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How to distinguish a fake perfume from the original

People usually spend a lot of money to buy perfume throughout the year, and for this reason, the perfume they buy mustn’t be counterfeit. Still, unfortunately, sometimes, they can not distinguish the original perfume from the fake.

Of course, by considering them, there are points that the possibility of buying a counterfeit perfume is significantly reduced.

How to distinguish a fake perfume from the original:

Trust the seller

This may be your first step in buying a safe perfume. It would help if you tried to buy from a perfume shop that you know. If you have already purchased from there and you do not regret it, then the chances of selling a counterfeit perfume by this seller are meager.

How to distinguish a fake perfume from the original

Pay attention to the packaging.

As we said, trust is the first condition, but you must also use your intellect. First of all, you have to look at the packaging. If the packaging of the product is old, it is better not to buy it. On the other hand, it is better to search the name of your favorite perfume brand on the internet and then take a photo of its packaging and compare it with the packaging available in the perfume store.

Pay attention to the color and continuity of your perfume

fake perfumes are entirely watery. Therefore, it is better to shake the perfume bottle to see how the liquid inside it is, and you should also pay attention to the color of the perfume. It is better to search for the real color of your desired perfume on the internet beforehand and match it with the perfume you intend to buy.

Check the perfume bottle.

In addition to packaging, you should also pay attention to the perfume bottle. Use the same method as before and compare the original perfume bottle with the perfume bottle you will buy. Pay attention to all the inscriptions, labels, and curves on the perfume bottle.

If everything fits together, there is no need to worry. The original perfume bottles are of excellent quality. Also, the liquid inside them is recognizable and very clear. The leading perfume of the glass is entirely one piece, and if you see that your perfume bottle consists of two parts, there is a possibility that it is counterfeit.

How to distinguish a fake perfume from the original

Trust your nose

If you always buy perfume from a particular brand, you know what perfume smells like, so you can tell from the sense of smell that the perfume is counterfeit. Fake perfumes never smell like the original perfume; they may look a little like it.

If in doubt, ask the seller

If you are still unsure, it is best to ask the seller about the details of the perfume. Also, ask her to explain to you about the original and fake perfume of that particular brand and its differences.

Then search the internet for a product or company name and get information about it. The more information you have about this, the less likely you are to buy a counterfeit perfume.

If you are planning to buy online, research the seller

Do not shop online from sites that do not provide a specific place for customers to comment. Reputable sites usually inform you of their reputation, so if you are confident in the seller’s reputation, there is no need to worry about buying a counterfeit perfume.

How to distinguish a fake perfume from the original

What is the difference between a counterfeit perfume and an original perfume?

The top perfumes use the main ingredients, and also, their alcohol is of high quality. Still, counterfeit perfumes not only waste our money but are also allergenic and toxic and may cause many problems for our health.

On the other hand, most original perfumes retain their scent, and colorless liquids are commonly used in counterfeit perfumes. One of the main ways to distinguish them from the leading perfume is the color of the perfume itself.


Labels on original perfumes usually have a barcode, and a large number is written on them. There are also other labels on which all the components of the perfume are written.


Many people may notice this, but all the original perfumes have cellophane on their box wholly attached to them. If you find wrinkles or holes in the cellophane or do not see cellophane on it, it means that you are buying a counterfeit perfume.

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