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How to choose a suitable nail polish color?

Choosing nail polish color is a lot of fun. However, the colors and models of the lacquer are very diverse, and choosing from them is not an easy task, but fortunately, we can make things a little easier for ourselves.

Factors such as season, skin color, and personality can help us choose the right nail polish color for any situation. The choice of nail polish color depends on many factors, including skin color, makeup, etc.; join us to choose the best nail polish color.

How to choose a suitable nail polish color?

Method 1: Consider the tonnage of your skin

If your skin color is light or natural, use neutral colors or so-called NUDE. The NUDE color is very suitable for this skin type.

  1. Light skin should use subtle pink tips, but if you have light skin, you should try a light yellow base, and if your skin color is normal, you can use pinkish pink tones or gray Use both to look great on your skin.

Dark skin tones do not match neutral and NUDE colors, but you should look for pastel colors to use light and soft colors.

  1. Pink can be chosen for any skin color, and if you like pink, you will be happy to know that this color is suitable for any skin color.

Naturally, colored skin can use any pink tonnage.

  1. Experience purple as well

Purple is commonly used in various skin tones, and if you have pale skin, look for pale purple. For medium skin, you should use pastel purple with gray streaks. For dark skin, pastels and lighter colors than purple also look great.

  1. Blue can be chosen for any skin tonnage.

Blue is a universal color that is beautiful in any skin color, and if you have pale skin, use crimson. Natural and medium colors of light and dark shades of skin combine well with pastel blue and sky blue, and colors such as azure blue are also suitable for dark skin.

  1. Choose the best red color for your skin.

For light skin, light red and classic are suitable, and medium skin should use shades of red-orange, and if you have dark skin, use light red colors such as wine.

The second method: choosing a lacquer that fits the situation

  1. For formal occasions, use very soft and neutral colors to use these colors in any situation.

So for a job interview, this color is one of the safest choices, and you can also use gray, white, gray colors for this completely formal occasion.

How to choose a suitable nail polish color?

  1. Use the right color for the holidays.

You can travel anywhere during the holidays, so you need to choose the right color for that place. For example, you can use a red acrylic nail polish for the New Year or bright orange for birthdays.

  1. Choose the color of the lacquer according to the seasons

Some lacquer colors are more beautiful at any time of the year, and changing the color of lacquer in the new season will be exciting.

Look for gray, dark blue, purple, silver, and orange for the fall months.

For spring, use green, white, light pink, yellow, red, and blue.

In winter, use dark purple, light pink, gray, and silver.

In summer, use light pink, green, bright red, purple, and light neutral colors.

  1. For happy occasions, add a little shine to your nail polish.

If you want to party one night, you have to increase the excitement a bit. You can add a little Acrylic nail polish to the dark nail polish color and, for example, choose your nail polish color black and then wait for it to dry and, after drying, pour Acrylic nail polish on it to make the night shine.

Method 3: Use a nail polish that fits your personality.

  1. Metallic colors can be used to express your emotional mood.

Maybe you are a human being who enjoys your emotional state and would like to show it. Metallic colors like black, blue, and metallic silver can do this for you, and on the other hand, these colors can later show love for your character.

How to choose a suitable nail polish color?

  1. Use bright colors for an energetic look.

Different types of bright colors can give you an energetic look. Pink, orange, green and yellow can reflect a person’s energy.

If you want your nail polish color to be completely bold and energetic, use light green or orange. These colors may be a little strange and unusual, but they can give you a happy look.

  1. Use soft colors for a gentle and calm look.

Gentle colors convey a sense of calm to others, and colors such as purple or light pink can convey femininity and beauty; and you can also use pastel blue for this purpose.

  1. Use dark colors to show the beauty.

If you want to look perfectly groomed, use a dark raspberry color. Dark purple or wine can express a person’s classic personality.

5- Use bold red color to be seen more

Red can be a sign of confidence, and if you want your nail polish to be obvious, use bright red, which can also be suitable for appointments.

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