27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Colds are a mild respiratory infection that can occur throughout the year, so we need to know how to treat colds naturally at home.

Do not we or those around us always complain of colds? Colds are one of the most common illnesses we hear about – which is why they are so common.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Adults catch colds on average 2 to 4 times and children 6 to 8 times a year. Cold is a mild infection of the upper respiratory tract, which enters the body through the throat, nose, and sinuses. Rhinovirus viruses are mainly responsible for this but can also be caused by other viruses, which are usually harmless and enter the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Viruses are spread through airborne contaminated droplets, direct contact with sick people through handshakes, and contaminated items such as towels, handles, telephones, keyboards, and so on. Symptoms usually appear 2 to 3 days after infection and last 7 to 12 days.

Cold symptoms

Headache; Runny nose blocked nose, sneezing, cough, high fever, itchy eyes, sore throat, body aches, etc.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Being in cold weather does not cause colds, but rhinoviruses, which mainly cause colds, survive better in cold weather. Although they say there is no cure for common colds, there is a cure for the symptoms that come with it.

Over-the-counter medications, such as cold medicines, can be used to reduce your symptoms. Still, you usually do not need antibiotics to treat a cold, and your doctor may prescribe medication for you.

Also, people with colds prefer to heal independently, which can be well managed at home.

Natural methods for treating colds

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Garlic for colds

Mix one clove of chopped garlic with two teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey, and 1/2 teaspoon of allspice or red pepper powder. Take this mixture daily until the symptoms subside.

Boil 4 or 5 tablespoons of chopped garlic in a glass of water. Mix in 1 teaspoon of honey. Eat this mixture 2 or 3 times a day. You can also eat raw garlic in salads or with warm milk.

Garlic supplements containing AGE are commercially available, and you can take them daily.

It’s best to talk to your doctor, who can prescribe it after checking your general health and other medications you may be taking.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Saltwater gargle is a quick way to treat colds

Treat sore throat with three gargles daily. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and then rinse your throat with it. When gargling, be careful not to let salt get into your throat.

Consume nutritious food and help cure colds

When you have a cold, you should pay attention to your diet and eat nutritious and vitamin-rich foods. Meat and dairy products and eating more fruits and vegetables is recommended at this time, and you should avoid fatty foods.

Treatment of colds with raw honey

The most straightforward home remedy is to mix and consume one teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey. Take this solution every two hours to relieve a sore throat caused by a cold. If you want, you can eat a tablespoon of raw honey.

Children who cough and have a cold can consume 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) of raw honey before bed.

Tip: Preferably use pure honey. Avoid honey as a medicine for children under one year.

Improve colds by walking

To improve blood circulation during a cold, exercise lightly or walk for half an hour because exercise improves the circulation of antimicrobial antibodies in the immune system by improving blood circulation. But avoid strenuous activity and do light exercise if you wish.

Accelerate the treatment of colds with rest

When you have a cold, get more rest. When you have a cold, give your body enough sleep and rest to treat the common cold because white blood cells and T lymphocytes are more deadly at bedtime to fight this. A virus is created.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Accelerate the treatment of colds by warming the body

To speed up the treatment of colds, rest under a blanket or by the heater and wear more clothes. Keeping your body warm can kill germs and help treat colds.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Drinking more water is a way to treat an immediate cold

Stay hydrated for immediate treatment of colds. To help reduce congestion and prevent dehydration when you have a cold, drink plenty of water, fruit juice, warm lemon juice with honey, but avoid alcohol, coffee, and caffeinated beverages.

By drinking 6-8 glasses of water, fruit juice, tea, etc., you can daily compensate for the lost body fluids during the common cold and accelerate the removal of pathogens and infections from the body.

Ginger for colds

Eat raw ginger or ginger tea up to 3 times a day. To make ginger tea, boil two water glasses, add one teaspoon of eaten ginger and leave it for 5 minutes on low heat.

Please turn off the flame and let it stand for another 5 minutes. Now you can add some lemon juice and honey to the tea to increase its health effect. You can also make a paste by mixing ginger, cloves, and salt. Eat 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.

If you have a runny nose, mix some dry ginger powder, melted butter (animal oil), and sugar and make a natural sweetener. Eat this mixture every morning on an empty stomach. Jaggery is unrefined sugar from raw sugarcane and is useful for respiratory problems such as Ayurveda.

Dates and date juice are other sources of sugar. You can buy sugar from Indian grocery stores or online. Animal oil is the same as refined butter. You can make it at home, or you can buy it from Indian grocery stores or online.

Accelerate the treatment of colds with date sweat

To relieve nasal congestion and get a good night’s sleep when you have a cold, drink some hot date sweat to relieve nasal congestion.

Effective incense therapy to accelerate the treatment of colds

To treat colds and coughs caused by dry throat, relieve congestion, pour some water into a kettle or pot and put it on the stove to boil. Then place a towel on the slide, bend the head over a kettle or pot of hot water, and inhale the water vapor.

Add five drops of lavender oil to a bowl of hot water and simmer for 15 minutes. If you have a severe cold, repeat this three times a day.

During the common cold, incense causes the airways to open and blood vessels to dilate, speeding up blood flow and rapidly boosting the immune system’s response.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Treatment of colds with chicken soup

Chicken soup contains many essential nutrients and vitamins that help treat the common cold symptoms. The high antioxidant properties of chicken soup vegetables accelerate the healing process.

