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How can I tighten loose skin on my face?

Facial slimming is one of the problems that many people have experienced. When you resume strenuous exercise, you lose the charm and beauty of your face in the shortest time, and facial weight loss is one of the most common problems that most men and women around the world face and try to treat.

Factors affecting facial slimming:

Factors that affect the effect of facial slimming are:

Collagen loss

Loss of collagen in the tissues under the skin is part of the natural aging process of the face because collagen keeps our skin fresh and young, but by the age of 30, the collagen in the skin gradually decreases.

Lose extra weight

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness, but it will also make your face look older.

Weight fluctuation (UU effect)

┬áDue to the frequent fluctuations in body weight, your face constantly contracts and expands but eventually reaches a point where the facial skin disappears due to collagen’s loss and flexibility.

Stress, illness, and depression

 There is no doubt about the side effects of stress on facial skin. Research has shown that these factors can increase the rate of facial slimming.

Natural slimming treatment with natural methods:

Facial slimming and facial fat loss methods are divided into two parts, home and medical, which we will mention in this section. We start with home and non-pharmacological treatments that include the following:

Eliminate facial slimming by drinking water

Drinking enough water during the day helps supply interstitial water to skin cells and makes a face look fatter. Most doctors and specialists recommend drinking about 7 or 8 glasses of water a day, which is essential for good health. If your body needs water, you will see muscle growth and facial fat.

Obesity face with cucumber and rose potion

Topical and oral use of cucumber due to the texture of this fruit causes better hydration of the face, especially if you use this fruit topically and as a mask. To do this, grate the cucumber, mix it with a little rose, and put it on your face for twenty minutes, and after two weeks, you will see the results and the shape of the face.

Starch for facial fat

Baked and fried potatoes contain a lot of starch, which in many cases is effective for topical facial fat. Note that other starchy foods such as pasta cause fat in all parts of the body.

Pea juice and a mixture of almonds, sugar, and peas

Masking pea juice on the skin of the face is not ineffective in treating its slimming. You can also chop some peas, almonds, and powdered sugar and eat them orally, but do not use these instructions too much as these methods.

How can I tighten loose skin on my face?

Fruits and vegetables

Continuous and proper use of fruits and vegetables and providing the fiber needed by the body helps hydrate the facial skin better. As a result, you will see your face become fatter and more beautiful after a short time. Carrots are among the low-calorie and moisturizing vegetables, that it is recommended to use carrots as a snack instead of eating snacks and sweets that are very harmful to the facial skin.

Chinese style faces fat.

If you want to use a very fast way to fill your face, we suggest you consult an acupuncturist. Acupuncturists use good acupuncture needles to improve facial blood flow and produce more collagen. This makes the muscles exercise, and with the help of acupuncture, you can have a full and beautiful face in a short time and less than a month.

Facial slimming treatment with a clay mask

A clay mask makes the skin fresh because it has hydrating properties and can cure facial slimming. To prepare the mask, mix a tablespoon of sifted clay with a tablespoon of rose jam and apply the resulting paste on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash your face with cold water and watch the effects of this mask.

Lettuce and wheat germ salad for facial obesity

Putting lettuce salad and wheat germ in meals, especially dinner, refreshes the face and fills the face’s cheeks and other parts. After dinner, you can use two tablespoons of a combination of wheat germ powder with yogurt, which helps to eliminate facial slimming. Note that excessive consumption of wheat germ also causes obesity in other parts of the body.

Proper facial massage

Basic facial massage is a useful technique for gaining face, and this massage is done in two stages during the day. To do this, sit on a chair and concentrate, press and hold your lips for 5 seconds and try to smile without opening your lips so that your teeth are not visible, and raise the smile line as much as possible. Hold the lips in this position for 5 seconds and repeat this movement 15 times because this will increase blood flow to the face, and as a result, the face will be thick and beautiful.

Consume omega three and fish

Fish contains omega-3 and is good for facial obesity; you can also use tuna. Other foods recommended to fill the face are potatoes with eggs, and of course, it is better to exercise by consuming these two nutrients.

