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Eliminates shoe odor in various wood and metal materials

As you know, many people use shoes to keep their house and shoes tidy, but not following the simple tips can cause a foul odor that is very annoying. For this reason, in this section of housekeeping tips, we will provide solutions to eliminate the foul smell of shoes.


Use baking soda:

Pour a tablespoon of baking soda into a shoebox, especially the bottom. In addition to absorbing moisture, this shoe prevents the growth of bacteria that grow in hot and humid areas. The following day, remove the baking soda from the inside of the shoebox.


Vinegar consumption:

Shoes in snowy and rainy seasons and bad smells also give the smell of damp and moisture. To eliminate the bad odor of shoes, mix some vinegar with water and spray it on different parts of the shoes.


Try tea tree oil:

Vegetable oils such as tea trees have antiseptic properties and eliminate the smell of bacteria. Once a week, pour a few drops of tea tree oil into a shoe rack and, if possible, place the shoe in the open air to eliminate the bad smell of the shoe.


Get help from flowers and plants:

Herbs such as sage, lavender, and basil are great for eliminating odors. Put one of these plants in a shoebox overnight. The following day, discard the plant and allow some air to circulate before placing the shoes in the shoe rack. Do this every night until the smell disappears.


Use citrus peel:

Citrus peels like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are excellent for absorbing odors like shoe polish. The orange peel contains natural oils that prevent the growth of bacteria and mold inside the shoes.

Choose the right shoe:

You may have bought a shoe rack before, but if you want to buy a new model, first get one that circulates the air well. Like a shoe made of natural wood, your chosen model can protect the shoe from dust and UV rays.


Do not store worn-out shoes:

After wearing a pair of shoes, it takes about 24 hours for the remaining moisture from the sweat to dry out and the bacteria to shrink. Therefore, it is best to keep your shoes in the open air before putting them in a shoebox, as they will probably not dry out completely and can cause more bacteria and odors.


Use an air freshener:

No matter how careful you are, your shoes are likely to smell. One way to combat this is to supply perfumes to the market inside the shoe box.


Put a black tea bag in a shoebox.

Black tea contains tannins that effectively kill bacteria in shoes or boots. Put the teabag in boiling water for a few minutes, then allow it to cool. Then place the tea bag in a shoebox or shoe for an hour or more to absorb the odor.


Arrange the shoes:

If you are one of those people who put your shoes inside the shoe store as soon as you come out, I must say that this can be the reason for the bad smell of shoes, because it puts the boots inside the boots. Dirt and pollution are coming from outside.


Use coffee or perfume.

To make the shoes fragrant and odorless, pour a little coffee in a plastic container with a few holes in the lid and put it in the corner of the shoe for a few days to absorb the unpleasant odor. In addition, you can put a perfume bottle in the shoe rack.


Use shoe polish spray:

Shoes may stink due to different shoes and their constant use. To remove bad odor, use shoe polish spray every once to completely and temporarily eliminate its odor.


Sort shoes by season:

You can keep your shoes tidy if you separate your boots according to the season and keep the shoes you do not need elsewhere. Of course, always clean the shoes thoroughly before maintenance. Otherwise, there is a possibility of increased dirt, odor, and soot.

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