6 Destructive effects of air conditioner on health

side effects of air conditioner on health

It is pleasant to sit under the air conditioner on hot days, but this pleasure disappears after the onset of headache, fatigue, and respiratory problems. Despite the cooling of the environment, the air conditioner has side effects that you should be aware of because your health is at risk.

Although air conditioning can be good in the summer, it can have detrimental effects on your health if you are not careful. Excessive ventilation can affect health, with side effects such as sore throats and colds.

And this is because your health is not good enough to live in a dry environment.

Destructive effects of air conditioner on health

 Destructive effects and effects of air conditioning on health:

  1. Respiratory problems

It is essential to know that any severe temperature change can damage the respiratory system. Therefore, moving from hot to cold can cause serious problems. Due to air circulation, you are prone to respiratory infections, which can cause problems such as throat infections or sore throats.

There is evidence that people who spend more time in cold environments have a higher risk of throat and nose infections.

  1. Viral infections

One of the most common effects of air conditioning is the spread of viral infections due to a weakened immune system. In an air-conditioned environment, old air is constantly circulating and prevents fresh air from entering.

As a result, airborne stagnation and the transmission of cold and flu germs and other bacteria are transmitted from person to person. Hence, the likelihood of getting a viral infection in such an environment is higher than in a stuffy room.


  1. Drought

People who spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms are more prone to dehydration. Dehydration occurs because gas coolers absorb a lot of moisture, and people often do not drink enough water.

The temperature may cool because the body does not feel hot, so they are not thirsty. In addition, being in a more relaxed environment means that the body needs to move less.


  1. Headache:

Undoubtedly, headache is one of the most common side effects of air conditioners. Of course, if you use air conditioning, you can quickly get headaches or even migraines. The risk of dehydration also increases the risk of headaches. Drought is often overlooked even though it triggers other health problems.


  1. Dry eyes:

The cooler can cause dry eyes, which in turn leads to pain and itching. Of course, the air conditioner does not directly dry the eyes, but it certainly does not help people with this problem. This only makes things worse. Therefore, if you suffer from dry eyes, it is better to get out of the ventilation environment.


  1. Reduction of hot air tolerance:

If you spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned room, you can tolerate less heat. This is especially true in the summer. Remember that your body can be stressed when you go from a cold place to a hot spot. This sudden temperature change can hurt health. In short, air conditioning can have serious adverse health effects.


  1. Ignorance of the effects of air conditioners:

Laziness seems to be related to people who have air conditioners at home and work. If your space is too close to the point where you shiver from the cold, you may be one of those people who experience and complain of lethargy about three times a day.


  1. Worsening of asthma and allergies from the effects of air conditioning:

You may think that cold temperatures are better for skin conditions. Still, if you are exposed to alternating currents that are not adequately cleaned, exposed to irritants and germs, allergies and asthma can get even worse. In short, staying home is more beneficial for people who are allergic to pollen or air pollutants, but the air conditioner may do more damage.


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