upset the stomach. These foods will lead to disorders and gastritis.

  1. Anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs

The worst food for a person with gastritis

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, and naproxen are widely used and are a significant cause of gastritis. Their side effects are similar to those of alcohol and should never be used during treatment.

tip :

  • People with this disease and digestive problems should not use cold foods such as eggplant, cucumber, tomato, yogurt, etc.
  • People with this disease and digestive problems should consume yogurt with salt and thyme.
  • If People with this disease eat raw garlic and onions, their digestive problems will increase and cause heartburn, so they need to use cooked garlic and onions.
  • People with this disease should avoid pasty foods, noodle soup, and pasta.
  • Consumption of ice water and consumption of water between meals is harmful to these people.