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The language of celebrity hairdressers: 10 exciting tricks

Here are a few makeup tips from famous hairdressers

The question you have is why celebrities wear makeup better than ordinary people. Hairdressers who work on celebrities are highly skilled and use tricks ordinary people are not aware of. You will learn some makeup tricks from celebrity hairdressers in this article.

The language of celebrity hairdressers: 10 exciting tricks

Lipstick should be applied from the inside out.

When it comes to lip balm, most of us have a laid-back attitude. The lips are then moisturized and hydrated with lip balm. Then they apply lipstick, starting from the inside of the lip and gradually moving outward.


Before applying makeup, prepare the skin.

It is generally believed that makeup artists should prepare the skin before applying makeup. In order to make the skin look fresher and healthier, they first moisturize it or use a moisturizing mask. To make the makeup last longer, they also use a primer to smooth the skin.


With cream powder, use oil.

Adding some natural oil to powder cream will make the skin look radiant, and you can even use these oils as a highlighter.


Under the powder cream, apply blush.

Your makeup will look more natural if you apply blush first and then powder cream. Therefore, it is best to keep the cheeks empty. To have more prominent cheeks and a more natural appearance, apply blush first, and then use powder cream with a sponge.



Spread the powder cream with a damp sponge.

If you wet the makeup sponge a little, the powder cream on the skin looks more natural, and the makeup doesn’t appear too heavy. Then wet the sponge, take the extra water, and apply the powder cream gently.


Get a massage before makeup in the morning

Massage the skin after using a moisturizer to stimulate the lymphatic system and wake up the skin. Put your hands on the cheekbones and tap the chin, forehead, and nose. After applying makeup, this removes puffiness and fatigue from the face.


Before doing anything, comb your eyebrows

To look tidy, you should comb your eyebrows first. To determine your eyebrows’ natural shape, do this before applying any makeup.


Use cream instead of powder.

The best way to make your skin look healthier and healthier is to use creams instead of powder, as powder can accumulate on wrinkles and make your makeup look weak. The creams, however, spread quickly on the skin. For shadows, you can even use a cream.




Draw eyeliner proficiently.

To make your makeup look more professional and attractive, learn how to draw eyeliner skillfully without creating any gaps between eyeliner and eyelash line.


Makeup flaws

Last but not least, remove a clean cloth. You can use a handkerchief to make extra cosmetics if you feel that part of your skin has too much makeup.

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