How can I tighten loose skin on my face?

Nuts are the best ingredients in facial fat.

Nuts are the best ingredient for fattening the face as long as they are raw and without salt. Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, and legumes contain proteins that cause facial obesity.

Cheek highlighting by moisturizing the cheeks

If you want prominent cheeks, you should keep your cheeks or skin moist. To keep your cheeks moisturized, you can use mild creams or lotions after cleansing, and you can also use natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil to increase the moisture content of your cheeks greatly.

Anti-slimming exercises

Facial exercise is one of the best ways to volume and shapes the face without surgery. This increases blood flow, improves blood flow to the face, rejuvenates the facial skin, and prevents premature wrinkles.

Lip and cheek exercises to treat facial slimming

To have a plump face, you have to start from the lips. Naturally, the lips are the most muscular part of the face, so with exercise, the facial muscle mass increases, and the face becomes fatter.

A simple exercise that can be done for this purpose is to insert one of the fingers into the mouth and press the finger with the lip and then suck your finger with full force for 5 seconds. Release the finger and repeat this movement. Repeat this exercise 15 times; it strengthens the lip muscles, increases blood flow to the area, and strengthens the face.

Another exercise is to gather the lips as much as possible and germinate them, then change the lips to smile without opening the lips (teeth should not be visible) and smile for 5 seconds in this position.

You will find that the facial muscles are very tired after exercise because you are involved in the muscles.

The third exercise is really simple. Place your index and middle fingers on your lips and gently massage the muscles in a circle. This stimulates the muscles and increases their volume, and fills the face.

Sit flat on a chair (straight back), lift your head to stretch your neck, and then place your lower lip on your upper lip and lower lip on myopia for 5 seconds.

You will feel a lot of tension in the neck and chin muscles. Repeat this exercise 20 times to get the shape under the chin and neck out of wrinkles and have smooth and beautiful skin in this area.

Facial slimming with yoga

With simple and gentle yoga exercises, you can stimulate blood flow to the face and cheeks and make your face look younger. Although these methods do not add more fat or skin to your cheeks, your cheeks will look fatter after doing this method.

  1. Sit up straight and relax your shoulders. Pull out your chest and reduce the pressure on your body.
  2. Open your mouth a little and close your lips so that your teeth are not visible.
  3. Pull the corners of your mouth back slightly and pull both on the same level and the molar teeth.
  4. Hold the result on your face for 30 seconds. You should feel the muscles of your cheeks and mouth stretched.

Facial obesity with bodybuilding

Of course, exercise with a healthy diet. Like frowning or laughing, contract the facial muscles with all your might with a heavyweight. Over time, your facial muscles grow and form like any other organ in your body.

Inflate the balloon to increase the size of the cheeks

Inflating a balloon is one of the most effective tricks to increase cheek muscle mass. All you have to do is inflate a balloon and inflate your lips and cheeks for a minute. This should be repeated 5 to 6 times a day.

Facial slimming treatment in new medicine:

The second method in the treatment of facial slimming and obesity and the use of surgical methods and modern medicine, which includes:

How can I tighten loose skin on my face?

gel injection

Cosmetologists use different gel injections to treat facial slimming, hyaluronic acid gel, polylactic acid gel, Restylane SubQ.

Fat injection for the treatment of facial slimming

Fat injection is a method in which fats are taken from the patient’s body inject into the face. Therefore, the substance used to treat facial slimming is completely natural and compatible with the patient’s own body and achieves very good results.

botox injection

Injecting muscle relaxants or inactivators such as Botox Cosmetics and Dysport is a great solution to reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused by frequent facial components. Cosmetologists use Botox injections to eliminate sagging and wrinkles around the neck and improve the skin structure around the neck and above the shoulders.

Implantation of a prosthesis for the treatment of facial slimming

Methods such as gel injections, Botox, and fat transfer to eliminate facial slimming are reversible despite excellent results and should also be re-injected every six months to 5 years.

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