Tricks to attract people who hate you?

You can never force someone in the world to love you, but sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need someone or want them to be with you for whatever reason. It does not matter if this person is a colleague, a boss, a friend, or someone else, and in any case, you can hardly cope with this situation, but it is worth it to change the mentality of these people, but the thought How do you do this?

Tricks to attract people who hate you?

Find out if these people hate you.

Hatred is a powerful feeling and happens to few people. Does this person hate you, or do you have high expectations of them? If you want to know, check this person for the following signs that the person hates you:

  • This person is trying to make your life more difficult. For example, it disrupts your workplace or does things that make you weak.
  • Even when you want to talk to him, he refuses to speak to you and does not answer.
  • He constantly slanders you.
  • His language is very harsh and even offensive to you.
  • He speaks very badly to you, but he is very kind to others, and when he sees you, he suddenly changes, and his behavior becomes negative.

Now, look for the reason for that person’s hatred

Ask yourself why do you think this happened? Analyze your behavior with this person and see how you react when confronted. If you feel that someone hates you too much and you still have a chance, do the following:

  1. If that person does not feel comfortable in your presence, tell him that it is not a problem and we can be better friends in the future. I understand that you prefer not to talk to me, but it seems that you do not like me and are not curious.
  2. If he tells you the reason for these problems, say I’m glad I found out, and I’m trying to change my behavior and not do anything that upsets you. If your behavior changes and the other person does not do something annoying, respect him and thank him for it.
  3. If that person’s reason was not logical to you, accept it and think that not all human beings are perfect and go through it, and it is better not to waste your time on relationships because, without logic, you can not do it.
  4. If that person is not interested in you for any reason, it is better to accept that some people may not like certain people, and this has nothing to do with you, and you do not try to change yourself.

Tricks to attract people who hate you?

Take a look at your past interactions

  1. Did you inadvertently insult this person?
  2. Did you do something he did not like in front of you?
  3. Have you embarrassed him?

All of this can be a factor in keeping that person away from you. So try to pay more attention to your past interactions with him.

Seek to solve the problem

Once you understand the problem and the cause, you should try to solve it

You are not going to fight that person; you have to smile.

Whenever necessary, apologize and plan to behave better next time.

Tell him you know there is a lot of disagreement, but you want to get along with him.

Respect him and try to improve the situation.

Accept that not everyone is going to love you.

If you accept this, you will feel more comfortable. You are not supposed to have a good relationship with all the people on the planet. There is no way to change the mind of someone who does not like you for no reason, so accept that there are some people who can not get along with you for any reason, and you can not do anything and have to deal with it.

Tricks to attract people who hate you?

Shake hands with your enemy

No one wants to hurt the other person, and you should try to react well to the other person. Look for ways to support this person, show your kindness to them, and remind them of their strengths. Do small things that show that you care about her interests, all of which will change the way she looks at you.

For example, if he has nothing to eat for lunch, share some of your lunch with him.

If he has told a joke to others, you should laugh too.

If he answers you angrily, calm down.

Do not insult him.

Get help from him

Studies show that helping the other person makes you feel better about yourself. Try to make small requests that he can do because this will make him feel good about you and no longer intend to hurt you.

Talk to him several times

You have to take the first step yourself, and you can invite him to a tea or a movie and ask him to work together, then ask him in this conversation about the days of the week, for example:

Ask about his life situation.

Look for commonalities in all conversations between you.

It is best to make these appointments outside of work.

Tricks to attract people who hate you?

Be good to his friends.

When this person’s friends see that you are not hostile to their friends, they will probably be optimistic about you and show them that you are not mistreating them. Your positive influence on this person’s friends will probably make them think better of you.

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