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how to look younger after 40 woman

What to wear when you’re an older woman:

You need to change your makeup style every ten years because your skin changes, so you need to find the right makeup for your skin. You are no longer a 20-year-old girl, so your facial makeup should be simple. Makeup should be applied in soft colors. Put on a powder cream that matches your skin tone, apply mascara, and finish with a soft lipstick.

how to look younger after 40 woman

Use night cream to stay beautiful:

Don’t forget the night cream, which has anti-aging properties and regenerates the skin, delaying the aging process.

Get rid of excess hair:

As excess hair grows with age, you need to wax excess hair regularly from time to time to maintain your youthful appearance.

Colors that are suitable for your hair:

White hair must be evident in women’s hair after the age of 40. The best way to stay young and beautiful is to dye your hair to cover the white hair. You are not suitable for blonde hair color. Choose a hair color that is similar to your own.

Anti-wrinkle creams:

Anti-wrinkle creams are one of the secrets of some women in their forties. Choose and use anti-wrinkle lotions and creams available on the market to nourish your skin. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive cream because their effectiveness has nothing to do with their price.

Sunscreen use on a daily basis:

Since the sun’s effects on the skin become more visible after 40, use a sunscreen with SPF50 every day to prevent blackheads, wrinkles, and premature aging.

Winter days are also a good time to use sunscreen. This cream should be applied in sufficient amounts and should be renewed every few hours. Even on cloudy and rainy days, the sun’s rays damage your skin.

After 40, skincare and beauty:

Skin peeling on a regular basis:

To remove horny skin and open pores, exfoliate regularly. Skin exfoliation helps eliminate and detoxify the skin, as well as improve the penetration of skincare products.

Using moisturizing creams:

Moisturizing is the key to staying young for French men and women. Make sure you moisturize your face, neck, and hands daily with a moisturizing cream.

Dressing appropriately and in new clothes:

Dress stylishly, wear fashionable clothes, and fit your body if you want to look younger than your age. Tantan clothes make you look younger and more attractive.

Get rid of old and outdated clothes and replace them with new, happier ones.

how to look younger after 40 woman

A bigger smile:

If you want to stay young, you need to let go of stress and unhappiness, so spend time doing your favorite things and spending time with your friends.

Massages for the face and body:

Massage is the secret of forty-year-old women who remain young. Face massage improves blood circulation, prevents skin weakening, and reduces premature wrinkles.

Stress can be relieved by body massage. When you are relaxed and free of stress, you will also look younger.

Change in hairstyle:

Your hairstyle needs to be changed if you want to look young. Make sure your hairstyle suits your face shape and makes you look beautiful and attractive.

The nail polish:

Polish your hands and feet to have a younger appearance because hands with nail polish look much younger than hands without.

Removing wide eyebrows:

As we age, our eyebrows become thinner. Make your eyebrows look younger by tattooing, implanting, or shaping them with a pencil.

Blush use:

Make your face look younger by using blush. Pink blush creates a youthful look, but avoid powders that aggravate wrinkles.

Face masks:

Take care of your facial skin and apply a homemade mask once a week to your face to make your skin clear and shiny. This will make you look younger and fresher.

The contour:

By using dark and light shades of cosmetics, you can create volume and depth on the face and make some parts of it more prominent or deeper. Every face shape requires a different contouring method.

Anti-aging cleansers:

You should not let your makeup stay on your face for long hours because the skin on the face and its pores must be breathable to stay young. Always use anti-aging cleansers.

Whitening your teeth:

Whiten your teeth to make them look younger by consulting a dental cosmetologist. Keep your teeth whitened by quitting smoking and rinsing your mouth with water after each cup of tea or coffee.

Implants for nails:

As hormone levels in the body change, nails become brittle. Have your nails implanted once a month and get a manicure and pedicure.

Keep your beauty and youth with these health tips:

Consumption of vitamins:

Keep your skin healthy after 40 by adding vitamins C and E to your diet. In addition to containing antioxidants and reducing free radicals, vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, strengthens, and flexes the skin. Additionally, vitamin E improves blood flow and regenerates tissues.

Supplements containing isoflavones:

To reduce hormonal effects, use isoflavones, especially soy. The plant hormones hydrate and regenerate the epidermis of the skin.

Make sure you drink plenty of water:

Drink more water after 40 to hydrate your skin and prevent aging.

Keep sodium intake to a minimum:

The recommended daily sodium intake is 2300 mg or one teaspoon. Dimples are caused by excessive sodium intake in food.

Consumption of protein:

Protein deficiency could contribute to damaged skin, nails, and hair. You will look younger and happier if you eat a healthy diet that includes healthy fats, grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. However, if your body lacks these substances, it will have the opposite effect, especially on your hair, which is mainly composed of protein.

Exercising in sports:

Exercise is essential for your health and will make you look younger. In just a few months, you will see the extraordinary effects of exercise.

Sleep enough:

Sleep no more than 8 hours a night to prevent premature aging. Those who don’t get enough sleep show far more signs of aging than those who do.

Eating healthfully:

Fresh, organic, and healthy foods are essential to having beautiful, smooth, and young skin. Avoid eating ready-made and fast food, fatty, salty, and sweet foods during the day.

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