Guide to buying a quality and durable vacuum cleaner

Housekeeping can be time-consuming and tedious for some people. To solve these problems and appliances such as vacuum cleaners and steamers have been made for many years, an integral part of home appliances.

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular cleaning tools due to its ease of operation. With the latest technology, many features have been added to the vacuum cleaner, but if you are not careful enough in purchasing, this device will cause more fatigue and trouble.

Guide to buying a quality and durable vacuum cleaner

Essential tips for buying a vacuum cleaner:

engine power

The performance of a vacuum cleaner depends a lot on the power of its motor. Therefore, one of the most important factors when buying is the power of the vacuum cleaner motor. The power of most vacuum cleaners is 1400 to 2500 watts. High power indicates more power of the vacuum cleaner, and the motor power of 1700 to 2000 watts is enough for regular consumption.

Guide to buying a quality and durable vacuum cleaner


Some vacuum cleaners have a heavy body or tube that makes cleaning difficult and tedious and can eventually damage the hands, back. Other parts of the body, so you should pay attention to the vacuum cleaner’s weight when buying.

Suction power

In addition to the power of the motor, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is significant, so in the list of technical specifications of the vacuum cleaner, two numbers are always mentioned, for example, if (300/1400) is written, the technical specifications of the vacuum cleaner one means motor power And another shows the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

The sound of a vacuum cleaner

When buying, ask the seller to turn on the vacuum cleaner. Although the sound of the vacuum cleaner is related to its traction and efficiency, advanced vacuum cleaners have less noise. Some manufacturers have adjusted it to silent, which increases the price of the vacuum cleaner. Competition in the vacuum cleaner industry has led its manufacturers to produce higher suction power and, of course, less engine noise.

Some vacuum cleaners have a water tank for the car engine. Its engine works like a water turbine in water and produces much less noise than other models, and this model of vacuum cleaner is sold in some countries.

vacuum cleaners bag

When buying a vacuum cleaner’s bag, some people worry about whether the vacuum cleaners are the same size as their vacuum cleaner. Each of them has pros and cons. One of the features of a bag vacuum cleaner is the possibility of replacing it when it is full, which of course, creates a lot of financial costs for the consumer in the long run. For this reason, bagless vacuum cleaners can be considered a source of time and money savings. On the other hand, replacing the vacuum cleaner filter without a bag is a cost that is hidden from people because this type of vacuum cleaner has a powerful filter and very low permeability against dust particles and loses its efficiency in the long run. Filters should be cleaned from time to time or replaced if possible.

Guide to buying a quality and durable vacuum cleaner

Air purifier filter

Some types of vacuum cleaners have many filters installed to prevent dust particles from returning to the air. This feature is more suitable for people with allergies, asthma, and other allergies and respiratory diseases. For example, one of the new filters is the HEPA 4-layer filter (HEPA), which greatly reduces dust and air pollution during sweeping and purifies the vacuum cleaner’s air.

Some vacuum cleaners use silver nanotechnology to prevent odors, bacterial growth, and allergies when used.

Bag status indicator

When the capacity of the vacuum cleaner bag is full and needs to be replaced, it indicates the condition of the vacuum cleaner, so there is no need to open the tank and check that the bag is full.

the wheel

Some vacuum cleaners have two large wheels and one small wheel that can be rotated; the size of the wheels depends on the flexibility of the device and easier sweeping. The vacuum cleaner should move if used.


If the length of the vacuum cleaner tube is short, it will lead to joint damage because you have to bend your body while working. On the other hand, pipes longer than two meters also reduce the vacuum cleaner’s suction power. The advantage of telescopic tubes is that they adjust the length according to your height.

Guide to buying a quality and durable vacuum cleaner

Wire length

The length of the wire should not be short and non-standard because you have to connect the wire regularly from one power outlet to another. The standard size of the wire length is 6 to 9 meters.

Ability to suck liquids

Some vacuum cleaners, in addition to sucking dust and small objects, also can suck liquids. Some of them can even drain gasoline and oil. Some types of vacuum cleaners also can separate liquids from solids.

Fully automatic vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaner has a place to use a rechargeable battery that scans, remembers the map of the environment, and automatically cleans everywhere after moving. Its built-in cameras and sensors prevent obstacles from colliding. After charging the battery, it automatically returns to its charging location, and after charging the battery, it works at the same point as before.

Warranty and representation

When buying, make sure that there is a product representative to take advantage of the seller’s facilities in case of any problem with the device warranty.

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