Symptoms of nostalgia in men for the wife

Men and women are very different in how they express their feelings. Women express their love and affection much more quickly than men, but men have difficulty expressing their feelings and are more inclined to keep them to themselves, so how do we know that our husbands miss us?


Sends messages constantly and frequently

One of the most prominent and significant signs of men being upset is constantly texting you when you are not together. Your husband, who misses you, wants to find a way to connect with you even miles away.

He wants to know what is going on in your life and still be involved in some way, even if he is not physically with you. He will send you messages and even funny sentences or motivational words or even the most straightforward sentences like “Have a good day” or “Don’t forget dinner,” which may be simple short texts.

Calls a lot

Men usually call when they miss their wives. In today’s age of smartphones, you can make video calls when you feel homesick and want to get closer to them. When your husband thinks of you, he likes to hear from you and talk to you, and he takes every opportunity to call and listen to you and communicate with you.


Responds to your text messages immediately

Every time you text or call him, pay attention to how long he needs to respond to your message or receive a call. If he responds immediately, consider it a clear sign that he misses you very much.


Present on your social networks

Does your husband see and like all your posts on social media and comment on them? Consider these clear signs that you are in his mind and that he misses you. If he gets to the point where he tags you in the posts, you can reassure yourself that he misses you so much.


Expresses directly

We all know that expressing love is one of the hardest things for men to do, but it is the clearest sign of sadness if he tells you directly that he misses you.


He wants your photo

If each of you constantly wants to be photographed while you are away for a while, it means that he wants to feel close to you.


He continues to talk under any pretext.

If your husband does something to talk to you when he calls or texts you, it could mean that he wants to get close to you.


He comes to you for no reason.

Maybe your husband calls you and says “hello” without having a specific plan in mind. If he does, you can use it to sign that he knows in your heart.


Listen to your favorite songs.

It may play all the songs in your playlist without your notice. If most of your spouse’s playlist songs are your favorite, or they have chosen their phone ringtone as your favorite song, this is one of the subtle signs that you miss them.


It makes the good old days.

If your husband mentions in his conversations the good days you were together or examines your old photos in the album, etc., you can say that you are very upset.

Is curious

If your husband is curious about what is going on in your life and asks about your day, the people you are in contact with, and everything related to you, you may miss him.


It surprises you

Some men believe that they express their feelings in action. If your husband sends you a gift or surprises you with a loving act, it may be a way to show that you are unique to him and that he misses you.


He talks about his day.

Despite your busy schedule, your husband spends his time talking about the day, the things he has done, and the people he has met, which signifies that you are essential in his life and that he misses you.


Intends to see you

If he wants to see you or talk about his plans for your next visit, he will miss you.


She is wearing what you gave her as a gift.

If your husband uses the T-shirt or accessories you gave him as a sign, it is a clear sign that you are still in his mind.


Listen to a sad love song.

If you are not with your spouse, instead of listening to other styles, he chooses songs that are more reminiscent of you and his romantic situation; it is a sign of your sadness.


Sends you photos

If your spouse sends you pictures of himself having fun with friends who are not with you, it is a sign that he wishes you were there and shared that time with him.


Your plans are important to him.

If your husband asks about your friends or plans, it is a sure sign that you are still close to him, and sometimes he may want to stay with you.


He prefers solitude

If your spouse prefers to be alone at home when you are not away and not at work, college, or with friends, they will miss you because they would rather be alone with their thoughts than with those who can. I never understand his nostalgia.


He gets angry that you do not speak or see

If your spouse is very upset about not talking to you and the more you push them away, the more they will come to you and want to know why you did not speak because they are interested in you and miss you.


She is jealous of the men in your life.

If your spouse does not tolerate seeing you with family men like a brother or … and jealousy eats his whole being, this is a clear sign of his nostalgia.


Writes a letter or poem for you

If your spouse writes you a letter or a poem, it means that when they are away, they want to attract your attention and say that they miss you.


He fights with you

If your husband starts arguing over the simplest things or complains that he can’t see you, it could signify that he misses you.


Ask your friends

If for any reason, you leave your spouse alone, and they ask your friends and relatives about you and follow your work, they will miss you.

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