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Which ingredients are harmful for skin?

Which chemical is harmful to face skin?

Some masks and natural ingredients are beneficial for facial skin and cause skin radiance due to their many properties. Still, some substances are harmful to skin health and increase skin wrinkles and beauty loss.

So be careful what you use for your facial skin because one mistake can cause you long-term and irreversible negative effects.


Hair spray

Hair spray

Some women use hair spray to stabilize it after makeup, but using hair spray on the face due to varnish and alcohol causes moisture and dryness of the skin to disappear and increase wrinkles. Hair spray ingredients can also cause facial skin allergies.


Deodorant (antiperspirant)

If you think deodorant is effective for not sweating the face on hot summer days and prevents makeup from melting, you are sorely mistaken.

Deodorant prevents underarm sweating, but using it on the face can damage the skin. To have beautiful and healthy skin, you need to let the skin breathe.


hair color

If the hair and eyebrows are constantly dyed, the skin around the eyes and eyebrows will be damaged. It also causes skin allergies around the eyes and even irritation and tears in the eyes, so use a vegetable dye or eyebrow mascara to match your eyebrows with your hair color.



Some people always use shampoo to wash their face. Although shampoos are suitable for washing hair from dirt and excess oils, they are not designed for sensitive and sensitive skin molecules and can only remove dirt from the hair surface. Using shampoo to wash the face causes the skin to lose moisture and the facial skin to dry and flake.

Which ingredients are bad for skin?

hair serum

Using hair serum is not suitable for facial skin because hair serum contains perfume that can cause great sensitivity to facial skin. This substance is not ideal for treating wrinkles.


body lotion

The ingredients in body lotions are heavier and contain perfume, so using body lotions is not suitable for the face, and softer products for the facial skin should be used.


Foot creams

Never use foot creams to moisturize facial skin, even if you do not have access to moisturizers. These creams are chemical formulations and peels suitable for deep foot calluses and are very firm, thick, and dense for the skin. They are inappropriate.



One of the best ways to prevent infection in injuries such as cuts and burns is to use hydrogen peroxide as a mild disinfectant. Still, hydrogen peroxide is not suitable for treating acne due to its abrasive properties and causes inflammation and inflammation of the skin. Oxidative pressure causes blisters on the skin.



For the treatment of wounds and many skin problems, the use of alcohol is appropriate. Still, alcohol use on the face in the first few minutes creates a feeling of coolness, but then alcohol causes allergies and very unpleasant changes, so if you take care of When using, make sure that the skin does not contain a lot of alcohol.


Nail Polish

Some people use nail polish to create special designs on the face, but nail polish contains acrylic materials that cause dry skin and are difficult to clean. Therefore, it is better to use suitable face colors for these designs.



The use of butter is recommended for moisturizing the skin due to its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Still, the use of butter is not suitable for facial skin because it causes pimples and blackheads.


Sugar and salt

Sugar and salt are used to exfoliate the skin, but using these substances is not suitable for your face because the skin of the face is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin of other parts of the body, and these substances cause scratches on the skin of your face.


baking soda

Some face masks contain baking soda, but it has pH 9 and absorbs all the good acids and dryness of the skin to prevent dry skin and produce natural skin oils from baking soda. Of course, alone from Avoid the skin, baking soda should not be used independently and constantly.



Using lemon brightens and clarifies the skin of the face, but this acidic substance can cause damage to the skin of the face and dry skin, burns, or even blisters, so to lighten the skin of your face instead of lemon, use lightening creams. Use the skin.



Vaseline retains very dry skin moisture, but it is not a long-term treatment or emollient because Vaseline absorbs contaminants and prevents excess air and water, thus causing dry skin.


Hot water

Hot showers dehydrate the outer layer of the skin, reduce the natural oils of the epidermis, destroy the protective layer, which causes the skin to lose moisture, resulting in dryness and imbalance of skin. Instead of hot water, use lukewarm water so that your skin does not itch.



You may have heard that toothpaste is useful for removing pimples and dries pimples, but you should know that toothpaste contains substances that dry and irritate the skin and can chemically burn the skin. And it causes dark sores that take a lot of money and take a lot of time, so use a little tea tree oil instead.

If you use toothpaste to get rid of pimples on the nose, be sure to moisturize your skin after washing that part of the skin with a natural emollient.


Acetic acid like vinegar

Using vinegar works like toner, but using it is harmful to the face and burns the skin of the face, so it is better to use a toner with mild ingredients.



Although mayonnaise is beneficial for the hair and moisturizes the hair, the use of mayonnaise for the face does not keep the skin moist, but mayonnaise, due to its acidity, does not allow the skin to breathe and can block the pores of the skin.


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