The correct way to seal the windows of the house

Seal the windows in winter. There are various solutions to raise the house’s temperature in autumn and winter and prevent cold air from entering, such as using fireplaces, heaters, and other heating devices.

When opened and closed, doors and windows transfer a lot of cold air to the home space and waste a lot of energy. Insulating windows can mainly prevent the entry of cold. Of course, the amount of energy wasted in double-glazed windows is much less than in ordinary windows.

But the central role of double-glazed doors and windows in buildings is thermal and sound insulation. Therefore, these types of doors and windows can also be insulated in the cold seasons. This section will examine the insulation of doors and windows and the appropriate methods for properly sealing doors and windows in the cold.

The correct way to seal the windows of the house

Methods of insulation of doors and windows against cold

Sealing and using strips around the window is the first step in finding the seams and preventing air from entering through them. Seal the inside and outside of the windows and use special sealing tapes in the window frame.

One easy way to find window seams is to use sunlight during the day. If sunlight enters the house from around the windows during the day, there must be a seam in the window.

Another way is to use candles. If you place a lighted candle around the window and the flame moves around, it means that the desired window has a seam.

Before starting the sealing, clean the old seams and clean the window surface with a damp cloth to thoroughly dry and dry.

To seal the windows, pay attention to the following points.

Use flexible sealants to reduce the risk of shrinkage.

Use the sealing tool and insert the sealing adhesive tube into it and use it.

Gently and carefully apply the sealant to the seam to create a smooth line.

If the seam line’s shape is essential to you, after pouring the seam glue on the slit and before it dries, smooth the sealant using the back of a spoon or finger dipped in water.

The correct way to seal the windows of the house

Different types of sealants for doors and windows

Sealants have different models, such as foam, vinyl, resin, and other types. Depending on the needs and type of doors and windows, the type of sealant can be selected. Vinyl and resin models are used for all types of seams and all seasons. It is also easy to open and replace them.

Older doors and windows become more damaged over time and are a little harder to insulate. Foam engagements are a good option for this model of doors and windows. The compactness of this type of sealant’s texture can cover many of the advantages of this type of insulation. These seals can always keep the seams closed.

Foam Sealant can be used on all four sides of the door and window frame. Most of these sealants have adhesive on the back to prevent air from entering and leaving and energy loss by sticking to the desired surface.

The correct way to seal the windows of the house

– You can use heavier and thicker curtains such as velvet or linen in winter. Thick fabrics, such as extra insulation in front of the window, prevent cold air from entering.

The use of thick doors on the house’s outer glass doors is beneficial in conserving heat energy. Of course, this does not apply to all homes, but it is beneficial if used.

– Using a folded pad on the back of the door can prevent a lot of air from entering the house. The larger the pad size, the more it can prevent cold air from entering.

– Insulation cover is glued directly on the window and acts as an additional protective layer. Of course, keep in mind that window cleaning is difficult despite the veneer. So use these coatings on windows that are not very visible.

Placing various objects such as blankets, fabrics, and other similar items behind doors and windows can prevent air passage. Of course, for this method to be practical, you must use an object or fabric that suits your taste or in harmony with our house’s interior decoration because you have to use them for an unlimited period.

– To create a warm atmosphere in the house, use curtains or shutters all over. In addition to being a good insulator against the cold, these curtains create a beautiful house atmosphere.

– Cover the glass entrance doors with a velvet curtain; During the day, to make the home more beautiful, these curtains can be removed and reopened during the dark and cold weather. These curtains create an extra layer of heat between the glass and the outside.

– The use of plastic is another recommended solution to prevent excessive entry and exit of air. To do this, cut the plastic over the doors and windows’ seams and stick it tightly with adhesive tape around.

If you want to put plastic completely on doors and windows, you must use a hairdryer. First, heat the plastic with a hairdryer to shrink it, then stick it entirely on the window surface.

– Windows with windbreaks are more expensive than other cases, but they have a perfect effect in preventing cold air entry. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, adding a winter window with windbreak shutters to an old sealed window saves energy like or better than a new double glazed window.

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