Bags and Shoes

Removes shoe odor from wood and metal

Most people use shoes to keep their house and shoes tidy, but not following the simple tips can cause a foul odor. Therefore, we will provide solutions to eliminate the foul smell of shoes in this section of housekeeping tips.


Baking soda is useful for:

Add a tablespoon of baking soda to the bottom of a shoebox. In addition to absorbing moisture, this shoe prevents bacteria from growing in hot and humid environments. Remove the baking soda from the shoebox the following day.


Consumption of vinegar:

The smell of damp and moisture is also present in shoes during snowy and rainy seasons. Mix vinegar with water and spray it on different parts of the shoes to remove bad odors.


You can try tea tree oil:

Oils from plants such as tea trees have antiseptic properties and eliminate bacteria odors. You can eliminate the bad smell of shoes by placing them in the open air once a week after putting a few drops of tea tree oil in a shoe rack.


Plants and flowers can help you:

Sage, lavender, and basil are great herbs for eliminating odors. Overnight, place one of these plants in a shoebox. Place the shoes in the shoe rack the following day after discarding the plant. This should be done every night until the smell is gone.


Citrus peel can be used for:

Citrus peels like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are excellent at absorbing odors like shoe polish. Orange peels contain natural oils that prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside shoes.

Removes shoe odor from wood and metal

To choose the right shoe, follow these steps:

If you want to buy a new shoe rack, choose one that circulates air well. Your chosen model can protect your shoe from dust and UV rays, just like a shoe made of natural wood.


Shoes that are worn out should not be stored:

It takes about 24 hours for sweat and bacteria to shrink after wearing shoes. It is therefore best to keep your shoes in the open air rather than in a shoebox, since they may not dry completely and can cause more bacteria and odors.


Freshen the air by using an air freshener:

It is inevitable that your shoes will smell, no matter how careful you are. In order to combat this, perfumes can be supplied inside shoe boxes.


In a shoebox, place a black tea bag.

Black tea contains tannins that kill bacteria in shoes and boots. After boiling the teabag for a few minutes, allow it to cool. Put the tea bag in a shoebox or shoe for an hour or more to absorb the odor.


The shoes should be arranged as follows:

Those who put their shoes inside the shoe store as soon as they leave may be responsible for the bad smell of shoes, since they put the boots inside the boots. The outside is polluted and dirty.


Make use of coffee or perfume.

Pour some coffee in a plastic container with a few holes in the lid and place it in the corner of the shoe for a few days to absorb the unpleasant odor. The shoe rack can also be used to store perfume bottles.


Spray shoe polish on your shoes as follows:

The constant use of different shoes can cause shoes to stink. Using shoe polish spray every once in a while will completely and temporarily eliminate bad odors.


Shoes can be sorted by season as follows:

Keep your shoes tidy by separating your boots by season and storing the ones you don’t wear. Always clean the shoes thoroughly before maintaining them. Dirt, odor, and soot could increase otherwise.

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