Technique for removing a broken key inside a lock

A broken key in a lock is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone. Especially if you are in a hurry and do not know precisely what to do, but in this section, we will teach you what essential solutions you can use in these situations.


Method 1: Use special tools

You can use the tool you see in the picture to remove the key stuck in the lock, as we say:


Take out the key

Use a lubricating spray. Apply essential oil sprays on this area. You can also use silicone spray. These sprays make the critical slip more quickly and water-resistant and easily open the lock. You can also use graphite powder to soften the lock.

Smooth the rollers inside the lock. This part must be locked or unlocked. So you have to straighten it first. Otherwise, the rest of the key stays in it and gets stuck, or you can smooth it with the bottom of a thick needle.

Get help from the broken part and put the part of the key that is broken and detached on the lock to fasten it to your broken leg.

If you were unsuccessful in the previous step, you can use different tools such as special tools with other series and see which one is easier to reach the end of your key inside the lock, thus using it to turn the key stuck.

Or you can lock the detachable key inside and control it from the outside with a unique tool to make your work easier.

Method 2: using a saw wire

Cut the end of the saw wire, which bends easily. The saws are thin, brittle, and metal. Pay attention to the angle of the saw teeth. Cut precisely where the teeth are separated.

Now insert the saw wire into a duct cover. Wrap several layers of adhesive tape on the saw wire and add a few more layers if you feel the teeth are damaging the veneer.

Now lock the spray on the door. Use the same sprays we suggested in the previous method and then smoothed the lock.

Now insert the saw wire into the lock. The teeth of the saw wire should be facing up, and shake your hand slightly until the saw wire reaches the broken key. If you move the saw wire up and down, the broken key will come out more quickly.

Now twist the saw wire you hold in the cover and assume you have a key in your hand. By turning the saw wire, the broken key comes out.

Repeat this step so that the key is no longer locked and you are comfortable.


Method 3: Pliers

To remove the locked key, if the keypad is left open, gently grasp the broken key with pliers or a narrow tail and turn it counterclockwise to release the key.


Method 4: Remove the key stuck in the lock with gun glue

If the key inside the lock is broken, heat the end of the special bond used in the gun glue very lightly until it melts enough.

Immediately apply the melted glue to the broken and stuck key in the lock and hold for a few minutes until the glue sticks to it and dries.

If you do the previous step well, the glue and the key will merge, and you can turn the key or unlock it by turning the bond.

Note that if you melt a large amount of gun glue, it may stick to other parts of the lock despite sticking to the broken key. So heat a small amount of glue.


Method 5: Get the key stuck in the lock

Use a drill if you do not want to pay for the key maker and your key is broken in the lock.

With the drill, you can loosen the screws around the tab to release the broken key.

Be careful in this method because the lock hole and slit are tiny. Use a thin drill to remove the broken lock key. Using extensive exercises does the most damage to the brain.

This way, your lock will most likely be unusable.

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