Therefore, chicken soup is highly recommended due to its health benefits; it relieves dehydration and accelerates the healing of colds. For best results, make a homemade soup using organic vegetables and chicken.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Effective zinc therapy to accelerate the treatment of colds

Research has shown that zinc pills may help treat colds quickly. With the use of zinc pills, treating colds is accelerated and occurs at least two days earlier. Take zinc (zinc) tablets or syrup 24 hours after the first signs and symptoms of a cold to speed up the cold recovery time.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting coldsAccelerate the treatment of colds with echinacea

Consumption of Oceania may help prevent colds and speed up the healing of colds. It is essential to consult your doctor before taking echinacea to ensure no interaction between this plant and your medications. Some people taking echinacea have unwanted side effects, such as nausea and diarrhea. Have reported.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Red onion for colds

Those who suffer from colds can use homemade red onion syrup to relieve colds. To make the syrup, you will need a red onion, honey, or sugar.

Chop 2 or 3 pieces of red onion horizontally. Put a small piece of red onion in a glass jar and add raw honey. Repeat this process until the glass is full.

Cover the jar and leave it for 12 to 15 hours. When you open the jar, there is a thick solution like syrup. Take a tablespoon of syrup several times a day to relieve sore throat and other cold symptoms.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Immediate treatment of colds with beetroot juice

One of the most effective home remedies for colds is beetroot root juice. Beetroot juice contains dietary nitrate, which increases the body’s nitric oxide production, which can help fight respiratory infections. People who consume beetroot juice when they have a cold have fewer and milder symptoms.

Beetroot juice contains oxalate, so if you have kidney stones, be careful of beetroot root.

BlackMagnolia Syrup A way to speed up the treatment of colds

Black cardamom syrup is useful for the rapid treatment of colds. Black fever accelerates the treatment of colds and reduces colds’ duration by an average of 4 days.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Treatment of runny nose with black pepper

If you suffer from a runny nose, add pepper to your food when you eat. You can also mix a teaspoon of black pepper with a glass of warm water and simmer.

If you can not eat or drink black pepper, you can still enjoy black pepper benefits by smelling it during the day.

Use of eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus, due to its antiseptic and expectorant properties, affects bronchitis cells, lubricates pulmonary secretions, and treats inflammation of the respiratory tract. To treat a cold, pour 15 to 20 drops of eucalyptus oil in 25 mg of vegetable oil and massage your breasts with it.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Consume pumpkin

Zucchini is a good source of vitamins E, C, and beta-carotene, all of which have antioxidant properties. To treat colds, eat zucchini steamed with a little cantaloupe powder and cinnamon.

Moulin tea for colds

To make Moulin tea, strain the dried Moulin herb and place it in a boiling water cup for 5 to 10 minutes. Add some pure honey and drink it 2-3 times a day.

Yellow milk thistle for colds

Boil the milk and add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder (you can also use fresh ginger)

Allow the milk to cool to room temperature; then, you can drink it without burning your mouth. Try to drink it twice a day, especially before going to bed.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Fight against colds with cinnamon

Cinnamon can fight colds and can help dry and sore throats. Cinnamaldehyde is the main component of cinnamon skin. Mix 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder and two cloves with a glass of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

Drink it while it is still hot. For better results, you can add a little honey to it. Drink this tea 1 to 3 times a day. If you want, you can consume a few pieces of the cinnamon peel with honey. (Do You Know The Benefits Of Cinnamon?)

Primula Veris Helps to cure colds

The root of this plant has powerful expectorant properties and is used to treat sputum and breast congestion. Pour the root into water (one cup of water per ounce of the root) and then simmer for 20 minutes. Then rinse it and drink.

Catnip is a useful treatment for colds

This plant stimulates perspiration, will also be useful in treating fever. Please put it in your salad or use this plant to make tea.

27 herbal remedies for treating and fighting colds

Basil is a useful plant for the cold season

Basil helps reduce fever and reduces the symptoms of colds, coughs, and flu. To treat colds, chop basil leaves finely and place them in a particular ice container. Then fill this container with water and put it in the freezer.

Vitamin C for colds

Vitamin C increases the body’s glucose metabolism and helps the body make an essential chemical for the nervous system’s signals. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system.

Fruits rich in vitamin C:

  • Indian grape or cantaloupe
  • Portugal, Grapefruit, Lemon
  • Kiwi
  • Mango9
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries
These things are also useful for treating colds:
  • Eat hot foods such as hot soups, drinks, and hot thin foods help increase mucus and improve congestion and improve colds.
  • Adjust the humidity of the house using a humidifier or boiling water vapor.
  • Use hot or cold compresses around congested sinuses.
  • To improve nasal congestion, sleep with an extra pillow under your head.
  • Smoking further irritates the throat and prevents the lashes from functioning correctly. If you can not quit smoking altogether when you have a cold, avoid smoking during the illness.
  • Some strange but familiar prescriptions in foreign countries for the treatment of colds
Prescription of Russians and Ukrainians for the treatment of colds:

To relieve the cold symptoms and treat it as soon as possible, fill a glass halfway with warm milk and then add an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey. This perfect potion can reduce or eliminate symptoms such as congestion, body aches, fever, and sore throat.

Japanese prescription for treating colds:

The Japanese love pickles, which believe that pickles, especially plum and wild tomato pickles, are suitable for the quick cure of colds; Clever almond eyes love a pickle that they call ” Hawthorns” and are a combination of pickles of plums, wild tomatoes, hawthorn, and local vegetables. They believe that this pickle can significantly improve a person with a cold.

Scotch’s dirty and smelly prescription for treating colds:

The old Scottish man has a strange method of treating colds and pneumonia by dipping his used socks in fat or chicken skin and putting them on the chest of a person with a severe cold, but the truth. This is because such treatment does not improve the patient’s condition, and even a dirty sock with a smell can make the patient worse.


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